Who ELSE wants to master project procurement with the Project Procurement Primer?

Today’s projects need help from outside vendors and partners to deliver products and services without risk

Harness the project procurement framework to plan, manage, and execute purchases of goods and services for your business

Dear Professional colleague,

Can’t find a single training course showing you how to apply PROJECT PROCUREMENT?
... that's because there aren't any!

It's a fact of life, that the more complex a project is, the more likely it is that you'll need help from outside vendors and partners.

You will want to avoid the usual procurement failures and grasp the core competencies relating to project procurement.

Learn a step-by-step structured approach to first understand procurement needs, then go on to develop the procurement strategy.

Want a Step-By-Step Learning System That Works?

The Project Procurement Management Primer will show you how to perform project procurement management and adopt contract management best practices.
It can also assist you in starting your career and gaining project procurement jobs.

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This tasty step-by-step comprehensive video training, first walks you through the full Project Procurement framework from tip-to-toe in clear articulate detail. But that's not all. 

The video training then takes you through eight masterclass videos on how master the steps of project procurement management.

Leave no stone unturned to execute your Project Procurement Management, and it will be a piece of cake!

You will become the hero of your organization by delivering exactly what the customer wants, delivering products faster, boosting return on investment and benefits, increasing project control...

...while delighting your customer and suppliers.

Here is what you will learn:

  • check
    The Project Procurement Environment
  • check
    Procurement Payment Structures and Suppliers
  • check
    Sure-fire Procurement Negotiation Techniques
  • check
    Procurement Management and Tools
  • check
    Point Of Assumption use on contracts
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    Procurement Documents and Incentive Contracts
  • Seller selection and control
  • Closing procurements in a controlled shut-down

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Master project procurement by learning the following vital procurement elements:

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