Small Business Marketing Consultant 

 June 12, 2020

By  Dave Litten

Welcome to Projex Academy’s Small Business Marketing Consultant Masters Series and this very first video explains exactly the full potential of how to create your very own small business marketing consultant business.

It is based firmly on a unique set of eight elegant pillars of business owner marketing and this consists of a complete trainers kit to enable you to set up an ongoing continuous income as a marketing consultant so for me

Now in this business in a box, you will have all the materials you need to set up your very own small business marketing consultancy. It may be that you already have some experience in marketing or maybe you don’t – it really doesn’t matter because I’m assuming we’re starting from Ground Zero.

So here are my suggestions and guidelines for getting yourself quickly up to speed and generating a continuous additional monthly income as a small business marketing consultant.

Now, of course, you will want to spend several days perhaps over the next week or so, becoming familiar with the materials, don’t worry, I’ve given you everything you need to be fully successful and seen as competent by your potential future clients.

So first of all a warm welcome to investing in our Projex Academy small business marketing user guide. Let me clear – first of all the term SME stands for Small Medium Enterprise and it’s an American term for basically meaning the same thing as that of small businesses.

Small businesses across just about every country throughout the world makeup a massive 99% of those both employed in small businesses and bringing in over 90% of a countries industries income.

small business marketing

So I have given you a complete ToolKit along with coaching and training to turn you into a successful small business coach.

I recommend you print out all of the PDF documents and put them in binders for easy reference. Now load up the slide decks on your laptop or tablet or PC. Obviously when you go out and start delivering this, you’ll most likely be using a laptop or a tablet of some form.

The very heart of what you’re getting is a set of small business marketing coaching slide decks. If it happens that you are new to marketing or would find it useful to get a refresher, I have included a bonus handbook that provides a great backdrop to the material covered in your slide decks.

I’ve called it “what they don’t each you at Harvard about business marketing” but you see the absolute truth of this is that many folks do get degrees on business marketing and not much of it is practical. What I’m giving you is everything that you can learn and apply within the next one to two weeks maximum and within that timeframe start making a continuous additional regular income.

It might be like myself, that you give up your day job and actually do this full-time here’s the even better news I’m only releasing a few of these so, whichever part of the world you’re in, you have virtually no competition.

Even more, my marketing insights for business owner coaches really is an easy read and will provide you with background information related to your main slide decks that I provided you with, and by the way, I’ve given you master copies of everything that you can give out to your clients so that you can brand them as if they are your own.

Now what you’ll want to do having just downloaded this information is that you want to set out a study preparation plan over the next few days – this is so important and I am convinced that you are going to be successful at this, so to help you do that I don’t want you to just to skim over this information, but rather see it as a “Business in a Box” that takes you from where you are today to within less than 10 days, having a business that gives you a permanent and continuous income.

So after you’ve downloaded everything onto your personal computer, let me just take you through these: You have 8 PowerPoint slide decks, each in two different font styles (your choice!)

In addition, you’ll get your event presentation Cliffnotes to start with. These will help you understand the background details to each slide so that you intuitively learn how to talk around each slide itself. Of course, you’re about to print these out and have these to hand when you’re doing your live presentation.

As a warm-up that I found that works very well, I’ve included what I’ve called your Seven Surprising Truths presentation quiz, and this is a fun and entertaining way of showing why your small business owner clients will get a great deal of success out of applying your coaching knowledge.

To help you with this as it’s the first time, I give you an example of a surprising truths video – it’s something that I’ve created just talking against the presentation quiz itself, so you can get a flavor of how you would do this.

I’m sure you agree, having a great introduction and getting an immediate empathy with your audience is a huge win. I also give you my Business Owner Marketing Action Plan which you will give out to each delegate.

These questions and answers will help them brainstorm how they need to convert their business from where it is today, to where it’ll be tomorrow. After they’ve attended to your live coaching session, it’s something they’ll take away with them to help tailor their exact needs.

You also get a phone script guidance document that I’ve created for your eyes only. I’ve given you my How To Organize Seminars And Events PDF document. If you’re familiar with running events in local hotels and such like, then you may know some of this, but this will be a useful overview ready for when you start marketing yourself to start generating your additional income.

As I said at the beginning it may well be that you already have a marketing background, or it could be if you have an empathy with what marketing is all about, in which case I’ve given you a PDF called Marketing Coach Insights. This is a complete detailed backdrop of the subject matter that I go through in my Eight Pillars of Small Business Marketing.

What you’ll want to do, is to give out at the end of your coaching session, is a copy that I’ve given you of this slide deck their own Delegate Handbook PDF.

The reason I suggest you give this out at the end is that if you give it out at the beginning, then not only will it allow your delegates to see what your slide decks will consist of and what’s coming up next, they will tend to read through that and not pay attention to yourself.

So trust me I’ve done this so many times – you tell them upfront that they’ll be getting all the details of the slides, and there’s very little need to take notes because you’ll be giving them an exact copy of everything they’ve seen.

I want to share with you a suggestion of the sort of steps that you need to take. As I said earlier, if you are new to marketing or perhaps need a refresh, the first step is to read through my Marketing Coach Insights first thing even before you look at the slides.

It will give you a nice backdrop. You might want to spend one or two days reading through this – don’t try and memorize it all, rather read through it at a comfortable pace, stop and take a rest when you need, and come back to it. You may want to go through this several times and that’s perfectly fine, you may even find yourself wanted to print out this and actually make extra notes for yourself. That’s okay too.

The next step is where you need to practice hearsing the first quiz that I gave you called The Seven Surprising Truths. It really is a bit of fun – it’s a warm-up, and gets the folks in the audience feeling a great deal of empathy for what you’re about to do.

By all means, watch my video on the Seven Surprising Truths to see how I might present it plus the cliff notes to get some ideas.

Now we come to the heart of the matter. Rehearse each of the eight slide decks using my cliff notes as the prompt. There are many ways you could do this. For example, you could use your smartphone, set up on a stand, or a pile of books. Just video your style to get into the zone so that you can feel confident that you’ve understood the backdrop script, and that you can read against the slides.

Let me make a very important point here, for the last two decades I’ve been creating online videos on a variety of management topics, and I say humbly, I’ve had great feedback on what a great training aid it is. All right so you’re a coach rather than a teacher, but you’re still putting across information that your clients will take away and improve their business in leaps and bounds.

So I’m telling you this, as you might think it is a memory test, needing to memorize all eight slide decks – but you would be wrong.

l here’s what I’ve learned over several decades. You use the information in each slide as your script as it comes up – you could of course just read out exactly what it says but very quickly you’ll learn to use that as the backdrop, and just change the wording a very subtle way to put across very powerfully that particular topic.

So you don’t need to rehearse all two hours or more of slide presentations and worry about not booking your first presentation until you’ve memorized it, so you can say it in your sleep.

I’ve never ever needed to do that, so have confidence that if you go through the information and material I’ve given you, and run through each slide (even if it’s just talking to yourself looking at your laptop or tablet). Do this a few times for each presentation, and you will be ready to do this live!

So read through and rehearse your phone script guidance and also the PDF called Organizing Seminars, as this will give you a good backdrop on what you need to be presenting.

You need to become familiar with my business owner marketing action plan (MAP) which you will give out to each delegate – and it is there to make notes on (more on that shortly).

So let me try and help you with your first ever coaching presentations -possibly at a local hotel – possibly online. I’ve called this Coaching Event Guidance, and that’s all it is.

You’ll want to use my event organizer to prepare for your first event so make sure you’ve read that first. I would suggest it would start off at nine o’clock in the morning with general introductions and then go through my Seven Surprising Truths warm-up quiz – which possibly from beginning to end will take about 20 minutes.

Your presentation of all eight slide decks will probably take around two hours, possibly a little more allowing for a question and answer session at the very end of your coaching presentation.

I would always include this. By the way, please don’t be worried about asking for questions and answers, because to start with you will be worried about they may ask you questions that you don’t know. But believe me if you’ve done your preparation on what I’ve told you to present, I guarantee you will know more than them.

They will know the questions they will ask, are extensions of what you’ve already covered. This might take you up to four hours in total, so if you started at nine this is a one o’clock finish. Just half a day!

At the very beginning of the session, advise them that their marketing action plan is for them to make notes during the event and for use after the event.

This opens a huge corridor of up-sells and for you to make even more money. Let me explain. Start with advising them at the beginning, they don’t need to take notes. Yes, of course, they’ll have their marketing action plan and they may be making handwritten notes from time to time.

But what they won’t need to do, is to copy all your slides or key points within your slides, since they’ll get a copy of that at the end, and it’s important you do not give out their handbook copy of the slides until the end of your presentation.

Let me say again, I’ve been doing this for nearly two decades and I can tell you if you give them a handbook with pictures of all the slides you intend to talk through, there’ll be a third of the audience paying attention to you, a third watching what’s going on in that handbook, and a third looking ahead – thinking themselves what’s next?

You owe it to your clients to take full advantage of the unique information you’ll give them in order to double or triple their income – so give them the handbook as a handout at the end of the session, and your handbook containing every single slide will remind them what they remembered and heard.

They’ll use it along with their marketing action plan to take their business from this moment on, and most likely double their income.

So here’s the thing, I do want you to note down right now and that’s that when you get to the end of the presentation, there will be some of your clients that recognize they need extra help to implement some of your ideas.

By this time you will have full confidence no matter which of the basic fundamental marketing principles that they’re interested in, that you can go and meet-up with them one-on-one or as a meeting at their organization location, and help them even further.

Of course that will now be one-on-one consultancy and you can start to do what I’ve been doing for a long time, and that’s charging up to a thousand UKP a day to carry out this tailoring exercise individually for them.

Can you see how if you’re running one or two of these in local hotels or online in webinars that if at the end of your presentation, you advise them that you offer individual one-on-one coaching- that this will take you rapidly from a handful of thousand dollars a month, to ten thousand dollars a month or more – asI’ve been doing for the last two years.

So how exactly do you start? well sometimes it’s not obvious what your business model is, and there are a series of steps that start with you identifying small local businesses.

So you might be thinking, okay Dave, I’ve put the work in. I’ve fully understood what you’ve told me. I think this is an exciting business but right now, where are my clients?

Sometimes it’s not obvious what your business model is, however, let me tell you there are a series of simple steps that start off at Ground Zero, with you identifying local small businesses. I can’t believe how easy this is!

You see there are many ways to do this and one of them, I applied in the United Kingdom when I lived there and it was to go to

Whichever country you live in and whichever area you come from, what have you a quick search on google will find all of your local businesses

I’m sure you can see it’s a small hop and a skip from having that information to quickly filling a local hotel room with, say, ten small business owners, just charge them say $100 for a half-day, and you will always make a profit from it.

I’m telling you in every area locality, there are 99 percent of small local businesses and your clients are LEGION!

You see these potential clients are just desperate to keep solvent or at least to boost sales to grow (particularly in these difficult times). You’ll find many of them are desperate to survive let alone grow.

You show them how to easily double their income – they will see you as a coach or an agent to ensure that they not only survive, but to thrive, grow and prosper in these difficult times.

Take your time, do it right, and I’m convinced you can get this done within the next 10 days easily – but don’t rush it, remember the art of a successful consultant is just to know more than your clients.

Yes, you’re not expected to be a guru as I will prove to you in my Small Business Marketing Consultant Business in a Box – but you will know more than just about any business that you will get in touch with.

My marketing Coach Business in a Box will guarantee you to and earn a continuous lucrative stream of income for your new small business marketing consultancy

Dave Litten

David spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and has deep experience in project management. He now develops a wide range of Project Management Masterclasses, under the Projex Academy brand name. In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.

Dave Litten

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