The PRINCE2 Daily Log and How to Use It 

 April 10, 2021

By  Dave Litten

The PRINCE2 Daily Log

PRINCE2 Daily Log

The Daily Log is set up by the Project Manager directly he or she is appointed. It is done in the Appoint the Executive and the Project Manager activity within the Starting Up A Project process (which of course, is pre-project).

The Daily Log can take any form that suits. It could be a Time Manager-type diary, a normal diary, a dated lined pad, an electronic form, a ring binder….just about anything!

It circumvents the need to create emails, memos, or letters.

But our Daily PRINCE2 Log has TWO main uses:

  • As a general diary for the project manager to enter just about any daily actions and so forth. Examples might be actions to be taken, reminders, decisions to be made, general planning notes, etc…
  • PRINCE2 has many formalized documents (Management Products, as shown in template form in Appendix A of the PRINCE2 Manual). So the second use is to catch any information that would not normally have been noted in the formal documentation.

The Daily Log is also initially used to capture any known risks or issues and in which case sufficient detail should be captured such as risk name, type, responses to be used, risk management progress points, and so on…

Such risk and issue detail is transferred to the Risk and Issue Registers that are set up in the initiation stage, but it will continue to manage any such issues and risks that are decided to be treated and managed informally.

At its simplest, the Daily Log may just be a list of each action and the date it was raised/completed.

Here is a suggested format for the Daily Log, but please consider expanding or contracting these according to your preference or the nature of each specific project.

The Daily Log.

Here is a suggested structure:

Date of entryProblem/actionPerson responsibleTarget dateResults

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