SME Survival Guide for Individuals and Businesses

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Dave Shillito

“Nice Job Dave - good practical advice! ”

Dave Shillito

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What’s Inside the Guide?

Positive ACTION Steps for the Employee

Worried about your job future or currently unemployed? I have got you covered with an instant action plan

Job Skills and HOT Trends

Stay on top of your game, check out the trends and BOOST your knowledge

22 Ideas To BOOST Your SME Business

These hot tips will give you a speedy return to profitability and regular income.

About the Author

Dave Litten 

Are You an SME or an Employee?

Dave is an experienced business and marketing expert with a strong background in project management. Here, he shares with you his techniques and tips for you to not only survive the downturn caused by the pandemic, but to boost your profitability and income.

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SME Survival Guide for Individuals and Businesses