TASKPACK – Projectize your work assignments

TASKPACK – Projectize your work assignments


Don’t gamble your future using ineffective ‘to-do’ lists – Use Task Scheduler For Your Personal Task Assignments!

If one small task is fumbled, the whole organization may tumble.Competitive edges are lost and you and your organization dies the death of a thousand cuts.

While projects are very visible, the countless daily work assignments at all levels throughout an organization stamps the hallmark of both the organization and YOUR future success or failure.


Harness the Power of task management scheduling to control YOUR Work Assignments:

“The ONLY Online Advanced Task Manager Of Its Kind For Scheduling Work Assignments“
(Hint: It’s NOT time management)

Organizations have many projects from small to large at any one time, but the impact of these is dwarfed by the hundreds and thousands of tasks, activities and work assignments that must be carried out every day!

These assignments are the real jet-fuel that powers YOU and your organization’s benefits and profits…Have your personal task scheduling management activities been as effective as they could have been? How would you like to kiss goodbye to all that negative stuff and become your organizations’ Assignment Hero?

You see, these days, all these hundreds of small work assignments need to be done faster, cheaper and successful while keeping stakeholders happy (including your boss).

So how do you inject and infect excellence in all of the ‘business as usual’ and operational tasks and assignments that you are given responsibility for?


The World’s First Transferable Work Assignment Projectizer

This is an innovative advanced task manager framework model that works in any industry or organization.

Build it into your DNA.

It applies a highly effective and condensed form of project management controls (just 5 steps) to any personal work assignment to ensure successful delivery, designed specifically for any corporate employee (from your board of directors downwards), who gets given, or needs to carry out, individual assignments….

TASKPACK® is the answer you are looking for; it takes the best practice of project management and gives you a success framework for delivering your work, task, activity, or assignment responsibilities

You get my:

    • Step-By-Step ‘how-to’ video
    • 31 page Easy-Start Guide
    • 28 full colour slides
    • TaskPack Templates to print out and use with each of your successful assignments:
    • Even in a recession, the best folks will always find employment, and the ability of anyone to deliver successful task and schedule-driven assignments, (needed in a recession even more than normal…) will shine through..With my TASKPACK at your side, you’ll be at the front of the queue.
      How Will It Make You Feel when you are able to guarantee successful task delivery every time?

      Invest in your copy of my TASKPACK GAMECHANGERNow!

      When you use my TASKPACK you will be able to:

    • Problem solve – on the fly!
    • Predict and deliver to an end date
    • Grasp the precise scope of any undertaking
    • Determine the success killers up-front and side-step them!
    • Create a simple realistic plan for the assignment deliverables
    • Understand the reasons and benefits of an assignment
    • Intuitively apply and control progress with laser precision
    • Determine an unambiguous definition of success
    • Know for sure, that your task deliverable will be accepted
    • Be 100% confident of the ultimate success of your assignments

The rumours are true: Your professional life gets very exciting when you earn a reputation for delivering assignments, your promises, and rock-solid business benefits for only £9

Wishing you the very best toward your new reputation for ‘getting things done’ in your organization – and we’ll meet again in my TASKPACK videos…

“Successful people only make YES or NO decisions, because ‘maybe’s’ only lead to frustration”

Stay focused,

Deliver Successful Assignments – Now Get Instant Access

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