Must-Have Finance skills For Your Resume

Whatever your current position or skill-set –  project manager, an operational manager, or a specialist – one of your largest levers for career success are finance skills – and they are easy to acquire – no need for the sweat and toil of an MBA!

So what are the basic 12 key skills – all easily learned, that you need on your resume?

I’ll show you in a moment, but first …

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Anyone with their eyes on middle management will need to communicate Financial Performance to their team, and expected to be an active contributor at management and departmental meetings. Senior management will want to see that you know how to respond, be able to plan and implement the budget including presenting a business case investment analysis.

Our Finance for Non-Financial Professionals 100% Online Training is aimed at those for whom finance know-how is not a key part of their responsibility – yet are expected to be finance-fluent.

Finance skills For Your Resume

This is for you if you will want to make sense of financial briefings, and interpret company performance and financial drivers better.

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Our online and streaming training will demystify the basics of finance in a set of 28 short videos and comprehensive handbooks.

In our step by step video training you will master the way finance is measured, be able to scan the financial documents and statements, while recognizing and influencing the business conditions which drive financial decisions.

This is by far, the easiest and quickest way to become fluent in finance and impress the heck out of senior managers – not to mention enhancing your credibility and promotion prospects.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the key frameworks and tools that will enhance your understanding of finance
  • Understand the role of finance within organizations and its importance within business generally
  • Appreciate the development of finance and how its history contributes to some of the jargon that is used
  • Learn how the detailed recording of financial transactions forms the basis of the key Financial Accounting statements
  • Understand the elements of the profit and loss account and balance sheet
  • Find out about the tools that are used by the external market to judge or an organization’s financial performance
  • Appreciate the key distinction between profit and cash
  • Understand how organizations identify the drivers of their financial performance
  • Learn about the key techniques within management accounting, specifically costing and budgeting, and how they are used to forecast performance and support decision-making
  • Find out how to put together a robust business case for a new initiative

What will the course cover?

Finance skills For Your Resume
  • What is finance – a background understanding to what the finance function contributes to the business
  • Calculating Profit – how profit is measured, and understanding statements which record organizational performance
  • Cash flow – how cash flow is managed and predicted, and how it relates to profit
  • Forecasting – how sales, spending and other factors are forecast, with a range of techniques for different situations
  • Costs and break-even point – plus different costing models, and tools to calculate break-even point for projects and products
  • Budgets – different approaches to budgeting, and how the budget is used and managed
  • Investment Analysis – techniques for appraising and comparing options, and creating a business  case for investment

Upon Course Completion you get an Official Certificate of Achievement to ADD to YOUR Resume!

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