PMP Primer – PMBOK Certification Training


PMP Primer – PMBOK Certification Training

£127.00 £97.00

PMP Primer will get you PMP Certified. GUARANTEED.

PMP Primer is Online Training filled with videos, audio, full colour handbooks with detailed diagrams of every presentation slide, e-books, quizzes, wall mounted infographic and sample exams.

PMP Primer is designed to be easy to understand, step-by-step information-rich videos will get you unstuck and grow your PMP knowledge faster.

Imagine getting a far higher pass grades than you thought possible. Devouring the PMP Syllabus without ever missing a beat. It couldn't be simpler. No confusion. No failures. No need to surf the internet, buy books or struggle in classrooms elsewhere, you can free-fall to easily become an Accredited PMP with the PMP Primer

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PMP Certification Training

Have you been bombarded by a sea of brain-blurring information when you buy books, and then panic as your PMP Certification exam looms ever closer?

Don´t you feel like tearing your hair out finding a peaceful and quiet time and place to study – with step-by-step videos?

You won’t need to buy or read that pesky PMBOK Guide either – our PMP Primer has already done the heavy lifting – just go through my easy step-by-step videos – and we Guarantee you will pass and become a PMP at your first try

PMP Errors that sway you from making good

What´s frustrating is that you don´t know at which point your learning and preparation burnt out. You put in hours of gritty effort, and that you did as well as you could, but then stumbled at the last hurdle.

Despite being passionate about gaining your PMP Certification, reading The PMBOK Guide can be misleading as much of the exam will test you on the detail of topics not included.

Crammed and rushed classroom training adds to the despair as you gaze upon an ocean of bullet-ridden slides being thrust at you, crammed into a few days – as a “sure pass” slips through your brain and fingers.

But you WON’T need to fork out for the PMBOK guide – instead, invest in this Premium PMP Primer System