Agile Project Management – Legacy V1.2


Agile Project Management – Legacy V1.2

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Master Agile Project Management and pass your Agile PM Certification exams with ease!


This course will guide you to quickly master the Agile Methodology for both of your Foundation and Practitioner Exams.


Twenty Eight HD Training Videos in this Agile Project Management Primer – including Handbooks, Exercises, and Sample Exam Papers!


Foundation and Practitioner exams can be taken without the need to attend ANY classroom training.


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Why is Agile PM Training so important?

The Official Agile Project Management Training Handbook is not intended as a training aid, and its only used as a reference book. It runs to some 174 pages with size 8 font text dense information on shiny paper! At a rough estimate, about 800 words per page. Phew!


The Agile Project Management Primer is based on DSDM Atern, the only Agile Methodology that works for you at a project management level. Agile Project Management Training is the new training course and qualification certified and accredited by the APMG and developed in association with the DSDM Consortium.


The Agile Project Management Qualification is evidence you have current knowledge of project management best practice, as Agile is growing in importance as a core qualification requirement for project management roles.


Not just IT project management – but for any industry or specialism.


How will I benefit?

You Get ALL of these Benefits when you follow the Agile Project Management Primer…

Advance your Career

Your project management career and earning potential depends upon becoming an Agile PM Practitioner.  Right now, you are exposed to greater risk of failing the challenging classroom training, so why sit back and watch and let others grab your opportunity to pass?


This special offer includes both our Full Agile PM Primer PLUS valuable Sample Exam Papers and EXAM CRAM study guide.


The extra benefits these bring is your ability to not just to fully comprehend the full syllabus and exams, but to have a deep understanding of the exact questions the examiner may set for you.


NOTE that this course is set against the current AGILE PM V1.2 syllabus