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I'm a PMP because it is the most recognized project management certification - the Project Management Professional (PMP)® world wide gold standard used by 800,000 project managers on the planet.

The PMP provides YOU with salary and earning potential advantages boasting a 20% higher salary by a 2018 survey.

Employers know they get ROI improvement benefits from PMP-Certified project managers, as a recent survey showed they complete 30% more of their projects on time, on budget while still meeting project objectives

NEW UPDATED: PMP 2019 Masterclass!

Brand New 114 HD Streaming Video Lessons in 28 Modules, plus 18 accompanying Handbooks each with PMBOK Guide Knowledge Area-Related Exercises PLUS Full-strength PMP Exam Sample questions and answers!

PMP Masterclass latest 2019 PMI Update plus FREE Online Exam Simulator


Learn by watching video-based training to master the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques required

Mobile Friendly

Watch all lessons on your phone or tablet. It's anytime, anywhere learning

35 Contact Hours

Course includes certificate for 35 approved contact hours from recognized education provider

Most people find that shorter study sessions actually aid their retention of information, so grab study time when it suits you - during lunch breaks, at the gym, while ​preparing a meal, walking the dog - any time or any place.

Since 1998, Projex Academy has helped over 20,000 people become highly proficient successful project managers and gain professional project management qualifications.

Projex Academy challenges the current way that PMP Online Training is delivered, our self-study video training products are beautifully designed, simple to absorb in easy steps and used anytime and anywhere. Want to Own One?

YOU Know Promotion and Recognition Starts With PMP

  • Are you ready for more senior Project Management roles with more interesting work and greater compensation, coupled with rapid career advancement, greater respect and earning potential and more powerful results?
  • The PMP credential is highly coveted and leads to career advancement, including higher pay. Don´t delay in adding PMP after YOUR NAME because preparing for the exam is simple, methodical and completely within your reach
  • Our PMP Masterclass has been designed to take advantage of your optimal learning style, by breaking complex concepts into absorbing bite-sized chunks you can consume when convenient and wherever you are
  • With PMP Masterclass You Can Prepare For Your Next Big Career Step Today! 

PMP 2019 Exam Simulator
TWO THOUSAND Questions and Answers
(TEN Full-Strength Exams!)

PMP Exam Simulator
  • Screen layout and functions provide and mimic the real exam
  • Chose to have your answers at exam end or view the answer as each question is completed so you can learn from your mistakes - allowing you to identify your weak areas with detailed statistics
  • You have Lifetime 24/7 on-line access and practice from anywhere - no installation is necessary
  • Unlimited Repeats - you can retake each exam as many times as you wish
  • Up-to-date Content - questions are updated to the latest exam content
  • Full-strength questions just like the real exam developed by a team of certified project managers
  • PC, Tablet or Phone - practice your exams on your preferred device. Anytime. Anywhere.

In addition you get included, our famed PMP 2019 Exam Simulator (worth £97), jam-packed with ten simulated exams with a staggering

TWO THOUSAND simulated challenging questions and answers -

- not forgetting our PMP Exam-Pass Wizard to ensure you pass at first try! The massive PMP 2019 Exam Simulator​ allows you to simulate the 4-hour PMP exam in order to prepare for the environment, stress, and time constraints of the actual test.  

Our PMP 2019 Masterclass is a course made up of 114 video lessons meeting and exceeding the full PMP syllabus. A variety of study materials are available, including detailed Handbooks, 114 recorded videos, Key learning point exercises, our on-line Exam Simulator, and our jargon-busting Exam Cram Glossary. 
You will quickly get up to speed, as evidenced by our impressive record of success stories.

Unlike others, our Lifetime Access Period to the course materials ensures you will always have time to use and apply, even if you have to reschedule your exam date.

We Guarantee you get flexible course access.  Any time, anywhere, any device.

Our On-Demand PMP course is designed to comprehensively prepare students for their PMP exam. Access-intensive course lessons without limitation, from any computer with a web browser.

Includes studio quality course lessons, 35 PMI contact hours, all study materials, PMP quizzes, PMBOK® Guide exercises, and much more. 

Our PMP 2019 Masterclass is great for folks who want an on-line option, and can be accessed from your phone, tablet, or computer device. The videos have been optimized for use with all mobile devices as well as traditional desktop devices, so its perfect if you need to pace your study and prefer bite-sized, accessible lessons.

Our PMP 2019 Masterclass counts towards your 35 hours PMP study requirement. If you have no prior formal project management training but do intend to go for the PMP exam, you’ll be able to use our course to evidence your learning.

You get our certificate FREE to provide to PMI as evidence of your full preparation.

Getting your 35 hours through a separate program alone would cost you $150 or more, so why not take advantage of our embedded offer?

You can invest in our Projex Academy very low-cost PMP Masterclass option - go on,  compare prices to similar on-line courses, and its way cheaper from what you will pay  for those rushed and stressful classroom-based courses.

Dave Litten Is Your Virtual Coach 

Choose PMP Exam Training And Learn How To Prep For Your PMP® Exam And Pass At First Try

David Litten CEng.
Projex Academy

"My name is Dave Litten and I want to help you prepare and pass for your PMP exam in a handful of weeks, just like I have done for thousands of students throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Unlike traditional PMP training, our video-based PMP Masterclass is NOT based on memorizing stodgy bullet-driven slide sets - instead, you´ll immerse yourself in our full colour graphic-rich learning experience, making it a snap to remember all those mark-earning facts for your PMP Exam

We've streamlined the entire study process into easy step-by-step bite-sized chunks with our proven training program.
Our PMP Masterclass provides you with over 50 hours of video - accessible anywhere - using your computer, smart phone, or tablet"

​Here Is What You Get

  • Breeze through the sections that are easy for you and focus - of course, you can repeat the sections you find more challenging
  • ​Pace yourself and focus on what is most important to you
  • 28 Modules EACH with topic specific PMP Sample Exam questions and answers
  • 35 PDUs
  • 50+ Hours of 114 Lecture Videos Presented by Dave Litten
  • Comprehensive Key Learning Point Exercises
  • ​18 Accompanying full colour Handbooks
  • Online PMP Exam Simulator with 2,000 PMP Practice Questions

Pass your PMP® Exam with our PMP Masterclass materials created and approved by leaders in the field of project management, which will provide you with the knowledge you will need to pass and get you ready for test day.

Efficient Learning System with Bite-Sized Lessons

Built around a 20-minute "bite-sized" content framework, Projex Academy lessons contain video and supporting text instruction, as well as mini assessments and module-specific PMP Exam questions and answers. 

You will find it easy to check your progress and outcomes with each video Module self-assessment exercises, and laser-focused Mock PMP Questions and Answers  building the confidence and motivation critical to your success.

Unlike other courses that require long, unbroken blocks of study time to cover each lesson, our PMP Masterclass enables you to master an entire lesson in under 30 minutes.

PMP® Certification Benefits

The project management industry is set to grow by a staggering $6.6 trillion by year 2020, with over 41 million new jobs predicted

The Project Management Professional - PMI PMP Certification is an advanced course targeted specifically at experienced project managers.

Projex Academy PMP online training is especially designed for individuals seeking PMP Certification.

Our PMP 2019 Masterclass was created by experts to provide the very latest exam preparation and will supply you with everything needed to direct project teams and pass your PMP Exam in a recommended 35-50 study hours.

Our students easily grasp and engage with PMBOK processes and knowledge areas and go onto gain high PMP exam pass marks

Projex Academy´s PMP 2019 Masterclass meets and exceeds the eligibility requirement for the PMP examination to complete the required 35 contact hours of formal education, and because it is accessible on-line, you can prepare anywhere in the world with an internet access – at a time and pace that suits you.

​Confirm your project leadership capability to employers and join the global professional project management community.

The Project Management Institute's Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification has worldwide recognition and boasts 700,000 active members across 207 countries and territories.

Our PMP 2019 Masterclass is designed to be easy to understand, step-by-step information-rich videos will get you unstuck and grow your PMP knowledge faster.

Imagine getting a far higher pass grades than you thought possible

No need to surf the internet, buy books or struggle in classrooms elsewhere, you can free-fall to easily become an Accredited PMP with the PMP 2019 Masterclass

You won't need to buy or read that pesky PMBOK Guide either - our PMP 2019 Masterclass has already done the heavy lifting - just go through our easy step-by-step videos - and we Guarantee you will pass and become a PMP at your first try

These established centers of excellence have ALL been PMP Trained using our PMP Masterclass:

PMP Primer Customers

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't pass your PMP exam at the first try yet have fully studied my material and exercises, let me know I will coach you to success at no extra cost

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