Why should I use PRINCE2 in my Projects? 

 November 11, 2023

By  Dave Litten

Why should I use PRINCE2 in my Projects?

PRINCE2 is one of the most widely used methods for managing projects worldwide.

It is a structured project management method that uses the experience gained from thousands of projects and contributions from countless project sponsors, project managers, project teams, academics, trainers, and consultants.

Designers have crafted PRINCE2 to adapt to any project, no matter its purpose, scale, type, organization, geography, or culture.

This is achieved by:

  • separating the management of the project from the specialist development activities, such as design or construction
  • It integrates any specialist activities into a controlled environment for the project.
  • It concentrates on the necessary actions to manage the project instead of dictating how to carry out the work.
  • requiring that the method is established specifically for the needs and context of the project by the way it is applied and tailored

PRINCE2 7th Edition Changes

PeopleCert has done a superb job (with much hard work) in bringing the new PRINCE2 Edition to the market.

The layout and presentation style in the 7th edition official manual are streets ahead of the 6th Edition.

First up, let me get some of the admin changes explained to you:

The Foundation level training is a three-day course with a 60-minute exam, 60 questions, a closed book, and a pass mark of 60%.

For the Practitioner level training: it is a two-day course with 150 minutes, 70 questions, an open book, and a pass mark of 60%

Good news: The current exams all feature a scenario from the official book

What are the prerequisites for both exams?

Well, there are none for the Foundation exam.

For the 6th Edition:

IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager)

IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management Associate)

Because of the extent of the changes between versions, PRINCE2 5th Edition and all other previous versions will not be accepted as prerequisites for PRINCE2 7 Practitioner.

For the Practitioner Level PRINCE2 7th Edition

PRINCE2 7 Foundation Project Management Qualification

(PMQ) Project Professional Qualification

(PPQ) Project Management Professional (PMP)®

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) IPMA Level A® (Certified Projects Director)

IPMA Level B® (Certified Senior Project Manager)

IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager)

 IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management Associate)

Here are the New Areas to PRINCE2 7th Edition:

  • The integration of People since they are central to successful projects, and now they are integrated into the PRINCE2 method
  • Project performance. Sustainability has been added as a seventh aspect of project performance to reflect modern organizational needs.
  • Project management professionals’ evolving needs have prompted the addition of a digital and data management approach.
  • These fundamental changes aim to enhance the effectiveness and applicability of PRINCE2 as a project management method, providing project managers with the tools and guidance needed to deliver projects in a wide range of contexts successfully.

Here are the Improvements to PRINCE2 7th Edition:

  • It provides improved flexibility by reducing the rules and chapters while maintaining the core elements of PRINCE2 for all projects across all sectors
  • Language and content have been simplified throughout the official book to improve accessibility
  • A digital and data management approach has been included.
  • It is fully tailorable, enabling agility. The method covers tailoring throughout and demonstrates this with scenarios, allowing project managers to adapt quickly and effortlessly to changes or challenges.

How does the new Edition of PRINCE2 compare to previous versions?

The revisions have made the language clearer and the content more beneficial to the reader.

PRINCE2 has also received updates to align with current trends and practices in project management, maintaining its relevance in the fast-paced business world today.

Can a candidate take the PRINCE2 7 Practitioner exam having done the PRINCE2 6th Foundation exam?

Yes, but we would recommend starting with PRINCE2 7 Foundation due to the changes in terminologies and the addition of new material in PRINCE2 7

What impact do the new changes have on the application of PRINCE2 in the real world?

The latest changes in PRINCE2 transform its real-world application by enhancing flexibility, prioritizing people and collaboration, emphasizing project performance and benefits realization, integrating best practices, and considering project context.

These changes ensure PRINCE2 remains relevant and adaptable, equipping project managers with the necessary tools to succeed in dynamic business environments.

What are the benefits of the new Edition for project managers and organizations?

The new Edition of PRINCE2 benefits project managers with enhanced skills, tailored approaches, stakeholder engagement, and performance monitoring. Organizations gain consistent practices, improved success rates, efficient resource utilization, and an enhanced reputation, leading to successful project delivery and organizational growth.

How does the new Edition of PRINCE2 address current trends and challenges in project management, such as agile and digital transformation?

Addressing current trends and challenges in project management, such as agile and digital transformation, PRINCE2 7 equips project managers with the tools, knowledge, and flexibility to manage projects effectively in today’s dynamic environment.

It guides integrating agile practices, tailoring the method, and focusing on realizing benefits. It offers practical case studies to support project managers in successfully delivering agile and digital transformation projects.

How can I prepare for the exam and assessment?

Take advantage of PRINCE2 7 PeopleCert Official mock exam and set yourself up for success. Mock exams are one of the best ways to engage in practice and tackle exam anxiety through sitting in an environment that simulates examination and makes the assessment much easier to handle.

Familiarize yourself with the PRINCE2 7 Official Book and consider enrolling in an accredited PRINCE2 training course to gain comprehensive knowledge and practical application. You can also download a free sample paper from the PeopleCert website to become familiar with the exam format and questions.

How will employers and organizations recognize the new Edition of PRINCE2? Will it enhance my career prospects and professional credibility?

The established reputation and wide adoption of PRINCE2 ensure that the new PRINCE2 7 will likely receive recognition and value from employers and organizations.

Certification in the latest Edition enhances career prospects by showcasing project management competence, providing a competitive advantage, and signalling a commitment to professional development. It positions individuals as qualified and credible project management professionals, opening doors to exciting career opportunities in project management and related fields.

How does this compare to other project management qualifications?

PRINCE2 is a widely recognized and established project management method that offers a structured, scalable, and tailorable approach. Its focus on governance, risk management, and benefits realization sets it apart from other qualifications.

By integrating agile concepts and emphasizing tailoring, the new Edition of PRINCE2 aims to be more adaptable to diverse project environments. Ultimately, the choice of method depends on the project’s specific needs and goals and the organization.

PRINCE2 Masterclass

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