Do I need a Coach to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner? 

 May 23, 2024

By  Dave Litten

PRINCE2 Practitioner Coaching

Attaining PRINCE2 Practitioner status is a significant respected and valued certification in your organization.

Being mentored by an experienced PRINCE2 examiner is the key to passing at first try with a high score and its attainable only through Dave Litten’s PRINCE2 one-to-one Coaching Masterclass

Getting training or coaching is not enough, you need to avoid being force-fed facts and instead be mentored to success with an experienced PRINCE2 examiner.

Dave’s approach is unique and is different to everything you’ve seen in the past, he uses the PRINCE2 syllabus not to teach, but to draw out the areas where the student needs clarification and then fix it.

Dave has been running his PRINCE2 Practitioner exam for the past four years – and ALL of his students passed on their first try.

Just think of the kudos for you back in the office!

Prince2 Practitioner
Dave Litten the PRINCE2 Coach – taking you to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner

Many PRINCE2 students cram information and facts but they never get shown and demonstrated how to apply the method.

Therefore their exam score fails to reach the mark, worse, they are not shown the hidden question structure and how to avoid the pesky dummy answers rather than the actual answer.

Other training (and personal coaching) do not address this key exam-passing skill at all …

Can you see how this approach to personal PRINCE2 Practitioner mentoring is way more effective that just spewing out the exam syllabus topics?

If you have been struggling to prepare for your exam (maybe you didn´t get sufficient marks to pass), but the real problem is that you were not given any feedback nor practice at applying the structure and traps that lay behind real exam questions.

Note that practice with sample papers only confirms what you don’t know and does not improve your passing skills.

So, it’s NOT your fault.

Who is to blame?

I have always thought and stated, that it’s all very well for your course tutor to trot out their slide deck information during the week, but is it a fair way of testing if you are PRINCE2 Practitioner ready?

Just giving you 150 minutes to prove that is not the best way, but it’s the best we have got!

Why Now? Good question. You could just turn up at a high learning curve classroom event, or an online remote training where the students have to vie for the presenter’s attention and end up just scribbling notes as the training by bullet points drives onward.

You revise during the night hoping you learn enough to pass.

Which is why you need to act RIGHT NOW since I only take on five students at a time.

Only those who get in early will become one of my students.

Most will be left out.

Now, I went through the same challenges you are facing right now when first learning the PRINCE2 Method and found the amount of information almost overwhelming.

But then I discovered how to break down the text-dense official PRINCE2 Manual and determined the key to decoding those pesky exam questions!

Much like Robin Hood, I will be “stealing” these secrets and giving them back to you …

My coaching program works in a unique way, it’s got a structured framework where I fast-track you through a given PRINCE2 subject area, then test your understanding followed up by how to read and pass sample questions.

I do this in a series of one-to-one sessions through the whole PRINCE2 Method. Only then do I give you a full exam to take. I mark it and give you individual feedback on any incorrect answers.

Makes Sense?

It works like a charm, as I said earlier, ALL my students pass!

How do you get started?

First lets you and I have a FREE consultation chat online to see if we are a good fit, before we move forward.

You and I will spend around 26 hours together on my coaching program and you get membership access to ALL thirty of Projex Academy’s Masterclass video training courses.

Look at the value you get, just comparing three of our courses with other providers (not coaches):

APM PMQ €1,650
PMP €1,980
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt €2,296
PRINCE2 Practitioner €1,895

On that basis, my free annual membership value is worth more than €10,000

Just those four alone (which you get included in my coaching for one year) comes to €7,821.

Compare that to coaching with a PRINCE2 elite mentor (that’s me), for just €795, and all the above included while I guarantee you will pass your PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam with flying colours.

What have you got to lose?

Look, you’ve seen how you could pay €1,895 for online PRINCE2 training alone.

You saw how my coaching students breezed through their PRINCE2 Practitioner exam (They ALL passed -one of them, a Senior Project Manager had failed his exam FIVE times before being coached to success by me).

Here’s just three:

I am pleased to inform you that I made it. I passed my Practitioner Exam with an amazing score of 60 marks (Which is almost 75%). You really are a life-saver, I almost quit until I found your website. And there we go, all done, thanks to you. I just wanted to thank you personally.

Basil Al-Farhan – Managing Director – Toronto, Canada

Your training package and method of course delivery helped me immensely to pass my exams. I found I only had to watch your video modules once as there was continual useful cross reference and revision on previous lessons during the whole learning phase. Your coaching enabled me to pass the course with confidence. A truly great experience explained brilliantly and thoroughly. Thank you very much Dave.

Mark Carlisle – PRINCE2 Practitioner

After attending a five-day intensive classroom course and failing the practitioner exam, I had lost all confidence in re-sitting the exam and thought about giving up.

However, I came across Dave on a Google search and thank goodness I did!!

From my initial chat with Dave, I joined his Personal PRINCE2 Coaching Programme.

He has been nothing but welcoming and patient and I have really enjoyed re-learning PRINCE2 with the methodology explained thoroughly, from start to finish, at the right level of detail required to fully absorb and understand.

My 25 hours one-to-one coaching time with Dave was invaluable, as a PRINCE2 ex-examiner, his knowledge and expertise really made a difference to my success.

Dave’s approach to the exam preparation was fantastic, with his ‘passing secrets’ tutorials and exam feedback techniques giving me the confidence and skills to re-sit the exam and pass with a score I am very proud of.

His fantastic learning material is unique and caters for all types of learning styles, through his Masterclass Videos and accompanying unique course material.

I have just completed the exam this morning and scored 72%.

I’m made up and really pleased with the results. I am still on a high after passing my exam, I still cannot believe I passed by so much!

Rob – Project Manager

Now it’s time for a decision.

The way I see it, you have three options …

Option #1: Do nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

But if you don’t want to risk failing your exam and not becoming a PRINCE2 Practitioner a few weeks from now, that leaves you with two other options …

Option #2: Do it yourself, then just book your exam and hope to pass. If you’re willing to work hard and spend hours studying the text-dense PRINCE2 Manual, you might be able to pull it off.

Option #3: Let me do the heavy lifting for you. Sure, I´ll give you regular assignments plus at least 10 2-hour sessions with me one-to-one.

But I’ll be your coach and mentor filling any holes in your PRINCE2 Practitioner knowledge, then going on to hone your PRINCE2 exam-passing skills to perfection.

You’ll zoom through those pesky exams with a high score.

What’s going to be easier for you?

Since you are still reading, I think you’re one of the special ones …

One of the 5 students I’m looking for.

Only you can decide.

Hop on over here:

Dave Litten Projex Academy

Dave Litten

Get PRINCE2 Coaching From An Insider Examiner!

“Hi, I’m Dave Litten and have been a PRINCE2 Coach and Accredited Trainer since 1997, and an official examiner since 2000. I know the PRINCE2 Method at a deep level and I know how to coach you through to a PRINCE2 Practitioner Pass. As CEO and Founder of Projex Academy, I launched this benchmark video training PRINCE2 Masterclass over two decades ago and this has been responsible for transforming literally thousands of our students into PRINCE2 Practitioners.”

You Do The Work.

I Speed You To PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Typically, each student will get over 22 hours of one-to-one coaching from me – Dave Litten!

In addition, I will be sending you regular assignments, exercises and PRINCE2 Exam coaching practice and techniques.

Prior to each coaching session, you get a detailed Personal Coaching Handbook to prepare, this ensures you get the most value each time we connect.

At each coaching session, you and I rigorously review your progress thus far, and I drill down to ensure you have fully mastered each PRINCE2 topic, and have a resilient defence against any exam question the examiner throws at you!

Providing you act, and put in the work I prescribe (using my unique Coaching System) – I will coach you through to exam success

After our first skype call — You pay just a one-time fee. That’s all! No other hidden exam preparation charges.

Here’s Who I Can Help:

I DO understand that if you are like me, then taking an exam is not something folks look forward to – unless they need therapy! – and you will be a little anxious. Nervous Is Good. It Demonstrates Your Desire to Win. I Can Help You Pass.

  • You need to have a basic knowledge of project management (You do NOT need to be a project manager right now)
  • You *must* want to become PRINCE2 Qualified, and be prepared to put in the preparation work effort (against an agreed schedule plan developed between us)
  • You must be able to afford my one-off coaching fee. I do not wish you to get in debt or take out loans – this is vital for you and I to develop a great student/coach relationship
  • You must be able to afford my one-off coaching fee. I do not wish you to get in debt or take out loans – this is vital for you and I to develop a great student/coach relationship
  • you will need to set aside regular quality study/coaching time with you and I – this may be in your personal/family time
  • I won’t work with students who take the approach of “you’re the coach – get me through the exam” You pull your weight – No shenanigans!


If this applies to you, it is therefore vital that you talk this through with your partner/family and gain agreement for our study time – I am available 7 days a week so the choice is yours….
If you want to fast-track my PRINCE2 Exam Coaching and work 100% of your time for say, 14 or 21 days flat out, then I can put you on my accelerated coaching at no extra cost.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to me personally about getting you incredible PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner results, then I’ll happily set aside regular coaching time for you.

Your first call is FREE and does not commit you in any way

Sign Up for PRINCE2 Coaching

Please be aware that I can only take on FIVE Students right now, so if personal PRINCE2 Exam Study Coaching is for you, you need to apply and invest without delay – Register below to fill out your contact form ready for our first FREE chat …


Dave Litten

Dave spent 25+ years as a senior project manager for UK and USA multinationals and has deep experience in project management. He now develops a wide range of Project Management Masterclasses, under the Projex Academy brand name. In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.

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