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By Dave Litten
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EARNED SCHEDULE – learn faster and easier

Discover what makes Earned Schedule different and how it accurately tracks your project's real schedule performance so you deliver speedy on-time completion

Project Managers now have a schedule analysis tool connected directly to Earned Schedule data providing you with true time-based indicators!

If you can't find a single online training course showing you how to understand, perform analysis, calculate and go through real-world examples for Earned Schedule Management...that's because there aren't any!

The Project Management Institute (PMI) have now recognized Earned Schedule as "Emerging Best Practice" and it forms part of their official Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) AND is now included within the official syllabus for those preparing for the prestigious Project Management Professional qualification (PMP)

Earned Schedule Management forecasts and predictions, easily out-perform regular earned value metrics - representing a significant advance in project management best practice

Earned Schedule Master Product

earned schedule master product

The benefits are huge – if you are using the Critical Chain Method for planning and control (and you should be), blending Earned Schedule is also a piece of cake!

Our Earned Schedule Masterclass is power-packed with analysis and examples.

The Earned Schedule S Curve is exactly where regular Earned Value fails and produces false completion predictions because EVM uses 'interpreted' schedule data derived from cost.

This same false data is helplessly driven to show a schedule variance of zero at project end - whether or not the project is behind schedule!

By the time the Project Manager realizes this, the project is inextricably late, and the opportunity to take corrective action is long gone.

Whereas Earned Schedule indicators do not fail and give precise status and prediction metrics throughout the entire project duration.

Announcing the World’s First Streaming Earned Schedule Management training course

Since 1998, Projex Academy has helped over 20,000 people become proficient successful project managers and gain professional project management qualifications.

We believe in challenging the current way of delivering Project Management Online Training, so our self-study video training products are beautifully designed, simple to absorb in easy steps and used anytime and anywhere.

Course overview

  • Using Earned Schedule and Critical Chain
  • The Achilles Heel of Earned Value
  • Earned Value trend and the Indices errors
  • Earned Schedule Forecasting
  • Harnessing Earned Schedule in your project
  • Earned Schedule Status and Prediction formulas
  • Earned Schedule Forecasting
  • Sidestepping EVM Smoothing errors
  • Integrating Earned Schedule and Critical Path Management
  • What's included in EARNED SCHEDULE Masterclass

    Annual online membership access to our EARNED SCHEDULE learning. Full tutor support, plus many additional resources to help put EARNED SCHEDULE into practice. Beautiful streaming Videos and extensive downloadable support documentation.

    Target Audience

    This course would benefit:

  • Project Managers and aspiring Project Managers
  • Other key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of projects
  • Project Board members (e.g. Senior Responsible Owners)
  • Team Managers (e.g. Product Delivery Managers)
  • Project Support (e.g. Project and Programme Office personnel)
  • Operational line managers/staff
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