PRINCE2 Foundation Primer

PRINCE2 Foundation Primer


Prepare for your PRINCE2  Foundation Exam with our famous online training Primer. Learning solutions you can devour at your pace and in your own time. Easy to follow Foundation exam preparation and training for PRINCE2 Project manager

Projex Academy’s Axelos Licensed PRINCE2 Foundation Exam self-study video training contains all the training and materials you need to attain your Foundation Qualification in PRINCE2 2009 – without attending a classroom!

Get a firm understanding of the core skills needed to be a successful project manager with PRINCE2 Foundation. Our fully-accredited e-learning allows you to learn at a pace that suits you, at home or on the go.

By the numbers

  • Handbooks: 9
  • Supporting Documents:3
  • PRINCE2 2009 Sample Foundation Exam
  • Videos: 2.6 hours
  • Skill level: No prerequisites
  • Languages: English


  • Lifetime access
  • Fully streaming HD Video
  • Available on all mobile devices
  • Downloadable documentation


Accredited Axelos provider of PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Online Training – accept no substitute!

Since 1998, Projex Academy has helped over 20,000 people become proficient successful project managers and gain professional project management qualifications.

We believe in challenging the current way of delivering PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Online Training, so our self-study video training products are beautifully designed, simple to absorb in easy steps and used anytime and anywhere. Want to Own One?

In this course you will get a thorough training in the full PRINCE2 2009 Foundation Exam Official Syllabus.

The easy to read Handbooks include detailed graphics where needed, and includes handy summaries of the PRINCE2 Method for key areas.

This training will provide you with the knowledge to:

 Understand key concepts relating to projects and PRINCE2

 Understand how the PRINCE2 Principles underpin the PRINCE2 method

 Understand the PRINCE2 Themes and how they are applied throughout the project

 Understand the PRINCE2 Processes and how they are carried out throughout the project


Inside the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam course

 How the PRINCE2 Processes work with each other

 How the 7 PRINCE2 Principles underpin the Processes and Themes

 The details of each of the PRINCE2 7 Processes

 The details of each of the PRINCE2 7 Themes

 PRINCE2 Foundation Exam sample papers plus answers

 Nine accompanying Handbook plus exercises to assist you with your study

 PRINCE2 Road Map Walk-through plus accompanying exercises

 Learn PRINCE2 In 60 Minutes Overview

 6 PRINCE2 Demystified Videos

 1 hour PRINCE2 Road Map and Management Products video

This course is for you if you are a novice or experienced project manager planning to prepare and pass the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam or become familiar with the PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology. It’s our #1 recommended PRINCE2 Foundation learning aid and this course will help you understand why PRINCE2 will enable you to become an even more proficient project manager!


What are the requirements?

You will need an Internet connection to view the online videos, and download/print out the documents


What am I going to get from this course?

 A comprehensive understanding of the PRINCE2 Method

 Full preparation and knowledge to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

 Understand how PRINCE2 will enable you to deliver successful projects


Who is the target audience?

 Project Managers and aspiring Project Managers

 Other key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of projects

 Project Board members (e.g. Senior Responsible Owners)

 Team Managers (e.g. Product Delivery Managers)

 Project Assurance (e.g. Business Change Analysts)

 Project Support (e.g. Project and Programme Office personnel)

 Operational line managers/staff

 Third parties who need to understand or interface with customer PRINCE2 projects

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