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Prepare for PMP Scrum in 2020… even if you are a novice project manager and are clueless about Agile!

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Are you ready for more senior Project Management roles in 2020 with more interesting work and greater compensation, coupled with rapid career advancement, greater respect and earning potential and more powerful results?

Did You Know the PMP 2020 Exam will contain 
50% Agile and Scrum Questions?

Pmp Scrum

Out of the 200 questions in your PMP Exam paper - a stonking 100 of them will be based on your project management knowledge on either the Scrum or Agile Framework ... 

Introducing PMP SCRUM 2020 Video Practice Guide

PMP SCRUM Practice Guide was designed for your success. Each and every scrum-related facet of the new PMP 2020 Certification Syllabus, from its length to action items, was carefully planned to serve that goal.
This online course  takes you from Scrum Novice to Expert. How long the course takes is up to you - a rapid few-days preparation if you wish - or you can work at your own pace. Once you enroll, the course is always available to you.

Learning Today Leading Tomorrow!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

  • You get instant course access to ALL PMP Scrum Practice Guide Media consisting of 20 Modules - these are at the heart of your learning experience
  • You can watch these at any time and place, and feel free to pause and rewind as often as you wish. We all learn at a different pace, and if you are like me, you will want to review all or part of each video more than once, taking notes as you go
  • You get an accompanying Handbook in a PDF format to read it online or print out as you wish. The Handbook contains full colour graphics of the entire 125 slide deck set
  • PMP Scrum Sample Exam. You get 120 PMP Scrum Samples exam questions and answers in a fun-to-use Slide Show
  • You will gain an intuitive and deep understanding of the Official PMI Scrum Practice Guide and act as an aid to revisit topic areas
  • Passing your PMP exam at your first try not only depends on mastering the Scrum Guide full syllabus but it also needs to to build your scrum analytical skills. Don't worry, all of this is covered in each Module, and if you get stuck, go back and review the video as many times as you wish

Don't be worried about PMP Exam Scrum Knowledge!

Pmp Scrum Practice Guide
  • Get The Inside Edge With Our Projex Academy Scrum Knowledge Wizard. We coach you to pass at your first try. Our PMP Scrum Practice Guide gives you the exam knowledge you need to breeze through Scrum-related questions!
  • Decipher What The Examiner Can and Can´t Ask You. That darned PMBOK Guide does not even cover all the PMP Scrum Exam Syllabus, so it's not so hot as an exam preparation guide. Our PMP Scrum Practice Guide showcases exactly what you need to hone in on - saving you hours of frustration
  • Demystify the 2020 PMP Scrum Certification Exam Objectives. Get inside the examiners mind as I teach you all you need for potential Scrum sample questions. Sure, youmay already know some facts about Scrum, but what you need is how to apply Scrum in the real world!
  • Master essential Scrum. This is the complete single source guide for the applicatiuon of the Svcrum framework - Projex Academy spills the secrets!
  • PMP Scrum Sample Exam. You get 120 PMP Scrum Samples exam questions and answers in a fun-to-use Slide Show
  • Learn the Scrum framework of core values, principles and practices. There´s nothing more effective than learning how to blend Scrum by harnessing the correct mix of approaches. After this, PMP Scrum exam questions will never look so hard again...

PMP Scrum Practice Guide Course Overview

HD Video Modules- these are at the heart of the learning experience and each comes complete with multiple video lessons and  accompanying detailed Handbook  ...


Module 1:  Putting Scrum into PMP Context

This first Module video has a duration of 23 minutes. As the Project Management Institute has announced, there is to be a significant change to their PMP Certification Exam. 

This module provides an overview and the impact this will have for those preparing for the exam. In addition you get an introduction and overview to the scrum framework including the scrum roles, scrum events, and scrum artifacts.


Module 2: Discovering The 3 Pillars and Benefits  of Scrum

Module Two video has a duration of 17 minutes. In this module I introduce you to the three pillars of scrum and the structure of sprints. You will learn the major benefits of applying and adaptive and iterative approach to both planning and delivering projects.


Module 3: Checking out the Scrum Life cycle and artifacts

Module Three video has a duration of 21 minutes. Here, I share with you the extended scrum life cycle and how it can be adapted for delivery projects.

You will learn the structure of the project charter and vision statement and how they are developed. I show you how to create the product road map in addition to explaining the relationship between the above two documents, the use of user stories, and how these relate to the end product.


Module 4: Discovering the Product Backlog and the Eight Essential Scrum Elements

Module Four video has a duration of 16 minutes. The product backlog is probably the most important scrum artifact, and here I describe it's structure and how it is used. 

Next I share review the eight essential elements of scrum, the use of sprints by the scrum team, how they are all structured, along with the use of agile and scrum deliverables.


Module 5: Focus on The Differences Between Traditional and Iterative project frameworks

Module Five video has a duration of 10 minutes. Here you will learn the key differences between a plan driven development and an iterative project.

I clarify the difference between iterative and incremental development, and describe the scrum process model.


Module 6: Setting Out The agile and Scrum Benefits

Module Six video has a duration of 16 minutes.  In this module I share with you to the agile insights including the benefits of product knowledge verses plan driven requirements, how to balance predictive and adaptive work, and the power of component integration.


Module 7: Positioning the Power of WIP with Scrum

Module Seven video has a duration of 17 minutes. Here you will learn the importance of harnessing work in process, how to deliver value, and the scrum approach to speedy delivery and informal approaches


Module 8: Coordinating The Three Scrum Roles and Responsibilities

Module Eight video has a duration of 16 minutes. This is the first of three modules describing the various scrum roles. We start by looking at the total scrum team and stakeholders, and then focus on the role, responsibilities, and knowledge needed by the product owner.


Module 9: Figuring Out  the Scrum Master Role

Module Nine video has a duration of 25 minutes. In the second model of looking at the scrum roles, we focus on the knowledge skills and experience needed for the scrum master.

Also, the scrum master responsibilities, how these can be blended with the project manager, and the role approach of the project manager within a scrum project.


Module 10: Figuring Out  the Scrum Development Team Role

Module Ten video has a duration of 15 minutes. In this third and final module, I investigate the responsibilities of the development team. We then discuss the development team characteristics and the nine key elements and skills needed within the team.


Module 11: Determining How Scrum Manages Requirements and User Stories 

Module Eleven video has a duration of 22 minutes. In this module I share with you how scrum manages the project requirements, as well as the use of the product backlog items to manage the level of detail. In addition I described the structure and use of user stories as well as showing how to write good stories.


Module 12: Researching Sprint Benefits and Success Criteria

Module Twelve video has a duration of 12 minutes. Here, I outline the benefits of using sprints as well as the various success criteria needed as well as the benefits to be changed by running short sprints.


Module 13: Preparing and Grooming The Product Backlog

Module Thirteen video has a duration of 17 minutes. In this module I explain how to describe the sprint goal, how to craft the definition of done, and how to prepare and refine the backlog.

In addition, I share with you how to prioritize and groom the backlog, and create the various types of product backlog items.


Module 14: Sprint Planning - Part One

Module Fourteen video has a duration of 23 minutes. This is the first of two models teaching how to carry out sprint planning.

I start off by describing the impact of team capacity on estimating, and the two main estimating techniques of T shirt sizing and story points. I then describe how these can be used to estimate team velocity.


Module 15: Sprint Planning - Part Two

Module Fifteen video has a duration of 10 minutes. In this second module on the subject of sprint planning, I show you how to refine and prepare the product backlog and how this is used during sprint planning. I show you the main roles who are responsible for sprint planning and the management of the product backlog. 


Module 16: Unearthing the Use of Scrum Teams Within A Sprint

Module Sixteen video has a duration of 15 minutes. You and I continue on how scrum teams are used throughout a typical sprint, and discuss some of the key activities and approaches used to make each sprint successful. 

I show you how to set up a hierarchy of scrum teams, how to carry out swarming, as well as the structure of the sprint daily stand-ups plus demonstrations and reviews.


Module 17: Scrum Project Tracking and Progress Measurement - Part One

Module Seventeen video has a duration of 8 minutes. This is the first of two modules showing you exactly how to carry out project tracking and measure progress within a scrum sprint.

In addition I'll show you the two main types of burn charts.


Module 18: Scrum Project Tracking and Progress Measurement - Part Two

Module Eighteen video has a duration of 8 minutes. This is the second module showing you how to track scrum progress, and here I show how you use both burn charts to track scrum process. 

In addition I show you how to use story points and feature charts to describe progress and forecasting.


Module 19: Scrum Sprint Review and Retrospectives

Module Nineteen video has a duration of 12 minutes. This module covers the sprint review and retrospective activities.

You will learn all of the actions and purposes within both of these activities to ensure they are carrying out effectively.


Module 20: Focus on Applying Sprint and Kanban Approaches to progress control

Module Twenty video has a duration of 18 minutes. In this final module, I show you how to apply traditional scrum sprint approaches as well as harness the Kanban method. 

I describe the differences between them and how all they are used. Finally, I'd show you how to use the technique called ScrumBan

About Dave Litten - Accredited PMP Trainer Since 2008

David Litten’s proprietary Projex Academy Masterclass training places a priority on video-based, step-by-step management life-changing training, and his students are reaping the rewards.

Dave is Europe’s No. 1 Project Management Trainer and brings his extensive 20-plus years training skills to the market place, by helping project managers maximize their skills and earning potential.

Unlike traditional PMP training, the video-based PMP Masterclass is NOT based on memorizing stodgy bullet-driven slide sets - instead, you´ll immerse yourself in our full color graphic-rich learning experience, making it a snap to remember all those mark-earning facts for your PMP Exam

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Here’s what people are saying about Projex Academy ...

Iain Begg


As an experienced project/programme manager who wanted to bring my qualifications up-to-date, Projex Academy PMP Masterclass was the perfect choice and very cost-effective. I crashed through the materials at my own pace and when it suited me, and then I repeated the sections I needed to as indicated by my results in the sample exercises and Exam Simulator

Dave is a very good coach offering easy to follow advice on understanding both the concepts and how to pass the Exam –needless to say, I passed first time! Thank you Dave

Will Roberts


I took and failed the PMP exam last week. After failing, I purchased your PMP Masterclass and wanted to tell you how encouraged I am by your training. Finally, someone that can really teach the system properly. I look forward to Nov. 3rd when I will try the test again.

UPDATE November 3rd - Hi Dave, Just a note to let you know I took the PMP exam yesterday and passed it. I appreciate your hard work in preparing your materials and skills in teaching PMP, it was THE big reason I passed the second time. Have a Great Day!

Heriberto Carrasco


Your PMP Masterclass training material is fantastic!  Head and shoulders above other material I have come across.  I passed thanks to you. I can’t get any more succinct than that. Thank you for an excellent product.

Adam Williams


Success - I passed first try!"

"Just thought I would let you know I passed my exam on Wednesday, thanks to your help. Your PRINCE2 Masterclass videos and study materials were invaluable and got me across the line. Thanks again - I will certainly recommend your Primer to anyone wanting to go for this certification.."

Walter Heuvel


Thank you very much for going the extra mile. I can only express my gratitude by saying and meaning that you are truly a Guru and a Master in your work. I have seen many tutorial videos on the exam in the past, and they left me exactly where I started from. Your teaching videos have given me almost immediate understanding for what is going on.

Dirk Schrader


I've passed my exam successfully! All other online training I've used before were definitely for nothing compared to your videos. These last 3 days reviewing your very clear and logic presentations pushed me up to the required level to pass my exam successfully. Still yesterday (Sunday) I was moving on a score between 50 and 61%. But your Exam Simulator and Videos really did put me back on track!

Again: Thank you!

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