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By Dave Litten
About Project Management Mentor – PRINCE2 Coaching

PRINCE2 Coaching - Introduction

PRINCE2 Coaching. While many will find our PRINCE2 Masterclass exactly what they need, there will be a group of unique individuals whose learning modality relishes one-to-one coaching using enhanced learning tools, as the most effective method for them to speedily become a PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Would You Like Me to Personally PRINCE2 Study Coach You to Exam Success?

If you just simply cannot afford to ‘take your time’ and will get immense value (and comfort) from knowing you have a direct line to me personally (so we don’t waste time wading through what you already know).

Failure is not an option for you, is it?

As an ex-examiner, I know that memorization is NOT the secret to becoming a PRINCE2 Practitioner (hey! You have the Official PRINCE2 Manual in front of you during the exam – don’t you?)

PRINCE2 Certification is all about comprehension – and can you practice what you preach.

The owners of the PRINCE2 Methodology, Axelos, provide this information to prepare for your PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam (and I quote directly):

“Read the manual from cover to cover”

Here is far better advice.

Partner up with a personal PRINCE2 Mentor – your personal PRINCE2 Coach that takes the weight from your shoulders, dissects the wordy manual into key exam-busting chunks, and brings the PRINCE2 Method to Life.

Here is a simple example, that you won’t be able to “unsee” after you have read this– it seems so obvious, yet students stumble and fail because different key data is on different pages.

I’ve pulled these two pages together while reminding you that a product is described as a noun or outcome, whereas an activity is a noun and a verb.

And the PRINCE2 Product-based Planning Process is only the front end of creating a plan document:

Prince2 Coach Mentor Dave Litten

Did you spot that the second step down in the left-hand diagram is the four steps in the right-hand diagram and ONLY refers to products? And that the last four steps in the left diagram are ONLY activity-related?

And could you spot if the examiner blurred the distinction between the Business Case reasons and benefits? IF the benefits are the reasons you undertake a project – why are they different?

I am an ex-examiner and have set such questions. I taught one of the named contributors in the front of the Official Manual to pass their Practitioner Exam.

A Mentor and Coach has the expertise and skills to find out what you don’t know – and fix it forever. All my Coach and Mentor students go on to become PRINCE2 Practitioners at their first try.

Do you want to join them?

Ready for the next lesson?

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