Why Do I Need the APM PMQ Qualification? 

 April 1, 2021

By  Dave Litten

The APM PMQ – Project Management Qualification

APM PMQ 2021 7th Edition, is the flagship qualification of the Association for Project Management. Tens of thousands of project managers have chosen to obtain the internationally recognized International Project Management Association (IPMA) Level D qualification.

The APM Project Management Qualification fills the knowledge gap beyond PRINCE2 Practitioner, by developing your organization’s project management competence along with the increased likelihood of project success

Why Do I Need the APM PMQ Qualification? APM

As an aspiring APM PMQ professional you can potentially earn a salary increase of £10,000 per year as well as enhancing your CV/Resume.

Competent and capable project managers with APM PMQ accreditation are being singled out from their competition because of the growing recognition that such value, skills and knowledge can offer

Leading organizations across the world recognize the competitive advantage and enhanced project delivery that a highly skilled individual with The APM Project Management Qualification also brings benefit to them, the employer.

Why Do I Need the APM PMQ Qualification? APM

The APM PMQ Masterclass

This is the most comprehensive video-based APM PMQ distance learning course and will take between 30 to 40 hours of preparation.

The APM PMQ qualification from the Association for Project Management is perfect for those with up to 5 years’ experience of managing projects seeking to learn the principles and techniques of project management and get a formal globally-recognized qualification from the Association for Project Management Body of Knowledge (APM BOK)

Gain your APM PMQ Certification… even if you are a novice project manager and are clueless about project management!

Your boss and co-workers expect you to pass your APM PMQ Exam – don’t let yourself or them down …

Your boss and work colleges expect you to pass so failing is unimaginable.

Many folks assume since they are experienced project managers – and just turning up for their Exam is a viable option, and if your mission is NOT to pass APM PMQ – then it is hands down, the best way to achieve that.

Why Do I Need the APM PMQ Qualification? APM

Log On and Learn

Online Learning made Simple

There are huge benefits to be gained from distance learning rather than the force-fed dusty alternative of expensive, stress-filled, cramped high-learning curve classroom training. With The Projex Academy APM PMQ Masterclass you have total flexibility to study at a time and pace blended to suit your learning style.

You will have a multi-media learning environment complete with comprehensive Exercises, quizzes and Sample APM PMQ Exam questions, and much more!

You get three accompanying Handbooks for each Group

Each Handbook contains APM PMQ Key Learning Area Topics, numerous Module Exercises, and APM PMQ Multi Choice Quiz with answers.

You get EXAM CRAM session summaries (these represent the official syllabus) each containing numerous module exercises. There are no ‘answers’, as these exercises are provided for you to revise the video modules again if you need to. Each Handbook has its own Module Quiz – with answers provided

Why Do I Need the APM PMQ Qualification? APM

There is no need for additional expensive city-center travel and accommodation – so you get continue your personal and business life with minimal interruption…

Of course, like all of our Academy Signature Systems, it is 100% streaming so you can start your training immediately and without the hassle of booking your schedule around fixed course dates.

If you commit to putting the study time in, carry out the exercises and complete my comprehensive Sample Exam papers plus a library of model answers, we at Projex Academy guarantee you will pass the exam on your first try! You’ll learn a streamlined, flexible, step-by-step approach to managing projects of any size, in any industry.

*YOU* will benefit from this training

Project Managers, Team Managers, and Project Support members will benefit from investing in our APM PMQ Academy Masterclass

The APM PMQ Qualification provides you with greater tools to successfully deliver projects while minimizing project failure, increased productivity and effectivity, and delivers high levels of customer satisfaction. 

The APM PMQ is rich in project management techniques and focuses on the knowledge required by the project manager rather than setting out a framework of processes.

This training course is much more than just a syllabus!

You get me taking you through 92 HD video modules (typically 15 minutes long) in an easy, step-by-step sequence, my EXAM CRAM, countless exam-focused exercises and real exam-strength Sample APMP Exam Papers…

Distance Learning Multi-media

Unlike some distance learning, you will receive an Annual Single User License giving your course access to our streaming APM PMQ Masterclass

You get active and engaging e-learning video modules that follow the same structure as the study guide and the APM Body of Knowledge.

Media-rich HD MP4 technology is used to bring the subject to life with dynamic active presentations and plenty of exercise sections.

The e-learning is fully designed and narrated by me, Dave Litten and I have been teaching APM PMQ for decades as well as being an “in-the-trenches” battle-hardened project manager. No “hired help” reading scripts – I walk the walk!

Our Projex Academy Masterclasses are supported in your distance learning by being fully integrated with our Handbooks.

Your progress is checked by a series of interactive exercises and quizzes. The focus of our APM PMQ Masterclass is to provide you with a level of knowledge that will enhance your personal effectiveness in project management and give you an additional world-recognized professional qualification.

Pass Your APM PMQ Exam First Time

Let’s do this. 

The Exam is a three hour closed-book, essay-style paper, with answers needed from a choice of ten from sixteen questions, each worth 50 marks. Candidates are required to achieve a minimum of 275 marks out of 500 (55%) to pass.

Our APM Project Management Qualification Academy System will swiftly allow you to understand all elements of the APMP syllabus, and learn strategies and tactics for approaching the examination.

APM PMQ Masterclass

Dave Litten

David spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and has deep experience in project management. He now develops a wide range of Project Management Masterclasses, under the Projex Academy brand name. In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.

The Projex Academy

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