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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Masters Series

Lean Six Sigma takes the features of Lean ( speed), and combines them with Six Sigma (stability and accuracy) to ensure Customer Satisfaction, Employee growth, Profitability, and Increased Revenues.

Projex Academy's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Masters Series will teach you how to streamline processes, improve business performance and supercharge your career

LSS Green Belt Certification is globally recognized and trusted by fortune 500 organizations such as GE, BAA, Dyson, Volvo, Rolls Royce, Deloitte, Disney and Tesla

Introducing Lean Six Sigma Masters Series - Foundations

Lean Six Sigma takes the features of Lean ( speed), and combines them with Six Sigma (stability and accuracy) to ensure Customer Satisfaction, Employee Growth, Profitability, and Increased Revenues. Projex Academy's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Masters Series will teach you how to streamline processes, improve business performance and supercharge your career

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Lean Six Sigma Thinking

Lean Six Sigma DMAIC

Lean six sigma provides a rigorous and structured approach to help manage and improve quality and performance, and to solve potentially complex problems.

Lean thinking focusses on enhancing value for the customer by improving and smoothing the process flow and eliminating waste.

Six Sigma is a systematic and robust approach to improvement which focuses on the customer and other key stakeholders. 

It helps you use the right tools, in the right place and in the right way, not just improvement but also in your day to day management activities. 

Lean six sigma really is about getting key principles and concepts into the DNA and lifeblood of your organization so that it becomes a natural part of how you do things.

Learn The Jargon - Then Apply It!

Lean Six Sigma Foundations takes you step-by-step through the jargon, breaking it down into easy bite-sized steps. You will learn how to demystify:

Lean Principles
The Six Sigma Process
Just In Time (JIT)
Heijunka Leveling

Heijunka Sequencing
Heijunka Standardizing
Single piece flow
Pull Production

Takt Time
Standard Deviation
Project Selection
The Breakthrough Equation

The Hidden Factory
Cycle Time
Lead Time
Specifications and Defects

Managing Change with Lean Six Sigma

Lean six sigma helps managers and team leaders better understand their role and improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness

If you want to change outcomes, you need to realise that the outcomes of the result of systems. Not the Computer Systems, but the way people work together and interact. And the systems of a product of tell people think and behave.

So if you want to change outcomes, you have to change your systems, and to do that, you have to change your thinking.

The significant problems we funds cannot be solved by the same level of thinking which caused them.

Harnessing DMAIC

Lean Six Sigma thinking is not about asset stripping and 'Making do '

Instead, this approach focuses on doing the right things right, so that you really do add value for your customer and make your organization affective and efficient.

The main focus of lean six sigma relates to DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control)

This is the Lean Six Sigma Method for improving existing processes that forms part of organization systems, and provides an ideal way to help you in your quest for continuous improvement.

Lean Six Sigma Masters Series Foundations

What You’ll Get When You Become a Member

  • You get instant course access to Lean Six Sigma Masters Media consisting of 18 Modules - these are at the heart of your learning experience
  • You can watch these at any time and place, and feel free to pause and rewind as often as you wish. We all learn at a different pace, and if you are like me, you will want to review all or part of each video more than once, taking notes as you go
  • You get 2 accompanying Handbooks - these are in a PDF format to read it online or print out as you wish. Each Handbook contains full colour pictures of each presentation slide.
  • You will gain an intuitive and deep understanding of the Lean Six Sigma Syllabus and act as an aid to revisit topic areas
  • The Lean Six Sigma Foundations highlights the synergy created by merging the two disciplines so you gain an overview of the key principles underpinning the approach
  • Learn how to add value for your customer and make your organisation effective and efficient

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LSS Foundation Masters Series Overview

HD Video Modules- these are at the heart of the learning experience and each comes complete with detailed video lesson and accompanying detailed Handbooks.
Read on to discover the terrific value our Lean Six Sigma Foundations gives you . . . 


Module 1: What is Six Sigma - Part One

Here, you will learn what is six sigma as well as why it is important. Six Sigma is a highly disciplined management approach to attain near perfection. We look at a practical example of its application, and why your organization should move away from fixing people when things don’t work – rather, to fix the processes


Module 2: What is Six Sigma - Part Two

In Module 2, you will learn to change to fact-based decision-making, and the importance of reducing defects. I introduce you to the distribution curve, and define what standard deviation and sigma are. I demonstrate an example of a six-sigma process.


Module 3: Checking the Six Sigma Breakthrough Equation

In Module 3 you will learn the three key six sigma uses, and the all-important Breakthrough Equation.


Module 4: Discovering the Acuracy of Six Sigma

Here, you will learn how six sigma is used by an organisation and its use as a measure of accuracy. I give you examples of both three and six sigma to define accuracy. I introduce you to sigma and DPMO performance measures.


Module 5: Focus on Six Sigma Principles and Improvements

In this lesson you will learn how sigma boosts organizational financial health, and why lean six sigma is used in non-manufacturing processes. You will also learn the five key principles of six sigma.


Module 6: Setting Out the Lean SIx Sigma Benefits

Here I showcase typical six sigma business improvements and clarify its use as a tool. We discuss The Hidden Factory and how lean six sigma reduces waste.


Module 7: Positioning Lean Principles

In this lesson you will learn the origins, goals, and five key principles of Lean.


Module 8: Coordinating Lean Fundamentals

Here, we continue with Lean Fundamentals, and look at the nine types of waste. These principles are designed to ensure that the improvements are customer-centric, solve critical waste issues and can be sustained.


Module 9: Figuring Out Combining Lean With Six Sigma

This Module brings together the benefits of combining both Lean and Six Sigma, and introduce DMADV and DMEDI approaches for the development of new processes, products, or services.


Module 10: Mobilizing Lean Six Sigma Principles

In this Module I show you how the combination of Lean and Six Sigma will provide additional benefits, and the use of the critical to quality attribute.


Module 11: Determining Customer Specifications and Defects - Part ONE

Here, we deep-dive into customer specifications and defects. I introduce the concept of customer specification limits,defect opportunity atributes, and defects per opportunity. I demonstrate these using a simple example and how to calculate them.


Module 12: Determining Customer Specifications and Defects - Part TWO

Continuing from the previous Module, I differentiate defectives per million, defects per million, parts per million and first pass yield. We finish by looking at specifications and defect examples. I demonstrate these using a simple example and how to calculate them.


Module 13: Researching Yield and Product Acceptance

In this lesson you learn the definition of first time yield and rolled throughput yield. I demonstrate these using a simple example and how to calculate them.


Module 14: Making Sense of Cycle Time and Takt Time

Here, you will learn what manufacturing lead time is and how to calculate it. I define Takt Time and how to calculate it. I highlight how inconsistency will punish your business, and the benefits that six sigma will bring to your business.


Module 15: Focus on Variation and Six Sigma Calculation

This module highlights the importance of controlling variation and the identification of defects in a process. I deep dive into a practical example and how you can calculate six sigma and standard deviation.


Module 16: Approaches to Using Lean Six Sigma

In module 16 I demonstrate the application of lean six sigma in various industries and applications. We examine four examples where you may or may not need learn six sigma and alternative approaches.


Module 17: Making Sense of a Quality Culture

In this lesson you will learn the importance of embedding a quality culture within your organization. I introduce the concept of the four pillars of a quality culture, and the use of DMAIC to improves existing processes.


Module 18: Harnessing DMAIC and Project Selection

Here, we deep dive into the five steps of lean six sigma DMAIC. Finally, I demonstrate the data sources for LSS projects, and showcase two important tools to help prioritize project selection.

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