PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Questions 

 March 12, 2021

By  Dave Litten

PRINCE2 Practitioner exam sample questions – PRINCE2 Pass Secrets

The PRINCE2 practitioner exam is two and a half  hour in length, and is in multiple choice format.

Be aware that the multiple choice questions vary in style, these are not the same as the more simple multiple choice questions that the foundation exam contains.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Questions

The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam consists of nine areas of questions, with each question based on a different part of the PRINCE2 method. It must obvious, therefore, that any single PRINCE2 Practitioner exam paper does not test ALL of the PRINCE2 methods.

Each section or area that is tested is allotted 12 marks in total, so all nine questions within a typical PRINCE2 practitioner exam paper is worth 108 marks.

Because of the nature of the exam, and the variety of different question styles (I will give you some examples along with answers later…) the actual pass mark varies slightly for each PRINCE2  practitioner exam paper, but you can assume that it is in the range of 50% to 55% as a pass mark.

As a strategy you really should aim to achieve a mark of 60%. This exam is harder than the PRINCE2 foundation examination, and will pose a stiffer test for you to answer all questions in the time allowed. So exam time management is of the essence!

Another point that I am often asked about is what if a candidate did not get a pass mark on a particular PRINCE2 sample practitioner exam question?

Well, the good news is the total mark on the  PRINCE2 practitioner exam is across the total paper, so if you really muck up on question, all is not lost!

PRINCE2 practitioner exam sample paper structure

The PRINCE2 practitioner exam is open book, in that you are allowed to bring in your PRINCE2 Manual for reference throughout the exam, but please note that NO other documentation is allowed. You are not even allowed to attach or paste extra documentation inside the PRINCE2 Manual.


During your PRINCE2 practitioner exam preparation, if you make any handwritten notes in the PRINCE2 Manual, then these can accompany you in the exam. The only thing that can be ‘pasted’ into the PRINCE2 Manual are those coloured mini-post-it note page or tab markers, which you can annotate for easier reference of the PRINCE2 Manual.

Each PRINCE2 practitioner exam paper is given out in a sealed plastic envelope, and once the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam starts you may tear this open.

Inside your will find three stapled sets of papers:

1. The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam paper questions. The nine as descibed above.

2. The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam Scenario or case study. This is normally around one to two pages long.

Immediately after that, there are several pages giving supplimentary information for most if not all of the nine questions.

As a PRINCE2 sample practitioner exam question, suppose question 5 covered the PRINCE2 Risk Theme. There might be a paragraph or so setting up a specific risk situation on top of the scenario. The questions will then relate to that supplementary information as well as the central scenario.

3. Your answer Sheets.

These consist of sets of ovals, one for each questions optional answer. You will be given a pencil, which you use to shade in your chosen answer.

WARNING. Shading these in do take a little time, and many candidates merely write or note their answer on the question sheet itself. There is nothing wrong with this, but be aware, that when time is called, you do not have ‘extra’ time to do all your shading!

I once had the heart-rending responsibility to physically take  the PRINCE2 practitioner exam papers off a delegate as they did not shade any question in during the exam, and were frantically filling them in after I called full time. Of course I wrote a report to the examiner, and asked for leniency. I won’t tell you whether the candidate passed or not, but it was a devastating mistake for him.

I recommend that you may prefer to mark up the question sheet as you go, and before you start the next of the nine practitioner exam questions – shade in your answer sheets!

PRINCE2 sample practitioner exam Sequence.

You might be tempted to answer the PRINCE2 practitioner exam questions in an order of preference, but this can get dangerous. I strongly recommend that you do them in the order they are given. I have two reasons for saying this:

1. Its an assumption on my part, but there may be some information or clues in earlier questions that may help you in later questions.

2. If you jump around and deviate to the question order, you may get near the end of the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam only to find that you miss-counted (or that you had forgotten to shade in certain answers), and you find that instead of having plenty of time, you are now panicking because you have an extra question to fit in… I have seen this happen time and again…

Here are some very small extracts from a PRINCE2 sample practitioner exam paper. The only purpose here is to give you a feel for the different question types, as without the full scenario and supplimentary information, you don’t have enough evidence to base your answer upon:

The first and most simplest type of PRINCE2 sample practitioner exam is simply a choice of options and you need to find the two correct ones that would often be included in a PRINCE2 document (this one is of the Business Case)  is laid out similar to this:

6. Which Costs to include in the Business Case (chose two)

A. Project costs are currently estimated to be $24,000

B. Lesley West‟s marketing budget will be used to fund the project.

C. A further 12 extra orders giving a net profit of $14,000 each will result in an extra $168,000 in the first year.

D. The cost of manufacture and distribution of the diaries will be included in the production cost forecast.

E. Until Marlon has signed off the budget, no project costs can be stated


A, B

HINT. Remember to tab up Appendix A of the PRINCE2 Manual as the management product ‘templates’ give examples of the content under document headings.

Another PRINCE2 sample practitioner exam paper question example has two columns, where you have to match the correct content in the right-hand column with each (in this example, Objective) in the left hand column:

For each Objective, chose a quality activity from Column 2 that addresses it.
Each selection from Column 2 can be used once, more than once or not at all.

 ObjectivesColumn 2
1Ensuring that a project’s products meet their quality criteria:A Quality Assurance
2Determining what the customer’s quality expectations are:B Quality Control
3This activity confirms that corporate standards and policies are being implemented:C Quality Planning



Another variant question as a sample from the  PRINCE2 sample practitioner exam, similar to the above, is where you need to match columns in  this case testing your understanding of different risk repsonses:

For each risk response in Column 1, select from Column 2

the type of response it represents. Each option from Column 2 can be used once, more than once or not at all.

1. Column 1 1 Include a discount code with every diary that can be redeemed each time an order is placed. 2 Make the assumption that your hand-tooled leather diary is of better quality, and the completion’s promotion will have little impact. 3 Wait until the competition does bring out a similar promotion, and if so, include a unique number with each diary for a chance to win an AP bike which will be raffled for all diary owners. 4 Add extra resources to your project to bring the diary delivery date forward. 5 Cancel the project. Decide not to compete. 6 Record the risk in the Risk Register and monitor the situation. 7 Partner with the printing company and include a contractual clause that reduces their printing costs if AP benefits are not realized, and a scaled bonus payment if the benefits are fully realized. 8 Hire in a Marketing consultant to maximize the diary publicity  Column 2. Avoid Reduce Fallback Transfer Accept Share            


And finally, the most hated of all PRINCE2 sample practitioner exam question types!

Known as ‘The Because questions” for obvious reasons.

For each question below, identify the appropriate option, from A to E
that applies. Each option can be used once, more than once or not at all.

ATrueTrueAND the reason explains the assertion
BTrueTrueBUT the reason does not explain the assertion
 Assertion Reason
1The Benefits Review Plan may be updated, and should include an assessment in 12 months’ time to determine if there is an increase in bike orders.BECAUSEAny extra time needed to assess residual benefits should be included in the Benefits Review Plan.



Let me take you through this particular type of PRINCE2 sample practitioner exam question, as it is the type which most confuses exam candidates:

First up, note that the left-hand column is an Assertion. In other words “a statement that I hold to be true”

You have to ask yourself, is that statement true or false. I recommend putting a “‘T’ or an “F” against it.

Now look at the Reason, is that true or false? again, but a ‘T’ or a ‘F’ against it on the question paper.

Final step.

If EITHER the Assertion OR the Reason is FALSE, then the BECAUSE must be false. This narrows it down to one of the C, D, or E answers.

ONLY if both the Assertion and it’s Reason are TRUE, then you have to look at the because and decide the Reason is the right one for the Assertion.

Answer A if it is, or B if it is not.

And I’ve saved the very best bit for last…

You see, because the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam qualification is so popular and so much in demand, the exam is run every week of the year all over the world.

So guess what?

The exam boards re-use their pool of PRINCE2 Practitioner exam exam papers.

Now these PRINCE2 Practitioner examination papers are a closely guarded secret (and quite right too – I don’t want my PRINCE2 Practitioner status to be watered down due to cheats!)

But it does mean that folks like myself get to see them once a week, and this helps ensure that teaching becomes more consistent.


Suppose I found that folks were getting questions wrong on (say) The Risk Theme, I would be a poor trainer if I did not note that and ensure that I changed the way I taught that topic. But I would not, and never have, copied or noted questions, so don’t you be tempted either as the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam qualification is a prestigious one and worth studying for. Enough Said?

Here are two valuable videos from me explaining how you can pass your PRINCE2 Practitioner exam:

So it’s vital for you to take training from an active PRINCE2 trainer like myself, after all why not give yourself a deadly edge, and one that will give you the best chance of a solid pass…

Get some more Live PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Questions and Answers HERE!

Want to know more to get the best PRINCE2 Training and Coaching?

HERE is a video that I created, walking you through the advice and guidance on PRINCE2 sample practitioner exam questions:

If you just turned up cold for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, and even if you knew PRINCE2 inside and out, you would certainly have a lot of hard work ahead of you to get good marks.

Like most things in life, getting PRINCE2 Practitioner exam practice as well as mastering the PRINCE2 Method is vital to give yourself an excellent chance of passing the practitioner exam first time!

Don’t leave it to chance, get your hands on my PRINCE2 Primer (where I give you 21 PRINCE2 Practitioner exam  questions and answers, including a detailed scenario and supplementary information – just like the real exam!

Oh, and by the way, the APM Group Examiners have audited my PRINCE2 Primer including my Foundation and Practitioner exam questions and answers, and decreed them accurate and correct.

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Dave Litten

David spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and has deep experience in project management. He now develops a wide range of Project Management Masterclasses, under the Projex Academy brand name. In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.

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