Define Phase – 01 – The DMAIC Define Phase

The Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Define Phase Overview

Welcome to the first of the five phases within the DMAIC Sequence. This first phase is called the DMAIC DEFINE PHASE so let's take the first steps towards getting our Green Belt.

The L6S DMAIC Define Phase


Capturing Your Customer Process Requirements

Define Phase – 01 – The Dmaic Define Phase

Focus on identifying your customers, determine their requirements and needs. Then use this to determine your process measurement set. 

We will explore high-level process maps, SIPOC, and the Voice of The Customer (VOC). We will then develop the Critical To Quality (CTQ) requirements - a positive statement of what the customer wants and expects.

  • Process Maps
  • VOC
  • CTQ
  • Identifying defects and waste
  • ... and much much more