APM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioners

APM PMQ For PRINCE2 Practitioners


I already have PRINCE2 – why do I need APM PMQ from the APMG?”

APMG, the Chartered body for the project profession, has a route to achieving its flagship qualification, The APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) formerly known as APMP, specifically designed for registered PRINCE2® Practitioners. With this Masterclass you can easily prepare and sit the The APM Project Management Qualification exam by self-study and sitting the exam on one of APM’s open events.

PRINCE2 is a method supported by 7 principles, processes and themes, so the examinations test knowledge and application of PRINCE2 while APM PMQ is the application of project management. So you need both. With a shorter training course and exam, this route will save you time and money.


Getting ahead of the curve is crucial for a successful career

APMG arranges open exams for candidates who wish to self-study, and anyone who is a PRINCE2 Practitioner can do this

If you can write in plain English and follow this Simple Six-Step Pass Blueprint (don’t worry about your spelling, grammar or neat handwriting – they are not important in this exam!),

As an existing PRINCE2 Practitioner, you can become a full APM PMQ with less effort, time and money by taking an easier and shorter route, APM PMQ for PRINCE2 Practitioners exam.


This online streaming training is suitable for anyone who needs to develop a deep understanding of project management, including those who are already project managers or who support and contribute to projects




After completing this training, you will be able to:

  1. Build on project management context and knowledge gained from PRINCE2®
  2. Understand the concepts, techniques and processes in APMG APM PMQ for PRINCE2 Practitioners
  3. Appreciate business processes and lifecycle models for projects and project management
  4. Use critical path analysis techniques and manage resource conflicts
  5. Select and apply appropriate project monitoring and control methods
  6. Use a systematic approach to analysing and planning a project
  7. Consider and apply appropriate conflict management and negotiating techniques
  8. Appreciate the project context and actively manage the project stakeholders
  9. Apply work breakdown structures and map responsibilities
  10. Recognise the importance of developing effective leadership skills and communication techniques
  11. Prepare for the APM PMQ for PRINCE2® Practitioners 2 hour exam.

Course Content

  • Structure of organisations and projects
    – Structure of organisations and projects
    – distinguish between different types of organisational structure
    – Responsibility Assignment Matrix {RAM}
    – functions and benefits of project office
  • Project life cycle
    – project life cycle phases
    –  difference between project life cycle and extended life cycle
  • Project contexts and environments
    –  project context, environmental factors
    –  use of PESTLE, SWOT
    –  characteristics of programme management
    –  challenges of programme management
    –  situations where portfolio management is used
    –  distinguish between project management and portfolio and programme management
    –  health safety and environmental legislation
  • Governance and structured methodologies
    –  principles of governance of project management
    –  methods and procedures to support governance
  • Communication
    –  communication plan, barriers to communication
    –  importance of effective communication
    –  conflict management-  negotiation
  • Leadership and teamwork
    –  impact of leadership
    –  situational leadership approach
    –  creation and management of teams
  • Planning for success
    –  information management
    –  estimating
    –  earned value management
    –  earned value calculations and interpret earned value data
    –  stakeholder management
  • Scope management
    –  Product Breakdown Structure {PBS}, Work Breakdown Structure {WBS}
    –  requirements
  • Schedule and resource management
    –  project scheduling
    –  categories and types of resources
    –  resource smoothing and levelling
    –  financial and cost management
    –  budget and cost control
  • Procurement
    –  supplier relationships
    –  contracts
    –  supplier selection


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Make the most of your PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification and step up onto the APM (The Association of Project Managers) Qualification Ladder

Organizations across the globe are now recognizing that there is an increased chance of project success when seeking candidates for a new role, to seek out truly competent and capable project managers with the flagship qualification of the APMG APM Project Management Qualification for PRINCE2 Practitioners (formerly known as APMP for PRINCE2 Practitioner)

Our Primers are aligned to The APM Body of Knowledge 6th Edition and you can be streaming these video training lessons within seconds of joining the class!