Welcome to PRINCE2 Issue Management

By Dave Litten
About Welcome to PRINCE2 Issue Management

PRINCE2 Issue Management

If you have scanned the PRINCE2 Official Manual then you'll know that issues, much like risks, seem to be everywhere!

Sifting through how PRINCE2 manages issues and changes can be a daunting exercise!

Your instincts would be correct if you turned immediately to the PRINCE2 Change Theme because that is where issues and change control emanate from. But I'm sure you've already found out that that's not the only place where you need to understand how issues are managed within PRINCE2.

Indeed, it also crops up in the Progress Theme (for good reasons) and you'll find it getting mentioned in most of the PRINCE2 Processes.

We are so confident that this course will power-up your PRINCE2 Change Management skill/set - you can watch the first lesson right now for free.

The PRINCE2 ISSUE MANAGEMENT three-part video series will give you the full story of how issues are managed within a PRINCE2 project.