PMP Masterclass Module 1

The PMBOK Guide and PMP Exam

Our PMP Masterclass has been fully upgraded to include the latest PMI changes in March 2021.

As you may know, 50% of the PMP Exam questions will be on the agile methodology.

To meet the latest syllabus changes, our 2021 PMP Masterclass has been structured in the following way:

  1. All 28 of the original PMBOK syllabus subjects are still covered, BUT with the addition, where required, by extra video modules which are called Applying Agile to PMBOK. You will find these added to the above 28 Modules as extra lessons where needed. For example, when covering the PMBOK Risk Management Knowledge Area, you will find addition agile videos covering the agile approach to risk management.
  1. If you are new to the agile method, I have created an extra NINE videos plus accompanying Handbook called PMP 2021 AGile Scrum Practice Guide. You can consume these videos whenever you wish during your PMP Exam Preparation - right from the start if you wish.
  2. You also have a new agile related section of 15 videos plus accompanying Handbook. This is called Agile Methodologies. You may wish to watch these after you have covered Modules 1 to 28 of our PMP Masterclass. It is your choice!

The objective therefore of our PMP Masterclass is to give you a thorough walkthrough of The PMBOKĀ® Guide prior to you applying for your exam.
Our PMP Masterclass is also designed for those who wish to grasp a complete understanding of the method without the need for additional qualifications

Lesson 1 will cover the new syllabus exam changes to PMBOK 2021, the new structure and the PMP Exam Content Domains. You will learn about the Talent Triangle, and the new PMP Process Areas.

Lesson 2 will cover a new topic of Diversity and Inclusion. You will learn of generational diversity, and forming collaborative, supportive and respectful teams.

Lesson 3 covers a new agile approach and empowerment to management - servant leadership and its responsibilities

Lesson 4 provides and overview of PMBOK Processes and products and how they may be applied to simple and multiple phase projects.

You will learn how the project lifecycle relates to stakeholders, risks, costs, and progressive elaboration.

Enjoy your first lessons!


Resource 1

Handbook 1 - Domains Process