Blend PRINCE2 2017 With Scrum on Your Projects

Blend PRINCE2 2017 With Scrum on Your Projects

If you’re a project manager this might be of interest to you.

Tell me, are you going to risk PRINCE2 2017 project success by using outdated waterfall approaches despite knowing there are frameworks that lower project costs and speed completion?

So even though PRINCE2 2017 can be tailored to suit a particular project style, making the transition to agile methods is not always easy is it?

And indeed, few organizations can deal with the drastic changes needed to make agile work with PRINCE2 2017, which is why it needs a 400-page official manual just to explain it to you, let alone apply it.

Now, because agile works at so many levels, methodologies like PRINCE2 2017 need complex tailoring but PRINCE2 2017 provides management with much needed confidence and control.

So is there a simpler way to combine PRINCE2 2017 with agile?

But that’s not the end of your problem, it actually gets worse… you see organizations and customers want business results and they rely on you for tangible tested products.

In fact they’ll see your management as the problem not your chosen delivery method, and worst of all it’s your image, your career, your reputation on the line.

You see, customers and senior management just want results, after all they are paying for it!

But luckily for you, there’s now a solution using PRINCE2 2017 as a scrum wrapper and the benefits are huge.

Because if you’ve ever tried to combine PRINCE2 2017 and agile you’ll know what a nightmare that can be.

You see, hiding in plain sight,  the secret to combining these two project success frameworks is to harness PRINCE2 2017 and  scrum …

The PRINCE2 SCRUM Masterclass

So introducing my PRINCE2 SCRUM Masterclass and this is the only place that you can obtain PRINCE2 SCRUM training so let me tell you what you get…

First of all, you get high-definition video lessons along with four full-color accompanying handbooks.

You get editable PRINCE2 SCRUM Templates as well as my Microsoft Project Sprint Tracker software for you to use.

In addition, you get my Scrum Spreadsheet Tracking Tools, and because my PRINCE2 SCRUM Masterclass covers the entire syllabus, I also give you an interactive 130-question sample Certified Scrum Master Exam

And in case you’re wondering whether scrum blends well with the world’s favorite professional project management qualification, I have even included a video on blending the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) with scrum itself.

So Who am I?

Well, I’m Dave Litten, and I’m the Founder of the Projex Academy

Accredited PRINCE2 2017 Scrum Trainer

I’ve got years of 25 experience as a senior project manager within the IT industry over 20 years experience as an Accredited PRINCE2 2017 Trainer and I’ve also set and marked their PRINCE2 exams.

I’m recognized as Europe’s number-one online training instructor and I’m the creator of the Project Management Primer brand of online training courses.

Folks just like you have given me testimonials of my step-by-step video tuition, and here’s just one small example from my hundreds of testimonials.

As you can see, my knowledge and experience shines through …

I’m proud to say you get high-definition video modules covering the scrum framework and blending with PRINCE2 and scrum itself, and you can see that my primer comes in two sections:

The first covers the scrum framework and takes you up to Certified Scrum Master level and the second part shows you how to blend PRINCE2 2017 and Scrum so I give you fair warning I will be raising my PRINCE2 SCRUM Masterclass price to the same as my other online training primers, so if you don’t jump on this opportunity right now, you will be missing out …

…just hop on over HERE!