PRINCE2 is a large and very complex set of professional Project Management steps to control large project. Right? How about PRINCE2 LITE for small projects!

Organizations are under pressure to optimize project benefits by delivering more value sooner, for less effort.
Smaller companies and their project managers need a “lightness of touch” PRINCE2 framework for their small projects. Such organizations can be frustrated with tailoring PRINCE2, and often lack the expertise to do it.
Harnessing the best management practice of PRINCE2-power with a lighter, more nimble method based on PRINCE2 is a welcome addition for the project management community.

Want a Step-By-Step PRINCE2 LITE Masterclass?

PRINCE2 LITE provides pre-tailored, best practice project management for efficient and effective project management, and provides the following benefits:

  • Improved efficient and effective small project management
  • A “honed-to-the bone” simple project governance model
  • Greater small project success rates
  • Can be applied to all small project types

Pre-tailored for fast-track implementation

PRINCE2 LITE merges start-up with initiation plus controlling a stage with managing product delivery. The project plan is merged with the stage plan covering a single delivery stage using project-level tolerances

Is my project suitable for PRINCE2 LITE?

Attempting to define a standard simple project is not possible. One size does not fit all.
The best approach is to use the following PRINCE2 LITE benchmarks as a general guideline, and if your project aligns with several, then it is likely to be a good fit:

  • A simple project has a short time frame with easily affordable costs. Their scope is clear and defined with stable dependencies
  • The Executive (sponsor) decides on any changes to the project
  • The project will deliver prudent change and risks to such change are low in terms of severity. A Daily Log will be used to identify and track uncertain events
  • Benefits are driven directly from the project, usually into a single business area
  • Project duration is short ranging from a few weeks to three months
  • The project product will typically range from a single deliverable, to three or less and require a single specialist discipline
  • Small projects will use internal resources, often just two to three individuals, with the project manager also creating the products. Work effort will be low.
  • The project product can realize benefits ranging from small to large, sometimes such benefits are intangible

Learning Today Leading Tomorrow!

All Courses for just $15/month with a simple annual payment

A PRINCE2 LITE project will have the following characteristics:

  • Be initially justified and continue throughout its delivery
  • Apply previous lessons learned and at project close, pass on new lessons to the organization
  • Consist of a simple organization with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Has a Project Plan showing product(s), time-frame, resources, costs and assumptions
  • Uses a single delivery stage for planning and control purposes
  • Sets defined project tolerance levels
  • Provides focus on the products and meeting their agreed quality levels by describing any quality standards or processes to be used
  • Continually justifies and tracks why the project is needed, and what the costs and benefits are
  • Tracks progress by an updated project/stage plan and a Highlight Report
  • Exceptions are handled informally leading to project plan updates after approval

Keeping your focus on PRINCE2

Even with small projects it is easy for project managers to drift away from the PRINCE2 framework, so even a small project can exceed its tolerances or get prematurely shut down.

DO ensure the following checklist is followed:

  • Check that the project is justified and remains so throughout its delivery
  • Use lessons learned and add learning to the organization when the project is completed
  • Establish that everyone has clear roles and responsibilities
  • Split the project into stages for planning and control
  • Define tolerance levels and authority limits
  • Focus on products and their expected quality level


Our brand new PRINCE2 LITE Primer has been designed for those who are already proficient with PRINCE2 yet want a pre-tailored approach suitable for simple projects. It is a guide and not a prescriptive ‘paint-by-numbers’ approach, and as such, provides you with a framework for planning and implementing simple projects.

Projex Academy has created 5 video-based modules (accompanied by a graphical Handbook, PRINCE2 LITE Blender, and customized editable management templates), designed to cover the elements of PRINCE2 Lite and how it may be ‘blended’ with a simple project – presented in simple step-by-step ‘chunks’.

Each module is around 20 to 30 minutes in length so that you can learn at your own pace and time.

Announcing the World’s First video-based
PRINCE2 LITE Masterclass

Here is what you get:

  • PRINCE2 LITE includes FIVE detailed streaming videos taking you step-by-step through the pre-tailored small project Masterclass 
  • You get a down loadable full colour Handbook
  • You get our PRINCE2 Blender Tool
  • You get your own library of PRINCE2 LITE pre-tailored and editable MS WORD  Management Templates
  • You get my Product Creator Template