PRINCE2 Scrum Masterclass

PRINCE2 Scrum Masterclass


Looking for a single training course showing you how to apply SCRUM and PRINCE2?

Want a Step-By-Step Learning System That Works?

Few organizations can deal with the drastic changes needed to make agile work with PRINCE2!
But the benefits are huge – if you’ve ever tried to combine PRINCE2 and agile , you’ll know what a complex nightmare that can be… but PRINCE2 and Scrum were born for each other
This course will show you the whole picture – guaranteeing your projects will not stumble and fall.Blending SCRUM and PRINCE2 will give you what you want and need – and you’ll know all you need just days from now…


Announcing the World’s First Video-based PRINCE2 Scrum training course

You earn 15 PDU’s for PMBOK, and gain the knowledge needed to pass the Certified Scrum Master Qualification​

This tasty step-by-step comprehensive video training, first walks you through the full Scrum framework from to-to-toe in clear articulate detail.

But that’s not all.

The PRINCE2 Scrum video training then takes you through thirteen masterclass videos on how to blend Scrum into the PRINCE2 wrapper – covering all 7 Principles, 7 Processes and 7 Themes.

Leave no stone unturned to execute your PRINCE2 Scrum project, and it will be a piece of cake!Become the hero of your organization by delivering exactly what the customer wants, delivering products faster, boosting return on investment and benefits, increasing project control……while delighting your customer.

First, You Get These FREE Bonuses:

check tick small - APM PMQ PRIMER - Project Management Qualification  PRINCE2 Scrum Masterclass educates you up to Certified Scrum Master level – so we provide you with a 130-question/answer sample Certified Scrum Master Exam Paper to hone your new skills and pass at first try

check tick small - APM PMQ PRIMER - Project Management Qualification You get ALL the PRINCE2 Management Product Templates in easy-to-edit MS WORD format

check tick small - APM PMQ PRIMER - Project Management Qualification You get my acclaimed Microsoft Project Sprint Tracker Software to use and edit

check tick small - APM PMQ PRIMER - Project Management Qualification Learn how to Blend SCRUM with Project Management Institute PMBOK for ALL the processes

check tick small - APM PMQ PRIMER - Project Management Qualification  Use our PRINCE2 preloaded project, stage and work package Microsoft Project editable templates

check tick small - APM PMQ PRIMER - Project Management Qualification  You get our full collection of Microsoft Excel SCRUM Tracker templates – including Burn Down Charts

Now be honest, it’s you and me here, okay?

Is it more than a year you’ve been putting off, pondering or trying to get your head around how to actually use Scrum and PRINCE2?

……yet you STILL have yet to grasp the moment, impress the heck out of your boss, and manage a flagship PRINCE2 Scrum project that will become the benchmark for those that follow

…And if nothing changes, you will likely fester on the idea for another 12 months, right?

If so, then the timing is right for you to follow in my footsteps as I show you step-by-step what to do (just by sitting back, watching and learning and making notes)

Let me wipe away all the confusion, uncertainty and self-doubt with what I have called …The battle-tested, proven PRINCE2 Scrum Primer online video training course

Like I said, you can’t get this information anywhere else on the planet…Still looking for a catch?

Okay here it is …I am restricting student numbers for this online streaming training due to class size limitations (not to mention Amazon bandwidth limits)

I ‘hatch a new batch’ of online students from all over the planet every 90 days or so.

More than that and I end up doing too much indoor ‘customer service & support’ type stuff…… I’ve only got so much time to spare, plus I’m knee-deep in developing new training products!

So I can only accept a limited class of students at one time so that I get my new PRINCE2 Scrum hatchlings up and running …

PRINCE2 Scrum Primer consists of 28 high quality and step-by-step video training modules with accompanying full-colour Handbooks and tools so you won’t miss a thing.

What’s more, you’ll know as much about Scrum as a Certified Scrum Master – without all the hassle of attending more training.

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn:

  •  The hidden steps that Scrum left out – and why they are the secret to blending with PRINCE2
  •  How to use the Scrum Life cycle for a perfect fit when mapping onto PRINCE2 – most people get this tragically wrong…
  •  Why you must use a Project Manager besides the Product Owner
  •  How to deal with Scrum suppliers and tie them into sprints – even if they’ve never heard of scrum
  •  How to merge Stages and Sprints into blood-brothers
  •  Learn how PRINCE2 makes crafting Scrum requirements a breeze
  •  Learn how to use the Project Board so they don’t delay the flow from one sprint to the next
  •  The twist needed to hone Scrum estimating at PRINCE2 plan levels
  •  Learn the ‘achilles heel’ of the Scrum Team and why it is vital to blend PRINCE2 for project success
  •  How to ‘shore-up’ Scrum’s operational and maintenance shortcomings
  •  How to use PRINCE2 moxie to fast-track Scrum startup – you won’t find this in the manual!
  •  Steal the technique to  harness Product Descriptions that any Product Owner will love…
  •  Launch sprints without estimating – instead learn how to go with the flow
  •  What never to do when closing a Scrum project

Training At Your Own Time and Pace

Being a busy professional, you can train and prepare at a time and place that suits you, giving you total flexibility to fit around your busy home and work schedule.

Projex Academy’s engaging dynamic videos fast-track your skills building your confidence and expertise!

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