Critical Chain vs Critical Path

​The Critical Chain Management Method is only a few years old, but this topic started spreading around the project management world long before Eliyahu Goldratt published his novel about it. The novel was an interesting read, but focused how the technique EVOLVED rather than HOW to apply it.

​Critical Chain vs Critical Path

​It's well known that Eliyahu's method involves the use of buffers and takes into consideration available resources and the bottlenecks that arise from those, but little is known about how you should take a project and BLEND this method into it.

​Critical Chain vs Critical Path is the first question that pops into mind, and that in turn raises an even bigger question - should you use BOTH?

The answer is YES.

critical chain method

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​How can I learn Critical Reasoning?

​Don't worry, I explain all of those techniques and many more in my ​Critical Chain Method ​class.

In fact, I show you how in easy steps to carry out ALL of the following:

  • ​Critical Chain Origins
  • ​Critical Path verses Critical Chain
  • ​Critical Path Problems
  • ​Critical Chain Advantages
  • ​The Critical Chain Method
  • ​Critical Chain Estimating
  • ​As Late As Possible Scheduling
  • ​Critical Chain Buffers
  • ​PERT Estimates
  • ​Project Level PERT
  • ​Buffer Size Cut and Paste 
  • ​Buffer Size Adaptive with density
  • ​Buffer Size Root Squared
  • ​RSEM with PERT
  • ​Buffer Size resource tightness
  • ​Approaches to resource conflicts
  • ​PRINCE2 Buffer Use
  • ​Critical Chain and Agile
  • ​Critical Chain Monitoring and Control
  • ​Critical Chain with Microsoft Project