PRINCE2 techniques for quality management 

 April 1, 2024

By  Dave Litten

PRINCE2 techniques for quality management

PRINCE2 includes a three-step quality management technique (planning quality, controlling quality, and accepting products) integrated around the principle of focusing on products.

Prince2 Techniques For Quality Management

Driven by the requirements expressed in the project product description, this ensures alignment between the project products and the project’s quality management approach through a stepwise cycle of quality planning, quality control, and product acceptance.

An alternative procedure can be used if desired, for example, if the business has product design, development, and testing procedures specific to their organization.

The use of an alternative procedure should be documented as part of the tailoring decisions in the project initiation documentation.

Quality Planning

Gathering user inputs

The user’s quality expectations and acceptance criteria are documented in the project product description and produced in the process of starting up a project, which is a primary input to the PRINCE2 planning technique.

The project product description is also the primary input to quality planning, which aims to create two management products:

Product descriptions: detailing the quality specifications for each product and associated quality tolerances

Quality management approach: describing the supporting techniques and standards to be applied, as well as the roles and responsibilities for achieving the required quality specifications and acceptance criteria.

PRINCE2 quality register

A component of the project log that identifies all the quality control activities that are planned or have occurred and provides information for end stage reports and the end project report.

The quality register provides a record of quality control activities, starting with the approval of each product description.

As the project progresses and records of the quality control activities are completed, the quality register is updated to reflect (in summary form) the actual results from the quality activities.

The quality register provides key audit and assurance information, comparing what was planned and agreed (in the quality management approach and product descriptions) to the quality control activities actually performed.

Quality control during delivery usually involves collaboration between the project manager, project assurance roles, and subject matter experts, whether internal or external.

Quality control activities that require support from specialists within the business or external specialists should be included in the work breakdown structure, schedule, and project budget.

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