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 June 25, 2022

By  Dave Litten

Do I need PRINCE2 Online Training?

Gaining Your PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is not an option, is it?

You need PRINCE2 Online Training – but chose wisely – not all training experiences are born equal!

The job and hiring market for PRINCE2 Practitioners is red hot right now – but don’t just take our word for it:

Prince2 Online Training

PRINCE2 is the world’s number one project management methodology used by the largest companies and governments across the globe – with more individuals certified in PRINCE2 than any other project management qualification. Fact.

It’s no accident that PRINCE2 combines the power of PRINCE2 plan-driven endeavors with the flexibility of agile.

It is vital that you truly understand and absorb the PRINCE2 Method – and for that, you need to be taught by an experienced project senior project manager – one who understands and teaches PRINCE2 at a deep level.

So don’t waste your time and money with mediocre PRINCE2 online training – instead, invest in Projex Academy’s Premium graphic-rich video-based Masterclass and learn in easy bite-size steps.

Projex Academy is an online skill-gaining community where hundreds of creative and entrepreneurial project managers come together to take the next focussed steps in their career adventure.

Don’t be fobbed off by the plethora of paid offerings by PRINCE2 online training wannabee trainers who have only just passed their own PRINCE2 exam – yet claim they can teach or coach you – they are all over the internet – ready to take your money and run.

Instead, draw on Projex Academy’s two-decade expertise in delivering authentic PRINCE2 online training, and invest in someone (me … Dave Litten!) who has designed our PRINCE2 Online Masterclass training from the ground up …

Other PRINCE2 online training companies lazily ride the online bandwagon by tweaking boring bullet-ridden outdated classroom slide sets and using them to voice-over an easily forgotten set of videos … (yawn)

Whereas Projex Academy videos break down the complexity of the official manual and present, step-by-step, the very essence of PRINCE2 Practitioner elements … you can be confident that our Masterclass conforms to the latest PRINCE2 6th Edition syllabus.

Take for example the Controlling a Stage process – I showcase the beating heart of monitoring and control so you can never forget!

With Prince2 Online Training Learn The Very Essence Of Controlling A Stage

Remember this, a PRINCE2 Practitioner certification demonstrates to potential employers – even before the interview, that you are in pole-position for applying project management best practices and are primed for action as a certified project manager.

The art and science of becoming a great PRINCE2 Practitioner are that you can effortlessly tailor the methodology, and once more, our Online PRINCE2 Practitioner Masterclass gives you step-by-step seamless blending for all 14 Processes and Themes – again, here is one short example:

Prince2 Online Training

Our PRINCE2 Online Foundation and Practitioner Training course allows you to pace your learning, and adapt to your own schedule by combining leading-edge multimedia and interactive exercises for optimum enjoyment and retention of your new knowledge

Why You Must Choose Projex Academy’s PRINCE2 Online Training Masterclass
Get The Big PRINCE2 View – Step-by-Step

Across all 7 Principles, 7 Processes, and 7 Themes, you’ll be treated to bite-sized highly detailed module video lessons, delivered in easy bite-sized steps to ensure you fully grasp the PRINCE2 Method.

You’ll have access to our unique graphical and video-based tools such as our unique PRINCE2 roadmap:

Prince2 Roadmap 2020

Gain a comprehensive ‘gut-feel’ of anchoring all PRINCE2 Principles and their application and instinctively apply the model of how PRINCE2 Processes ‘speak’ to each other.

Combine leading-edge multimedia and interactive exercises for optimum enjoyment and knowledge retention – enjoy yourself – feel confident with full tutorial support. Take your time, and study at your own pace by bookmarking your progress and picking up where you left off at a speed that suits you.

Prepare In Bite-Sized Chunks

No more complex text-dense PRINCE2 Themes, our Online PRINCE2 Masterclass takes compound ideas and breaks them down into simple, easily-remembered steps – such as issue and risk actions:

Prince2 Online Training Prince2 Online Training

With PRINCE2 Online Training, there are no travel and accommodation costs – you can study anywhere with an Internet connection, no need for time off work, and no more dragging heavy course materials back and forth.

Life is easier with PRINCE2 online training!

Where else can you learn the blending of PRINCE2 Themes with their relevant Process – again, an example using the controlling a stage process with issues and risks:

Get The Inside Edge with Our Projex Academy Exam Wizard and Sample Exam Simulator

We coach you to pass on your first try after giving you the exam techniques you need to breeze through the so-called tough questions!


Decipher Which Questions The Examiner Can and Can´t Ask You

The PRINCE2 6th Edition Official Manual runs to over 400 text-dense pages. It´s little use as an exam preparation guide, so I showcase exactly what you need to hone in on – saving you hours of frustration

Demystify your PRINCE2 Exam Questions

I explain the answering code hiding in plain sight – I’ll spill the secrets! After this, Practitioner exam questions will never look so hard again…

Find out how you can prepare and pass by using our PRINCE2 Online Training Masterclass


Fully compliant with PRINCE2 2017+

Prince2 Practitioner Masterclass

Your Route To PRINCE2 Practitioner

Prepare for your PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exams with our famous on-line course with streaming HD Video Lessons, study guides and mock exams. In the last fifteen years we have had 6,000+ Academy students successfully transform their careers as PRINCE2 Practitioners.

  • Bite Sized Lessons  The sheer size of PRINCE2 can be daunting. The Masterclass will guide you through the syllabus in easy to consume bite sized lessons
  • Be prepared and confident for the exams  Test your knowledge in a fun, entertaining environment with the PRINCE2 Foundation & practitioner exam revision tools
  • Enjoy yourself!  This PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner online course is broken into bite-size lessons, combining leading edge multimedia and interactive exercises for optimum enjoyment and knowledge retention
  • Feel confident with full tutorial support  Benefit from fast access to experienced, one-to-one learning support as you study via email and phone, so there is no need to feel isolated while you are learning
  • Take your time  Study at your own pace by bookmarking your progress and picking up where you left off at a speed that suits you

Dave Litten

David spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and has deep experience in project management. He now develops a wide range of Project Management Masterclasses, under the Projex Academy brand name. In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.

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