Quality Control in PRINCE2 7th Edition 

 April 1, 2024

By  Dave Litten

Quality Control in PRINCE2 7th Edition

Definition: PRINCE2 quality control

The procedures for monitoring the specific products of a project and their development or delivery activities to determine whether they comply with relevant standards and to identify ways to minimize causes of unsatisfactory performance.

Project quality control is a series of activities for each product, usually involving several techniques. It begins when a product description is approved and recorded in the product register.

Suppose the product is new and development or delivery includes new design or production methods. In that case, quality control may involve evaluating a prototype of the product and its initial production
method ahead of full-scale production.

If the product is mature or commercial off-the-shelf, quality control may consist of inspection at the point of delivery.

The quality techniques that will be applied to monitor and control product quality during delivery are described in the quality management approach.

Prince2 7Th Edition Quality Method

Quality control activities that require support from business or external specialists should be included in the work breakdown structure, schedule, and project budget.

PRINCE2 quality assurance

Quality assurance is a planned and systematic activity that guarantees that products will meet their defined quality specifications when tested under quality control.

The business typically performs quality assurance activities, ensuring they are independent of the project team.

Quality assurance ensures that the project’s quality control measures appropriately assess the project products against their quality specifications.

Quality assurance activities should occur throughout the project lifecycle, from start-up to closing.
It is important to distinguish quality assurance from project assurance. Quality assurance is focused on products and is independent of the project management team.

A business function typically performs it. Project assurance is the responsibility of the project board and confirms whether the project is being conducted correctly.

Project assurance is independent of the project manager but not the project.

Controlling quality

Prince2 Controlling Quality

When the quality management approach and the initial product descriptions are approved, the focus of the quality practice shifts to quality control.

Quality control activities are recorded in the quality register, which provides information for the End Stage Reports and the End Project Report

The quality register merely records the quality control activity and its result (typically ‘pass’ or ‘ fail’ ).

Suppose a product fails a quality control activity such as an inspection or test, and there is an expectation that the product is likely to pass. In that case, it may be reasonable to repeat the activity.

If a product cannot pass a quality control activity, the failure must be reviewed against quality tolerances and quality specifications.

Exceptions to quality tolerances and off-specifications are addressed using the issue management technique.

Lessons identified during the product quality lifecycle are captured in the project log: lessons log.

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