Microsoft project hybrid projects 

 May 15, 2023

By  Dave Litten

Microsoft project hybrid projects

How we manage projects has progressed to include approaches for plan-driven projects with defined scope and adaptive projects where the scope can evolve along the way.

Microsoft Project can support both approaches including Kanban.

The latest Microsoft Project supports all approaches and is so versatile that it can support hybrid projects (using both plan-driven and adaptive methods) within the same project.

More projects are being used for knowledge work with evolving deliverables over the project lifecycle.

Waterfall projects are still needed, but the way projects are managed has progressed to include approaches for both plan-driven projects (defined scope), and adaptive projects (evolving scope during project progress)

Microsoft project hybrid projects

Inserting one project into another has always been easy within Microsoft projects.

You can insert tasks from one project into another or an entire existing project into another. The inserted project is called a subproject.

Microsoft Project Hybrid Projects

You can also do this when inserting a scrum/sprint-based or Kanban-type project.

This capability to assemble subprojects in one place allows you to create a master schedule from which you can view, all in one place, all the pieces of a larger, more complex project.

Inserting a Microsoft project hyperlink

Hyperlinks in a project outline provide:

  • A handy way to open another project quickly.
  • Another file of any type
  • A web page

You can follow the same process to insert a sprints project into a plan-driven project.

Why the need for hybrid projects?

For a start, There are four basic structures to choose from depending on the nature of your hybrid project:

Microsoft Project Hybrid Projects

Hybrid – Agile development followed by a predictive rollout

Here, it might be best to use agile to develop your product or service but then use a more predictive rollout project to implement it. An example here might be clinical trials where agile is used to run the tests but with a more structured predictive approach to distributing the results of such trials.

Hybrid – Combined agile and predictive approaches used simultaneously

Here, the project would use both agile and predict if, simultaneously, choosing an agile approach followed by a predictive approach. An example here might be an organisation’s incremental transition to agile.

Hybrid – A largely predictive approach with agile components

Here the project’s main thrust would be to use a predictive approach yet use agile in small places within the project where needed. The agile parts would be used for uncertain portions of the project.

Hybrid – A predominantly agile approach with a predictive component

Here the project is agile, but predict if parts may be used when a project portion is non-negotiable.

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Microsoft Project Hybrid Projects

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A Microsoft Project Masterclass

Microsoft Project For Scrum, Kanban And Hybrid Projects

The way projects are managed has progressed in recent years to include approaches for both plan-driven projects (projects with defined scope), and adaptive projects (projects where the scope will evolve as the project progresses).

Better yet, the latest Microsoft Project not only supports both approaches, but is versatile enough that it can support hybrid projects (those that use both plan-driven and adaptive approaches) within the same project.

But what about the use of Kanban boards? No worries, Microsoft project also includes such ‘demand-driven’ approaches.

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