Learn To Blend PMBOK Scrum - Stand Out From The Crowd - Be Ready For PMP 2020

Blend PMBOK with Scrum - even with no agile project management experience!

Most savvy Project Managers don't have a clue how to blend PMBOK with Scrum - and no one else online seems to know either (apart from us!) 

It's counter-intuitive to bridge the mental chasm between the heavy waterfall bias of The PMBOK Guide and a more speedy agile/scrum delivery framework - isn't it?

You fumble around reading up on bits of agile, but they just don't make any sense force-fitting them into the gaps of those 49 processes of PMBOK.

You worry you have yet to deliver a single Agile/Scrum-based project -your head spins trying to remember the steps and sequences - let alone being able to deliver on them ...

But It Gets Worse

Have you got sweaty palms after hearing that The Project Management Institute has  announced the acquisition of Disciplined Agile (DA)?

PMBOK Scrum Blender

What does PMI know that you don't?

The new PMP Exam Syllabus for PMP 2020 has already been published - and a massive 50% (that's 100) of the exam questions will be agile-based

Can you tell me the five new skill areas a project manager must adopt to manage an agile project - and what exactly is agile technical arrears?

Do you feel inadequate because you are not sure how to blend the project manager role with the two key scrum roles?

Perhaps you're not sure how to groom a Backlog?

Frustrating isn't it? How does it make you feel because you would stumble and struggle to get any more than a lousy 20% correct on scrum-related questions?

Agitated because you can't get clear, specific, step-by-step guidance on how to grasp and master agile and scrum project management frameworks?

If you could just be given a chance, learn from an expert you’d quickly see blending PMBOK with Scrum is not so hard and gaining the knowledge you need is very doable - plus it will provide you with a positive boost to your career.

Feeling foolish because other project managers seem to know more about delivering agile projects than you?

Why not you? What’s the big conspiracy?

Imagine - just a few moments from now, you can start learning PMBOK and Scrum Blending ... and master it in just a handful of hours ...

Here at Projex Academy, we are well ahead of the curve - we have got your back for PMBOK 2020, Agile and Scrum Practice Guides, and the new PMI 2020 Syllabus ...

Buckle up, because today you’re going to learn something that could change your management career forever...

Blending PMBOK 2020 With Scrum

Our Online Blending PMBOK 2020 with Scrum training provides a step-by-step overview of harnessing the power of PMBOK with an adaptive, iterative, and incremental scrum framework. Learn the project management secrets to exploit the power of PMBOK 2020 in just a handful of hours.

Buy PMBOK Scrum Blending and get PMP 2020 Guide FREE with  PMP Masterclass!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You get direct access to the Blending PMBOK and Scrum for PMP 2020. All the videos are online HD streaming and your Handbook is downloadable. You get Annual Access, so you will have continuous access whenever you wish.  You will be able to easily complete the course in under five hours

The PMBOK Scrum Partnership

Be able to decipher project objectives and chose the best project delivery framework

Mix and Match

Have the ability to match your project size and complexity and tailor into the best-fit blend

Reduce Project time and cost

Fine tune the PMBOK 49 processes to the minimum for maximum speed and reduced budget for resources 

Maximum Return On Investment

Learn how to use speedy iterations for early delivery of customer value and investment return

You get Four Video Modules, full-colour downloadable Handbook and BONUS Scrum Guide


Module 1: Scrum Overview

This video is 24 minutes duration, it sets out the main changes for PMBOK. You are introduced to Scrum and its context as an agile discipline. The video covers the following topics:

  • PMI, PMP and Agile/Scrum
  • Putting Scrum Practice Into PMP Context
  • The Disciplined Agile Toolkit
  • PMBOK and SCRUM – Brothers-in-arms


Module 2: Scrum In A Nutshell

This video is 54 minutes duration, it sets out the main changes for PMBOK. You are introduced to the Scrum artifacts, and structure. In particular, the use of extended Scrum as the best fit model for PMBOK. The video covers the following topics:

  • The Essence of Scrum
  • Extended Scrum In A Nutshell
  • Extended SCRUM with PMBOK
  • The PMBOK Wrapper and Scrum Overview


Module 3: Blending Scrum and PMBOK

This video is 46 minutes duration, it sets out the strategy for blending PMBOK with Scrum. You learn how to apply the main PMBOK Processes and how they fit within Scrum. The video covers the following topics:

  • PMBOK and SCRUM processes
  • Blending SCRUM with PMBOK 
  • Blending PMBOK and Scrum Roles


Module 4: Tailoring PMBOK

This video is 42 minutes duration, it describes in detail how to harness the power of PMBOK to Scrum and how to adapt the Project Management Plan. The video covers the following topics:

  • PMBOK and Sprint Zero
  • Estimating Scrum Project Duration
  • Estimating Scrum Project Budget
  • PMBOK – the broad changes
  • PMBOK Processes As Scrum Tools
  • The Way Ahead
  • An Agile Approach To Using Agile
  • The Way Ahead For YOUR Career!


BONUS ONE: Learn Scrum 2020 In 17 Minutes Flat!

Need a swift review of Scrum? This easy-to-read Guide describes in detail the sprint structure, the roles, how to manage and control sprints, and the benefits of using the Scrum framework. The Guide covers the following topics:

  • The Scrum roles
  • Implementing Scrum
  • Running Sprints
  • The Sprint Backlog and Planning
  • The Daily Stand-up
  • Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives
  • The Definition of 'Done'
  • Scrum Benefits

Sure, there are some " agile tips" sprinkled through the current PMBOK, but those relate to full-strength waterfall (predictive) projects being given an 'agile flavour'...
Whereas Projex Academy PMBOK Scrum Blender does a "bottom-up" blend - delivering speedy adaptive Scrum projects with a lean-mean blend of PMBOK - a totally different kettle of fish!

Scrum with a PMBOK wrapper


Your Bonus TWO PMBOK 2020 Syllabus Training!

As a One-Time Offer for those who invest in this Blending PMBOK and Scrum for PMP 2020 video training, you will have our PMP 2020 People, Processes and Business Environment Video Training included FREE when you invest in our PMP Masterclass!

Blending PMBOK and Scrum for PMP

The New PMP Exam Syllabus will take effect from June 2020, and includes 50% of Agile questions sprinkled throughout the 200-question Exam. As a consequence, the three new Domains below, contain new study and preparation tasks which I show and explain. 

Bonus 1
The People Domain

This is one of the three new Domains to be included within the 2020 PMP Exam Syllabus. This domain covers 42% of the exam questions. I take you through and explain each of the 14 new tasks and how they apply to the current process syllabus areas

Bonus 2
The Process Domain

This is one of the three new Domains to be included within the 2020 PMP Exam Syllabus. This domain covers 50% of the exam questions. I take you through and explain each of the 17 new tasks and how they apply to the current process syllabus areas

Bonus 3
The Business Environment Domain

This is one of the three new Domains to be included within the 2020 PMP Exam Syllabus. This domain covers 8% of the exam questions. I take you through and explain each of the 4 new tasks and how they apply to the current process syllabus areas

About The Course Teacher,
Dave Litten

Accredited Trainer Since 2008

David Litten’s proprietary Masterclass training places a priority on video-based, step-by-step management life-changing training, and his students are reaping the rewards.

"Dave is a successful senior project manager, Project Management Professional consultant, and licensed educator, which makes him the perfect combination of effective teacher and subject matter expert to shepherd you on your journey to PMP success."

Dave is Europe’s No. 1 Project Management Trainer and brings his extensive 20-plus years training skills to the market place, by helping project managers maximize their skills and earning potential.

Unlike traditional PMP training, the video-based PMP Masterclass is NOT based on memorizing stodgy bullet-driven slide sets - instead, you´ll immerse yourself in our full color graphic-rich learning experience, making it a snap to remember all those mark-earning facts for your PMP Exam

Dave has streamlined the entire study process into easy step-by-step bite-sized chunks with the Projex Academy proven training program, providing you with over 50 hours of video - accessible anywhere - using your computer, smart phone or tablet

Dave is passionate about helping folks just like you attain new knowledge and skills and would love to hear from you!

Here’s what people are saying about Dave ...

Prakash Kumar

Project Manager

Your Masterclass has done the most exciting thing in my life. I have got through the Exam on 5th June test. Thank you very much.

You and your voice are still very inspiring. You wont imagine... even after my exam I came back and as usual opened your Masterclass to hear your voice that begins with........Hi its Dave......

It has become a part of my life and for any question I may get in future, I find the answer from Projex Academy's Masterclass (it's comforting to know I have course access)

Phyllis Coleman

Project Manager

I want to thank you for your great Masterclass Training materials. I passed my exam yesterday on my first try and I owe a lot of that success to your fantastic presentation of the project management processes and knowledge areas. I have been singing your praises to all my colleagues who are pursuing the certification and have encouraged them to buy your training

Elaine Ho

Project Manager

I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your Masterclass! Needless to say, I loved your Masterclass and, after seeing the perfect pricing  I made the decision to purchase your Video Masterclass.

After cramming your video's into 3.5 days of studying (you were my sole study material) I am thrilled to say I passed my exam, and was shocked at how much I actually retained, especially with regards to the math (I am NOT a math person and do not have ANY sense of memorization)! Thank you for helping me not only memorize, but also understand - and learn - the concepts I needed to know.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about Projex Academy Online Training

Adam Williams

Project Manager

Success - I passed first try!"

"Just thought I would let you know I passed my exam on Wednesday, thanks to your help. Your Masterclass videos and study materials were invaluable and got me across the line. Thanks again - I will certainly recommend your Masterclass to anyone wanting to go for this certification.."

Will Roberts

Project Manager

I took and failed the exam last week. After failing, I purchased your Masterclass and wanted to tell you how encouraged I am by your training. Finally, someone that can really teach the system properly. I look forward to Nov. 3rd when I will try the test again.

UPDATE November 3rd - Hi Dave, Just a note to let you know I took the exam yesterday and passed it. I appreciate your hard work in preparing your materials and skills in teaching, it was THE big reason I passed the second time. Have a Great Day!

Walter Heuvel 

Project Manager

Thank you very much for going the extra mile. I can only express my gratitude by saying and meaning that you are truly a Guru and a Master in your work. I have seen many tutorial videos on the exam in the past, and they left me exactly where I started from. Your teaching videos have given me almost immediate understanding for what is going on.

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My Guidance for you

PMBOK and Scrum Blending evolved from the need of project managers to tailor appropriate projects for both predictive and adaptive methodologies. There can be no 'quick fix' nor a common approach. This Guideline training has been designed to give you the right information to make an informed choice. I will be at your side every step of the way.

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