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Why YOU should use PRINCE2 – Part 2

Gaining your PRINCE2 Accreditation

There are three levels of PRINCE2 Accreditation: The foundation level, the practitioner level and the professional level. Candidates must first pass the foundation level before attempting the practitioner level, and in a similar fashion, they must have passed the practitioner level before trying to pass a professional level.

To gain the prestigious PRINCE2 Practitioner level, candidates will need to pass two exams – the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams. Gaining the professional level is different in that candidates are observed whilst working from the project case study over a two and a half day period. And then if they have met the required level are awarded the professional qualification.

Reasons why you should become PRINCE2 Certified

Whichever organization you work for, and which are the industry is specializing in, most work environments these days are subject to rapid change and most of such change will be implemented by project work. It naturally follows then that because PRINCE2 has become a widely recognized and adopted approach for managing projects, this makes it a very valuable career progression accreditation to hold.

You will own the following benefits associated with your PRINCE2 Accreditation:

  • You will have demonstrated proof of project management competency
  • You will have increased significantly your career marketability
  • You will have raised your customer’s confidence
  • You will have Boosted your credibility in the Project management marketplace

Demonstrating your project management competency

Those holding the PRINCE2 Accreditations have unequivocal proof that they can manage a project in a way that substantially increases the likelihood of its success.

Your career marketability will soar

PRINCE2 is globally recognized as a professional best practice approach for project management so that when organization is recruiting project managers, A PRINCE2 Accredited candidate will be looked on far more favorably

Many senior managers need to be able to demonstrate that they can successfully implement change programs within their departments and organization, and PRINCE2 Is a best practice way of implementing change, so holding this accreditation also makes senior directing level employees more marketable.

For that reason, my online training organization also provides advanced PRINCE2 Training in the form of project direction and Governance.

Raise your customer’s confidence

Many businesses deliver project work to their clients and need to be able to demonstrate not just their technical ability in their specialist area, but also an ability to Competently deliver projects.

Potential clients will often expect to see proof that the business follows best practice approaches when managing projects and an excellent way of doing this is to train project managers in PRINCE2 And the Lorraine in-house project delivery approaches to the PRINCE2 model.

So what are you waiting for? Grab YOUR PRINCE2 Primer HERE – and pass your PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exams at first try!