PRINCE2 Coach | Personal PRINCE2 Coaching Programme 

 October 9, 2019

By  Dave Litten

Are you looking for a PERSONAL PRINCE2 Coach?

Connect with Dave Litten, an Elite PRINCE2 Coach, and blaze your way to PRINCE2 Practitioner success. The one-on-one Projex Academy PRINCE2 Coaching program gives you exclusive access to your PRINCE2 TUTOR, using Skype Meetings for personalized exam preparation from a certified PRINCE2 ex-examiner.

Connect with an Elite PRINCE2 Coach, and blaze Your Way to PRINCE2 Practitioner

Invest in a personal PRINCE2 Coach – Book your FREE call now!

As a full-time PRINCE2 Instructor – I love teaching PRINCE2 to new Project Managers. With my coaching plan, I will personally guide you through the PRINCE2 Masterclass. You ALSO get Full Access to our PRINCE2 Practitioner Masterclass – Plus ALL 26 Project Management Training courses!! I do this ALL the time. My coaching students always pass their exams – you can be confident in that!

Dave Litten | PRINCE2 Coach

This is the highest level of coaching for PRINCE2 Practitioner preparation by one of the sharpest PRINCE2 minds.

In addition, I share with you my proprietary techniques for decoding the Practitioner Exam questions. Once I show you this technique, you will find those ‘hard’ questions a piece of cake! Get Fired Up – make time to take your most important action to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Let me lift the exam weight from your shoulders as I provide you with regular, one-to-one personal coaching study sessions (typically each session will last up to 2 hours in length), on your road to PRINCE2 Practitioner

You get FULL access to ALL of our Projex Academy Masterclass training videos for FREE!

This is NOT available on ANY OTHER classroom or online training course

As a PRINCE2 Examiner (who also sets questions), I have evolved a fail-safe technique for revealing the correct answer in each PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam question – YES, it is vital that you understand and can apply the PRINCE2 Method – 

BUT most folks who fail, do so because they could not decode the answer options and chose an answer which *seems* correct, but is not. I teach you my fail-safe answer system and personally coach you with several sample papers – of course, I reveal the correct answers and provide a detailed rationale …

Learn Best With Your Own Personal PRINCE2 Study Coach/Trainer?

With the year 2021 upon us, the pace of change has become intense, with professionals like yourself having to carefully manage your time for the most effective and efficient path to your PRINCE2 Practitioner exam success..

While many will find our PRINCE2 Masterclass exactly what they need (check out those genuine testimonials!), there will be a group of unique individuals whose learning modality relishes one-to-one coaching using enhanced learning tools, as the most effective method for them to speedily become a PRINCE2 Practitioner.

CORONA VIRUS Update – Covid Lockdown Fast-Track

To help my PRINCE2 Students take advantage while in Lockdown, I am starting live PRINCE2 Practitioner coaching 7 days a week. I cover the whole PRINCE2 Practitioner exam syllabus in around 20 highly focused hours one-to-one with me. Be exam-ready in just six short weeks from now!

Are You one of my Premium PRINCE2 Practitioner Students?

For some people, our PRINCE2 Masterclass course is perfect to study slowly at their own pace. 

This is not for them

This is for YOU …

It’s my highly immersive PRINCE2 Study Coach Program – if you not only HAVE to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam first time but have to pass ASAP to move on, move up or move out For that outcome, on that timetable, you will NEED a DIRECT LINE to actually talk with a world-class expert who used to be an examiner

If you just simply cannot afford to ‘take your time’ you will get immense value (and comfort) from knowing you have a direct line to me personally (so we don’t waste time wading through what you already know) click the green “book your first call” button right now

I’m taking only FIVE students DIRECT this round, 3 have been snapped up and this page is viewed by 18,000 project management students worldwide…

  • Failure is not an option for you is it?
  • Would You Like Me To Personally PRINCE2 Study Coach You To Exam Success?
  • Book an informal call and chat to see if we are a good fit for each other…
  • Your first call with me (no payment needed) does not commit you in any way…

PRINCE2 Study Coach In Easy Steps

Effortless FREE Training With Regular Sessions

My PRINCE2 Coaching Students get Annual Access to my PRINCE2 Masterclass for FREE

The current PRINCE2 Exam syllabus includes many agile and scrum related questions, so as an extra bonus, you also get my PRINCE2 Scrum Masterclass for FREE

Be clear, my PRINCE2 Coaching Programme goes way beyond simple training. 

I will be with you every step of the way. You get regular one-on-one Skype calls where we deep-dive into the PRINCE2 Method, I share my coaching study tools with you and we become ‘study-buddies’ all the way through until you pass …

With my help, you’ll be doing the right things, while doing things right.

PRINCE2 Coaching

Get PRINCE2 Coaching From An Insider Examiner!

Hi, I’m Dave Litten and have been a PRINCE2 Coach and Accredited Trainer since 1997, and an official examiner since 2000. I know the PRINCE2 Method at a deep level and I know how to coach you through to a PRINCE2 Practitioner Pass.

As CEO and Founder of Projex Academy, I launched this benchmark video training PRINCE2 Masterclass over two decades ago and this has been responsible for transforming literally thousands of our students into PRINCE2 Practitioners.

PRINCE2 Coach Dave Litten
One on One PRINCE2 VIDEO Coaching over Skype/Zoom/Microsoft Teams

Are YOU An Elite Dream Student?

I too, am very busy with a premium online training business to run and an incredible list of new courses to develop and launch.So I’m looking for just FIVE “dream” students who I will personally coach to PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exam Success. If you’re one of those five, I will personally work with you one-to-one to optimize your PRINCE2 knowledge (I will take you to the level where you are as experienced and capable as I am) 

Here’s How It’ll Transform You:

BEFORE you invest, we get on skype one-to-one and go over your current situation. I take a look at what you’ve got, what you’re doing, and what you want to achieve going forward.Once we have those ‘raw materials’, I help you come up with a personal learning plan of action to immediately put you on a path to PRINCE2 Practitioner exam success.

This Is NOT For Everybody

Just to set the bar here, my rate for PRINCE2 consulting with business clients is £800/day plus expenses. Non-negotiable. For the value and benefits they get, clients consider that a price they gladly pay for, again, and again … 

You get Annual access to my PRINCE2 Masterclass, regular weekly coaching calls via Skype and my personal email for any questions, concerns or problems you may have.

I will drive you with my proven personal coaching PRINCE2 system. Read on for a great deal.

You Do The Work. I Speed You To PRINCE2 Practitioner.

In addition, I will be sending you regular assignments, exercises and PRINCE2 Exam coaching practice and techniques.

Typically, each student will get over 22 hours of one-to-one coaching from me – Dave Litten!

Prior to each coaching session, you get a detailed Personal Coaching Handbook to prepare, this ensures you get the most value each time we connect.

At each coaching session, you and I rigorously review your progress thus far, and I drill down to ensure you have fully mastered each PRINCE2 topic, and have a resilient defence against any exam question the examiner throws at you!

Providing you act, and put in the work I prescribe (using my unique Coaching System) – I will coach you through to exam success

After our first skype call — You pay just a one-time fee of $879 (£650) — That’s all! No other hidden exam preparation charges.

Here’s Who I Can Help:

I’m VERY picky about who I personally coach, and I’ve got a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met for us to proceed:

  • You need to have a basic knowledge of project management (You do NOT need to be a project manager right now)
  • This offer is for people who *must* become PRINCE2 Qualified, and are prepared to put in the preparation work effort (against an agreed schedule plan developed between us)
  • I won’t work with students who take the approach of “you’re the coach – get me through the exam” You pull your weight – No shenanigans!
  • I DO understand that if you are like me, then taking an exam is not something folks look forward to – unless they need therapy! – and you will be a little anxious …
  • … Nervous Is Good. It Demonstrates Your Desire to Win. I Can Help You Pass.
  • You must be able to afford my one-off coaching fee. I do not wish you to get in debt or take out loans – this is vital for you and I to develop a great student/coach relationship
  • We must agree a coaching and study timetable that YOU can commit to. I don’t want you ‘squeezing me in’ if you have a spare moment, or when a timeslot appears in your busy work diary. You and I are project managers – we plan, schedule, and then we implement!
  • Sure, you can find spare time to carry out my coaching assignments and exercises, BUT, you will need to set aside regular quality study/coaching time with you and I – this may be in your personal/family time …
  • … If this applies to you, it is therefore vital that you talk this through with your partner/family and gain agreement for our study time – I am available 7 days a week so the choice is yours….
  • If you want to fast-track my PRINCE2 Exam Coaching and work 100% of your time for say, 14 or 21 days flat out, then I can put you on my accelerated coaching at no extra cost.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to me personally about getting you incredible PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner results, then I’ll happily set aside regular coaching time for you.

Your first call is FREE and does not commit you in any way

Here’s What Will Happen After That

Once I have your PRINCE2 Exam Coaching investment, I will call you and set up a time for us to start our PRINCE2 study coaching partnership.This is where we really begin working to sculpt exactly what you want and need …and how to make it happen.Please be aware that I can only take on FIVE Students right now, so if personal PRINCE2 Exam Study Coaching is for you, you need to apply and invest without delay – click on the green button to fill out your contact form ready for our first FREE chat …If you are seeing this offer on this webpage – then there IS still at least ONE remaining place as a coaching student. I will put up a notice on this page when all slots are taken.With my future level of commitments, I am not sure when I can offer this PRINCE2 Coaching Programme again – so please Act Now!

What You’ll Do Before Our First Call

You need to prepare for your first call. Make notes on your current situation and any information that will help me understand your needs

What Happens During that Call

You and I will sit down and agree a personalized study and exam preparation plan. This will contain all agreed schedules and time periods.

What Changes After the Call

I will send you your first PRINCE2 study assignment and agree what happens next – you will be on your way to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner!

About Dave Litten

Dave has been a PRINCE2 Accredited Trainer since 1997, and an Official Examiner since 2000. He was a very experienced Senior Project Manager within the IT industry for over 20 years. Dave understands the PRINCE2 Methodology and its practice at a deep level, ensuring his students absorb both simple and complex ideas. His ONE key objective is turn his students into Competent PRINCE2 Practitioners.

What Are You Waiting For? Prepare to Succeed with your own PRINCE2 Coach andPrepare To Become A PRINCE2 Practitioner:


really inspired me and restored my faith in human kind by your act of kindness

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Practitioner results today and I can confirm that I have passed!!!

Thank you so very much for your help and assistance in getting me to where I am now!

Thank you once again, you have really inspired me and restored my faith in human kind by your act of kindness and support.

Kind regards,

Doné Kelly

Doné Kelly PRINCE2 Practitioner

No week long course, no classrooms, just your course.

In December 2013 I passed my PRINCE2 Practitioner using JUST the Official Manual and your PRINCE2 Primer course.

No week long course, no classrooms, just me, in the house, with the manual and your course. It was fantastic and I had everything I needed to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam First Time!

Thanks very much!

Thanks and best regards,

Martyn Perry

Martyn Perry PRINCE2 Practitioner

Prince2 Course and Exam

In my opinion learning the Prince2 methodology via the Masterclass videos is highly recommended as the concepts are explained very well, and you get to learn at your own pace. I passed the Practitioner exam (scored 81%). My tips for the exam is that you need to understand the Prince2 methodology well as the exam questions and choice of answers are tricky, Also I suggest preparing for the exam by going through the Axelos sample papers and accompanying rationale as well. The sample papers can be downloaded from the Axelos website. Thanks Dave and all the best to those who are preparing to take the exam!


Your Primer was spot on

I took my Practitioner Exam on the 31st October. I found out today that I passed with 270 marks out of a total of 360 marks (a clear 75%!)I had no classroom interaction at all, just pure reading and the experience already gained from using your PRIMER.

The Practitioner course I went on was to give pointers (which I had already from your Primer) and nothing extra that was crucial to pass the exam. So I felt a little slighted that I went on to pay £700 for a 1.5 day course that consisted of 1 day of revision and half a day Practitioner Exam! But Your Primer was spot on...........Again thank you for all your help...it was very much appreciated .....excellent product!

John Robertson PRINCE2 PRactitioner

well segmented, clear and concise

Just to let you know that I passed my Practitioner last week. I’m sure that your Primer course I bought from you that made the 2 day training course and exam achievable. Your Primer was well segmented, clear and concise with a good amount of general project management tips thrown in along the way. I would heartily recommend anyone think of taking the two day practitioner course including the exam to buy your course, it was more than worth the money!

Ian Ambrosen - Pudsey, West Yorkshire PRINCE2 Practitioner

Tough exam, would have failed - but for your training skills and materials

Just thought I should pass on some good news to you! I've just received the exam results for my Practitioner and I passed with 60%!

I used your PRINCE2 Masterclass videos three times and dipped into the official manual once afterwards.

The exam was pretty tough and I don't think I would have passed if it had not been for your training skills and materials.

Many thanks for your help. I must confess I actually enjoyed studying your Masterclass as it enlightened my understanding of the Method!

Best wishes

Abdul Khan

Abdul Khan PRINCE2 Practitioner

Amina Chitembo - West Sussex

I just thought I would email to show my appreciation for your PRINCE2 Primer! ! bought it just a few weeks ago.

I passed my Practitioner Exam will flying colours, I am so happy. I will definitely be getting my next Primers from your website soon!

Thank you for making it so easy to understand what the examiner wants from us!
Kind Regards

Amina Chitembo PRINCE2 Practitioner

West Sussex


Amina Chitembo PRINCE2 Practitioner

I just watched your videos once...and I passed!

I would like to thank you. I passed my Practitioner Exam last week. Due to the fact I was very busy at the office I did not have anytime to read the Manual -- instead... I just watched your videos once. The combination of this training and my own experience was enough for me to Pass. Thank you again.

Faizal Jung Siddiqui IT Project Manager / Netherlands

Better than the 5 day course I went on. Money well spent.

I just wanted to let you know that I have passed both my Foundation (87%) and Practitioner (74%) exams!

Your study material helped me greatly in achieving this - it was actually better than the 5 day course I went on.

Money well spent.



Carlton Vino - Netherlands General Manager / PRINCE2 PRactitioner

extremely useful & covered processes in sso much more detail than during the actual course

I hope to find you well?

I received my Practitioner results today & pleased to say that I have passed!

I wanted to thank you as I found your training material extremely useful & covered processes in so much more detail than during the actual course.

So thank you again!

Angela Hart

Angela Hart PRINCE2 Practitioner

Gave me ALL the knowledge and information that I needed

I have passed my Practitioner Exam! Thank you for all your help! Thank goodness your downloadable Primer videos covered the entire syllabus, as the benefit that they gave me was that I was able learn the Method in my own time, rather than just having to learn it at my aggressively-paced classroom course.

Before attending the classroom course I went on, I worked through your Primer videos giving me ALL the knowledge and information that I needed. Because of this, I had a massive advantage over others on the course as I could listen to the tutor rather than trying to listen and also notes take at the same time. For anyone wanting to attend the Foundation and Practitioner training course, these videos are a must!

Don't get caught short thinking that you will learn the Method in a one-week classroom course; you will struggle, as the content is extensive and complex to learn without prior knowledge!

Kit Walford PRINCE2 Practitioner

Your excellent suite of PRINCE2 Primer materials

I just wanted to drop you a line to say I passed my PRINCE2 Practitioner - Thank You!

A huge part of this success was down to the excellent suite of PRINCE2 Primer materials I purchased from you.

Not only did it help me pass my Foundation and Practitioner exams, but I'll always have them to refer to if I need to brush up on any areas.

Thanks again,

Stuart O'Mahony

Stuart O'Mahony

I found your videos amazingly useful!

Very rarely do I take time out to write a real thank you, but after using a your Primer, I just had to! Just got my Practitioner result back and I managed to pass with 77%. I bought your Primer before I went on a combined Foundation/Practitioner course. I sat down and watched your videos through at least twice and I did a fair chunk of the exercises.

As a techy that was looking to get to grips with the Method, I found your videos amazingly useful. Great presenting style and an uncanny ability to simplify a very dry course manual. Really liked your little anecdotes and excellent examples that clarified things superbly. The class room course was okay, but I know for an absolute fact that it was the use of your instructional videos that provided a huge chunk of my exam knowledge.

I hope your Primer gets some form of official recognition as it should be mandatory watching for people seeking to attend an accredited training course, it really should.

With a manual, your videos and a week off work, the Practitioner exam could be easily passed in my opinion (without the need for classroom training!).

I am now off to have a quick look over your other certification Primer Packs Dave, your Primer was the best 97 quid I have spent in a long long time and I am keen to see what is next on the menu!

Paul McLatchie - Largs Scotland Customer Design Authority

Rory Fowdrey - Whitestone Warwickshire

Hi Dave,

Just a quick note to say that your PRINCE2 Video Primer was excellent and covered all the key PRINCE2 syllabus elements in detail and was very easy to follow.

I took my PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam yesterday and passed scoring 79%.

Thanks again and I will be recommending your course to others.

Kind regards

Rory Fowdrey

PRINCE2 Practitioner




Rory Fowdrey

My career is now all on track!

I passed my Practitioner - and I am very happy! So it is with a huge thank you that I am sending you this email, for your Primer enabled me to have an full understanding of the Method. For me this type of learning is much better, as I believe that you should use all your senses to absorb knowledge. I will miss listening to your voice and the accompanying music. My career is now all on track!

Catherine Edwards PRINCE2 Primer

Your PRINCE2 Masterclass is even better than ILX!

You are an absolute genius. I think your PRINCE2 Masterclass is even better than ILX! Warm Regards, Olamide Akerele

Olamide Akerele PRINCE2 Practitioner

I invested in Projex Academy's PRINCE2, and I am very glad that I did!

I have very much enjoyed your PRINCE2 Masterclass training program. I basically started immediately with the first video and kind of got hooked to it. Upon David's suggestion I answered 50 test exam questions (out of 225) and, as expected, I only got about 1/3 correct. These questions are much more challenging than in the actual exam, but it was a great way to really understand the method.

The rest of the videos dived deeper into all the important aspects and are very easy to follow. Combined with reading the specific chapters in the PRINCE2 manual I noticed that my knowledge improved quickly. I did much better on the remaining exam questions, while I reviewed the material (manual & videos) on the topics of the questions I had answered incorrectly.

The foundation exam was truly a piece of cake, as I finished after 45 minutes and had plenty of time for going back to the questions I had flagged. My exam results (87%) need no further explanation that I went in well-prepared.

Also the practitioner exam went smoothly, although I noticed that timing is crucial. I really needed all the time for that exam, especially since many questions do require you to look things up in the book. So understanding the materials and knowing where to find additional information in the manual is essential.

All in all it took me about a week to prepare on my own (5-6 hours per day). I am very happy to have taken Dave's nice-priced home-study course instead of wasting over 2,500 Euros for a class-based course that basically shows you similar slides without giving you the opportunity to watch certain parts again, either instantly because your mind was wandering off or because you just want to review some topic." Another Pass!

I invested in Dave's PRINCE2 Masterclass, and I am very glad that I did! It is REALLY good and well worth getting. The info is precise and professionally laid out. It includes practice exams and detailed videos which cover the whole of the Method

Edgar Hütte Brussels Area, Belgium

I got the highest mark in class, so I am very chuffed!

I just wanted to say thank you very much!

Thanks to your simple explanations on your Primer, I passed my Foundation exam today.

I got the highest mark in class, so I am very chuffed!

I will let you know how my Practitioner Exam went.

Thank you! Thank you! I cannot thank you enough!

Best Regards,

Doné Kelly

Doné Kelly PRINCE2 Practitioner

I would rank PRINCE2 Masterclass Ten out of Ten!

I finally bought your Master Class PRINCE2 for my Practitioner coming up exam... If I could rank your course 10/10 I would.... Once again you are 'the Man' David and thank you...

Saeed Rahimi Project Manager

I am tingling all over - I just passed the Practitioner Exam!

Thanks to your teaching I obtained a 78% pass. I am Elated. I am tingling all over with the advice that I have just passed the Practitioner Exam. Your Primer course is without doubt the main reason for my success. I wish you continued success and would encourage any prospective students to purchase your Primer course.


Helped me to pass the exam with great ease

I passed my PRINCE 2 PRACTITIONER yesterday and have cleared the exam, all thanks to your PRINCE2 Primer with its extensive videos and learning sessions which has helped me to pass the exam with great ease.

I could easily access the videos on my cell phone and this helped me to study when travelling. Your sample foundation exams were a quick win in scoring and accessing key points to related focus areas.

I am proud to say that I am a registered PRINCE 2 Practitioner and all thanks to Dave's PRINCE2 Primer, the extensive videos and learning sessions which has helped me to pass the exam with great ease. It was definitely an excellent investment for me.


Kenneth Pacheco

Kenneth Pacheco PRINCE2 PRacttioner

Highly professional training - a quality level close to excellence

Your PRINCE2 Masterclass is not just "promising" -- it is a highly professional work reflecting a quality level very-very close to excellence.

I am sure that I am just one more individual joining the long queue of your Projex Academy Fan Club ! My sincere congratulations and many thanks for providing the project management Community with such a quality product at such a friendly price!

Nikolaos D Chief of Integrated Logistics Program, ASQ, CMQ/QE

Daniel Sorokins - Montevideo, Uruguay

I passed PRINCE2 practitioner yesterday, 70 %.!!!!! Thank a lot Dave, all your PRINCE2 Primer material was of great value for me. Your material and videos were very specific and clear in detail, sample exams also was the perfect complement to the official manual and the official respective course. This accreditation would allow me to advance in advisory aspects of project management in my region I do not want to forget that when I contacted you with inquiries of the material I had immediate response.

Daniel Sorokins PRINCE2 Practitioner

I was immediately confident about the entire PRINCE2 syllabus and concepts

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for your PRINCE2 Masterclass playing an important part in my preparation and subsequent passing of both the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams. Once I had gone through all the 25 modules of your PRINCE2 Masterclass video tutorial, there was no looking back I was immediately confident about the entire syllabus and all the concepts and just needed to appear for the mock Foundation and Practitioner tests (included in your training). I did not need even need to revise the video material a second time!

I am so impressed by your excellent and effective teaching style that I have downloaded your PRINCE2 Masterclass and will download the Agile and PMP material when I decide to study for them.

Saswata Basak PRINCE2 Practitioner

Thank you so much Dave. I passed my Prince2 practitioner, and I’m happy to tell your would-be subscribers/students that your Prince2 Masterclass helped me a lot to understand and apply the Prince2 methodology. Dave tailored the course material not only to pass the exam but to give you through understanding on applying the method. I highly recommend Dave’s courses for both beginners and solid professional looking to upskill. Thank again Dave!

Awesome! I enjoyed your ways of teaching. I find some lessons (modules) long; I think you could make then a bit shorter (straight to the points relevant for the exam) for busy people.

Michael Samsu Koroma Researcher (former project engineer)

A truly great package explained brilliantly and thoroughly

Your training package and method of course delivery helped me immensely to pass my exams. I found I only had to watch your video modules once as there was continual useful cross reference and revision on previous lessons during the whole learning phase. Having your complete Primer package enabled me to pass the course with confidence. Additionally I feel that I have finally formalized what I have been doing for years.

This was not just about passing the course for me I feel confident in putting the Methodology into practice. A truly great package explained brilliantly and thoroughly. Thank you very much Dave, I'm interested in your other courses using this method and will sign up in a second! It was like a good book I could not put down, very addictive.

Mark Carlisle PRINCE2 Practitioner

I passed having watched your PRINCE2 Masterclass videos *just twice*

I sat for the Practitioner exam on 7th December 2011, having watched your PRINCE2 Masterclass videos *just twice*

I passed the exam!

Thank you - your videos are great!!!

I would now like to get your Microsoft Project 2010 Masterclass and videos now...

Kind regards,

Katuta Lumpa

Katuta Lumpa PRINCE2 Practitioner

No one can present this information as detailed and as easy to follow as your Masterclass

I truly appreciate your study materials for the exam and it helped me to gain my Practitioner status now. I just followed your PRINCE2 Masterclass and then sat the exams, and I passed at my first attempt! Your Video training modules and the explanations given in the videos are done to extremely high standards and I am not sure anyone else can present this information as detailed and as easy to follow as your video PRINCE2 Masterclass

Wick Keerthapongalan PRINCE2 Practitioner

...I've just passed my PRINCE2 Practitioner exam!

Just wanted to let you know before the ink dries on my certificate, that I've just passed my PRINCE2 Practitioner exam! Although I only purchased your PRINCE2 Primer two weeks ago, the 25 video modules and Body Prime Plc mock exam scenario have really helped me. The online e-learning from another training provider simply wasn't going to cut it beyond Foundation level.

Your content has not only given me more knowledge, but has helped give me the confidence that I can apply the PRINCE2 method as it's intended - in an exam scenario and hopefully in the real world.

Stewart Clark - Motherwell, Scotland PRINCE2 Practitioner

You are a life-saver, I almost quit until I found your PRINCE2 Masterclass

I am pleased to inform you that I made it. I passed my Practitioner Exam with an amazing score of 60 marks (Which is almost 75%). You really are a life-saver, I almost quit until I found your website. And there we go, all done, thanks to you. I just wanted to thank you personally.

Basil Al-Farhan Managing Director - Toronto, Canada

It made me understand PRINCE2 like never before

I am writing because I have been promoted to the post of Senior Project Manager in my organization and it was all possible because of your Primer. It has made me understand PRINCE2 like never before. Thanks Dave, I am so glad your Primer materials have aided my professional career. I am now a superstar at my place of work! Thanks so much and GOD Bless.

Ademola Adedeji PRINCE2 Practitioner

Lavinia Adams - Brisbane, Australia

Many thanks. I have just started on your PRINCE2 Masterclass training. Had a quick look at the pdfs and started the first video.

Wow, … it is so nicely done. I’ll be recommending them to anyone I know who might need it.

Lavinia Adams

PRINCE2 Approved Trainer

Lavinia Adams PRINCE2 Approved Trainer

I crashed through the materials and pased first time!

As an experienced project/programme manager who wanted to bring my qualifications up to date, Dave Litten’s Primer packs were the perfect choice and very cost-effective. I crashed through the materials at my own pace and when it suited me, then I repeated the sections I needed to as indicated by my results in the sample quizzes/tests.

Dave is a very good coach offering easy to follow advice on understanding both the concepts and how to pass the exams - needless to say, I passed first time!

Iain Begg PRINCE2 Practitioner

I hate exams but with your Primer, I felt so much better prepared.

Just had to write to you and say THANK YOU, I used your PRINCE2 Primer and I passed my PRINCE2 Practitioner exams, finally! . . Exams and I don't get on but with your Primer, I felt so much better prepared.

The Primer was excellent, loved the audio files as it allowed me to take you out and about (mostly to the Gym) to continue my learning.

Looking forward to using another one of your Primers in the very near future - keep up the great work

All the best and kind regards

Chris Bulle

Chris Bulle PRINCE2 Practitioner

The best money I've spent

I wanted to get my PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification and had enrolled on a week long classroom course I found online, I read up and studied as much as I could, but there was far too much crammed in and reading a dull book that has no context and made no sense to me -- it was just not sinking in.

I was frantically searching online for help when I came across one of your videos on YouTube, and it all started to fall into place, something clicked and I was starting to really grasp it. Your PRINCE2 PREMIUM Video Academy Training System - the best money I've spent, really really helpful and most importantly, this gave me the confidence and I passed and am now officially a PRINCE2 Practitioner!

I am very grateful to you Dave and for helping me via emails personally - you seem to be a very kind and genuine chap!

Thanks so much Dave - highly recommended!

Best regards

Leanne Walsham PRINCE2 Practitioner

Thanks to your help, I've PASSED the Foundation and Practitioners Exams

Just a little note to say a big thank you for your PRIMER. Thanks to just the Official Manual together with your help, I've PASSED both the Foundation and Practitioners Exams !!

Manoj Sanghera PRINCE2 Practitioner

by far the best course I have been on

Our results have come through now and I scored 80% on the Practitioner Exam and I can wholeheartedly say this is down to the way you managed to turn that initially inaccessible-looking Prince2 Manual into manageable and practical advice for the exam.

Many thanks again, as I stated on my evaluation form, the course you delivered was by far the best I have been on and has set me up nicely to develop as a project manager.

Keir Shillaker - Bradford Teaching Hospitals PRINCE2 Practitioner

I have also did the SPOCE course, but yours tops it by far.... very far.

I just wanted to send you an email stating how much I appreciate your PRINCE2 Primer course. I found the content extremely well laid out and your video module pages (screens) are of excellent value.

I also find your voice very comfortable to listen to... all in all an excellent course.

I have also done the course by SPOCE but yours tops it by far.... very far.

Thank you very much

Kind Regards

Braam Grobler
South Africa

Braam Grobler - South Africa PRINCE2 Practitioner

Amazed at both the quality and affordability of your PRINCE2 Masterclass

I would like to inform you that I have been successful in my Practitioner Exam!

I used all of your Masterclass, including the sample exam material, plus reference to the OGC Manual. The reference to the manual was not to clarify any of the material covered by you, rather it was to ensure familiarity with the manual's layout for the exam - particularly Appendix A and C!

I cannot thank you enough for all your kind help and patient advice. I have already started recommending your PRINCE2 Masterclass and will continue to do so...

I am sure there is a massive potential market who would be amazed at both the quality and affordability of your Primer, particularly as not everyone has the luxury of having their training financed for them. Most people I have met have had to finance themselves.

I eagerly await your MS Project Masterclass as I have to admit, I have been unable to yet find anything to come close to matching your high standards.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Bradshaw

Merseyside, United Kingdom

Andrew Bradshaw - Merseyside, United Kingdom PRINCE2 Practitioner

Preethi Passed!

I am pleased inform you that I got through my Practitioner Exam and your training materials were immensely useful for my success.

Preethi De Silva PRINCE2 Practitioner

Dave Litten

David spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and has deep experience in project management. He now develops a wide range of Project Management Masterclasses, under the Projex Academy brand name. In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.

The Projex Academy

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