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Discover what makes Earned Schedule different and how it accurately tracks your
project's real schedule performance
so you deliver speedy on-time completion

Project Managers now have a schedule analysis tool
connected directly to Earned Schedule data providing you with
true time-based indicators!

Dear Professional Colleague,

Can't find a single online training course showing you how to understand, perform analysis, calculate and go through real-world examples for Earned Schedule Management?

...that's because there aren't any!

The Project Management Institute (PMI) have now recognized Earned Schedule as "Emerging Best Practice" and it forms part of their official 2018 Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) AND is now included within the official syllabus for those preparing for the prestigious Project Management Professional qualification (PMP)

Want a Step-By-Step Learning System That Works?

Few project managers know that Earned Value Management produces serious prediction errors once your project is over half-way complete - hiding the true schedule progress from you and your customers ...

Whereas Earned Schedule Management forecasts and predictions, easily out-perform regular earned value metrics - representing a significant advance in project management best practice

The benefits are huge – if you've ever tried to combine regular Earned Value​ analysis, ratios and variances with Critical Path Analysis (CPA)​, you’ll know what an error-prone nightmare that can be​,  but Earned Schedule and CPA  ​were born for each other - once I've shown you how they blend - otherwise your project will stumble and fall.

You will learn the Earned Schedule analysis, the formula, how to calculate, how to use for project control with numerous examples... Oh yes, and if you are using the Critical Chain Method for planning and control (and you should be), blending Earned Schedule is also a piece of cake!

Our Earned Schedule Primer is power-packed with analysis and examples.

Earned Schedule can be applied to any level of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) - it can be applied at project, phase, stage, work package, and even product deliverable levels

Earned Schedule provides true time-based analysis indicators that do not fail for late finish projects and is easily tailorable and blended for any size/complexity of project.

ES does NOT need any extra data - only what you are already collecting from Earned Value (EVM) - project duration, the current date, planned value and earned value - that's it!

It is so easy to learn, you could get started applying Earned Schedule to your project with just SIX easy indicators - I show you how!

Mastering the principles and practices in EVM, Earned Schedule, and network diagrams such as Gantt Charts then learning their blending craft, is the secret to combining these project-success monitoring and control tools.

True Story:

Most projects conform to the traditional "S" curve in terms of cumulative spend over time. The middle section is where the greatest spend rate (and risk) occurs - no surprise as its where your project deliverables are being created.

Check out two-thirds through - usually where the project is testing, validating, integrating or installing the project deliverables.

Earned Schedule S Curve

​This is exactly where regular Earned Value fails and produces false completion predictions.

Due entirely to the fact that EVM uses 'interpreted' schedule data derived from cost. This same false data is helplessly driven to show a schedule variance of zero at project end - whether or not the project is behind schedule!

By the time the Project Manager realizes this, the project is inextricably late, and the opportunity to take corrective action is long gone.

Whereas Earned Schedule indicators do not fail and give precise status and prediction metrics throughout the entire project duration.

Forget customer satisfaction for a second. Think for a moment what delivering your projects on time could do for your career and salary potential. You are just 5 hours and 5 cups of Starbucks coffee away from owning and completing from our Earned Schedule Primer ... read on ...

Announcing the World’s First Streaming Earned Schedule Management training course

Learn how to implement Earned Schedule within your project

earned schedule
Own My PRINCE2 Primer Now!

You will become the hero of your organization by delivering exactly what the customer wants, delivering products faster, on time and cost - boosting return on investment and benefits, and increasing project control...

...while delighting your customer.

Here is what you will learn:

  • check
    Using Earned Schedule and Critical Chain
  • check
    The Achilles Heel of Earned Value
  • check
    Learn Earned Value in logical steps
  • check
    Earned Value trend and the Indices errors
  • check
    Harnessing Earned Schedule in your project
  • check
    Earned Schedule Status and Prediction formulas
  • check
    Earned Schedule Schedule Forecasting
  • check
    Sidestepping EVM Smoothing errors
  • check
    Integrating Earned Schedule and Critical Path Management
  • check
    Implementing Earned Schedule

 Sun Microsystems 

Management Training Director


“Dave was fantastic in teaching his subject; he came across well and helped me understand” ———- “Very engaging and supportive – his knowledge was amazing! ———- “Would rate Dave as one of the best instructors I’ve had the pleasure to learn from” 

If the timing is right for you, let me wipe away all the confusion, uncertainty and self-doubt with what I have called ...our battle-tested, proven Earned Schedule Primer online video training course

Like I said, you can’t get this information anywhere else on the planet...

Our EARNED SCHEDULE Primer consists of 8 high quality and step-by-step video training modules with accompanying full-colour Handbook, formulas and tools so you won’t miss a thing.

Earned Schedule Management

Training At Your Own Time and Pace

Being a busy professional, you can train and prepare at a time and place that suits you, giving you total flexibility to fit around your busy home and work schedule.

Projex Academy’s engaging dynamic videos fast-track your skills building your confidence and expertise!

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