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PMP Masterclass was designed for your success. Each and every facet of the course, from its length to action items, was carefully planned to serve that goal.
The online course NOW includes the full-strength Online Exam Simulator with 2,234 questions and answers PLUS all the extra AGILE video Modules - taking you from Novice to Expert. How long the course takes is up to you - a rapid one-week preparation if you wish - or you can work at your own pace. Once you enroll, the course is always available to you.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

  • You get instant course access to ALL PMP Exam Masterclass Media consisting of 53 Modules. Each Module contains several streaming video lessons (You get 175 20-minute lessons in total) - these are at the heart of your learning experience
  • You can watch these at any time and place, and feel free to pause and rewind as often as you wish. We all learn at a different pace, and if you are like me, you will want to review all or part of each video more than once, taking notes as you go
  • You get 31 accompanying Handbooks - these are in a PDF format to read it online or print out as you wish. Each Handbook contains multiple exercises that track key syllabus outcomes linked to PMP Exam style questions
  • You will automatically earn your 35 Contact Hours (35 PDU's) at course completion. You will gain an intuitive and deep understanding of the Official PMI PMBOK Guide and act as an aid to revisit topic areas
  • Passing your PMP exam at your first try not only depends on mastering the PMBOK Guide full syllabus but it also needs to to build your exam analytical skills. Just carry out all the provided exam-based exercises in each Module, and if you get stuck, go back and review the video as many times as you wish
  • EXAM CRAM and EXAM BOOST Learning Tools. In each Module you will find a powerful revision aid with extra vital information to supplement your lesson videos. You can complete Projex Academy's PMP Masterclass in under two weeks, and Projex Academy guarantees you will pass at first try!
  • Agile and Hybrid Approaches. The PMP 2021 exam incorporates not just predictive project management but also agile and hybrid approaches. Our new PMP Masterclass covers all three approaches.
Pmp 2021 Masterclass

You are a potential PMP Exam professional

You yearn to make your mark on the world. Maybe you have aspirations to become a project management professional, but you're not sure what to do next to fully prepare and pass your upcoming PMP Exam. 

Or maybe you're unsure how to become an assured, confident and successful project manager in the first place. Projex Academy's PMP Exam Masterclass is the online training course to fully prepare you to upgrade your career potential and get you noticed!

Get The Big PMP Exam View

Across all 5 Process Groups, 5 PMP Task Exam Domains, 10 Knowledge areas and 49 Processes, you’ll be treated to highly first a high-level view, followed by detailed video lessons, delivered in easy bite sized steps to ensure you fully grasp the full PMBOK Structure, even if you don’t know where to start

Unique PMP Exam ROAD MAP

Gain a comprehensive 'gut-feel' of anchoring all 49 Processes, their inputs, tools and outputs - laying out exactly how they are applied. You'll learn to instinctively apply the model of how each process 'speaks' to each other, plus how PMBOK is tailored and implemented.

Save Your Time and Money

There are no travel and accommodation costs as you can study anywhere with an Internet connection, and you won't have to take time off work - plus no more dragging heavy course materials back and forth. Make life easier and go online with our PMI Accredited PMP Masterclass

Prepare In Bite-Sized Chunks

Test your knowledge in a fun, entertaining environment with PMP Masterclass exam revision tools. PMP Masterclass online course is broken into bite-size lessons, combining leading edge multimedia and interactive exercises for optimum enjoyment and knowledge retention

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Discover the PMP Exam-Pass techniques that are 'hiding in plain sight' Grasp and connect 'in the trenches' PMP exam skills to pass at first try! Our accredited e-learning can be used to support your claim for 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for the PMI's pre-requisites for your PMP Exam

2,000 Question and Answer Online Exam Simulator 

That's TEN full Exams! Our famed PMP Exam Simulator, jam-packed with ten simulated exams with a staggering TWO THOUSAND simulated challenging questions and answers - PLUS our PMP Exam-Pass Wizard to ensure you pass at first try!

PMP Exam Masterclass - Try before you buy

Check out how PMP Exam Masterclass helped these students gain PMP Certification at first try!

Prakash Kumar 


"Your PMP Masterclass has done the most exciting thing in my life. I have got through the Exam on 5th June test. Thank you very much.

You and your voice are still very inspiring. You wont imagine... even after my exam I came back and as usual opened your PMP Masterclass to hear your voice that begins with........Hi its Dave......

It has become a part of my life and for any PMP question I may get in future, I find the answer from Projex Acadmy's PMP Masterclass (it's comforting to know I have course access)"

Phyllis Coleman


"I want to thank you for your great PMP Masterclass Training materials. I passed my exam yesterday on my first try and I owe a lot of that success to your fantastic presentation of the project management processes and knowledge areas. I have been singing your praises to all my colleagues who are pursuing the certification and have encouraged them to buy your training"

Elaine Ho


"I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your PMP Masterclass! Needless to say, I loved your PMP Masterclass and, after seeing the perfect pricing (I am a student, and of course pursuing the PMP is a cost in itself), I made the decision to purchase your Video PMP Masterclass.

After cramming your video's into 3.5 days of studying (you were my sole study material for most of this time) I am thrilled to say I passed my PMP exam (on the Sunday morning)! I was shocked at how much I actually retained, especially with regards to the maths (I am NOT a math person usually, nor do I have ANY sense of memorization)! Thank you for helping me not only memorize, but also understand - and, thus, learn - the concepts I needed to know"

Worried about your PMP Exam?

  • Get The Inside Edge With Our Projex Academy Exam Wizard. We coach you to pass at your first try. Our PMP Exam Simulator will give you the exam techniques you need to breeze through the so-called tough questions!
  • Decipher What The Examiner Can and Can´t Ask You. That darned PMBOK Guide does not even cover all the PMP Exam Syllabus, so it's not so hot as an exam preparation guide. PMP Masterclass showcases exactly what you need to hone in on - saving you hours of frustration
  • Demystify the PMP Certification Exam Objectives. Get inside the examiners mind as I take you through sample questions. Sure, you can practice all you want, but first you need to know why those questions are chosen and what you need to know to score high marks and pass!
  • Crack Open The Question Styles. Why do so many students get exam answers wrong - its not for lack of understanding PMBOK, rather, it's the hidden answering code hiding in plain sight - Projex Academy spills the secrets!
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PMP Exam Masterclass Course Overview

HD Video Modules- these are at the heart of the learning experience and each comes complete with multiple video lessons, accompanying detailed Handbook plus Exercises and unique EXAM CRAM and EXAM BOOST tools for EACH Module:


Module 1: Unearthing the Process/Knowledge Summaries and PMP Exam Domains

This first Module contains 4 video lessons with a total duration of 70 minutes. The best place to begin preparing for your PMP exam is for you to understand exactly what the process groups and knowledge summaries are. It is vital that you first understand the five exam Domains and the scope of information you will need to understand. In addition, you must be clear about the PMBOK process model and how it applies to progressive elaboration. In this first module, you will gain a solid grasp of these important topics


Module 2: Discovering PMBOK  Concepts, Terms, Tools, Projects and Programs

This module contains 3 video lessons of 120 minutes in total. This information is foundational to your understanding as it shows common tools and outputs, and so is highly important. You must take the time to fully understand the many project concepts and foundational terms described in this module. The module finishes off with a review and comparison between projects, programs and portfolios.


Module 3: Checking the PMBOK Environment, Assets and Governance Frameworks

This module contains 3 video lessons of 42 minutes in total, and we shall be discussing two important common process inputs that are used throughout all 49 Processes - Enterprise Environmental Factors and Organizational Process Assets (EEF and OPA) as well as organizational governance frameworks


Module 4: Discovering the Project Organization Types and Project Management Office

This module contains 3 video lessons of 52 minutes in total. You will need to be able to identify the different types of organizations and to recognize the difference between a project, and the three different approaches and services used in a typical Project Management Office.

Take the time to fully understand the terminology within this module. There is a lot of important material to learn here, and although the memorizing these terms will help, understanding and applying them will enhance your exam performance.

Pay particular attention to the three different matrix structure types along with their advantages and disadvantages


Module 5: Focus on Tailoring the Processes, Business Case and Project Life cycle

This module contains 4 video lessons of 115 minutes in total.

Here, you will learn the tailoring of processes including predictive, adaptive, iterative, and incremental life cycles. You need to understand two key documents and their use together - the Business Case, and the Benefits Management Plan. The final two lessons will cover project methodologies and the blending of adaptive methods such as Agile.


Module 6: Setting Out Project Management Skills, Project Roles and Responsibilities

This module contains 5 video lessons of 178 minutes in total, and details the role and responsibilities of the project manager along with their skill sets and required competencies.

It also covers other roles including senior management.

The final two video lessons cover the project managers problem-solving, negotiation and influencing skills. This sets the scene for the next Module which will cover The Talent Triangle...


Module 7: Positioning the Talent Triangle and Management Skills

This module contains 2 video lessons of 30 minutes in total. The Talent Triangle is a new topic in the latest PMBOK Guide, and sets out the technical, business and leadership skills expected of the project manager.

You can therefore expect to see some new questions being set on these aspects. This is a fairly short Module and should not present any difficulty in grasping these syllabus areas!


Module 8: Coordinating Project Integration Management & Business Analysis

This module contains 3 video lessons of 60 minutes in total. This is the first of four Modules covering Integration Management and is the first significant set of Modules covering some of the 49 processes. This module also covers the topic of project integration management and project selection methods.

Integration management takes a high-level view of the project from start to finish.
Since the topic of Integration Management sits at the very heart of PMBOK, you can expect several questions on these four Modules in your exam. This module is focused on the Develop Project Charter process, which is essential for creating the project


Module 9: Figuring Out  the Project Management Plan

This module contains 3 video lessons of 40 minutes in total, and covers  the structure and content of the project management plan, and how it is created and updated throughout the project life.

The project management plan is a comprehensive document that guides the project execution and control. It specifies the who, what, when, where, and how. This plan is progressively elaborated throughout the life of the project.

We cover the Develop Project Management Plan process within the Project Integration Knowledge Area.


Module 10: Mobilizing Directing, Monitoring and Controlling Project Work

This module contains 3 video lessons of 50 minutes in total.  I will uncover the Direct and Manage Project Work, Manage Project Knowledge, and Monitor and Control Project Work processes.

Most of project time, cost and resources are expended in the Direct and Manage Project Work process - this is where things get done! The manage project knowledge process levers lessons learned from previous projects. The Monitor and Control Project Work process looks at how the overall project is progressing and takes corrective action as needed through change requests.


Module 11: Determining Integrated Change Control and Project Closure  

This module crucially, will help you manage change throughout the project. There are 3 video lessons in this module totaling 60 minutes This is the fourth and final module consisting of three video lessons covering Project Integration Management. Here, you and I explore two processes - Perform integrated Change Control and Close Project or Phase.


Module 12: Researching Requirements and Project Scope Management

This module contains 3 video lessons of 65 minutes in total, This is the first of two Modules covering the Project Scope Management Knowledge Area. I explain the two types of scope and the structured way it must be controlled. There are two key processes here, Plan Scope Management and Collect Requirements. I show you how to manage stakeholder expectations and tie this forward to planning.


Module 13: Building Project Scope and the Work Breakdown Structure

This module contains 4 video lessons of 66 minutes in total, and lays the bedrock for planning. It covers four processes: Define Scope, Create WBS, Validate Scope and Control Scope. I demonstrate how you will want to use this to identify the information hub of the project, drive the execution of the project.

Crucially, most folks confuse the difference between validating and controlling scope, but don't worry, for you it will be crystal clear!


Module 14: Making Sense of Planning and Sequencing Project Schedule Management

In this module there are 3 video lessons totaling 62 minutes with the objective of building high confidence in scheduling. This is the first of four modules on this vital topic. You will learn how to define how all the related activities are performed, build a precise list of activities, networking them into a logical sequence, and grasp the key difference between duration, work effort and duration. I unmask the Define Activities and Sequence Activities processes, then demonstrate what Plan Schedule Management is all about. Finally, I unmask what rolling wave and adaptive planning does, wrapping up with a guided tour through the Schedule Network Diagramming Method


Module 15: Focus on Estimating Project Activities and the Critical Path

This module contains 3 video lessons of 78 minutes in total. I will demystify the approaches used when estimating the duration of each activity along with the different types of estimating techniques. You will master critical path calculations, and answer exam questions. I will clarify the different activity dependency types as well as discussing critical chain. The focus in this module will be on the processes Estimate Activity Durations and Develop Schedule. 


Module 16: Creating the Project Schedule and Resource Management

This module contains 3 video lessons of 40 minutes in total. You and I continue on our journey to master schedule management activities and Critical Path Analysis. The focus here is the use of the Develop Schedule process. We segue into resource smoothing and resource leveling going on to analyze free and total float. We complete this module by examining and absorbing the assignment and design of resource management, smoothing and leveling.


Module 17: Making Sense of Controlling the Schedule and using Agile

This is the final module covering schedule management, and contains 5 video lessons of 84 minutes in total,  This is where you compare work results to the plan to ensure they line up. So I conduct a thorough review of the Control Schedule process, Agile and Scrum planning covering schedule crashing and fast tracking techniques, milestones and their progress chart tool, the Tracking Gantt and Monte Carlo Analysis technique.

As part of Control Schedule, I give you a whistle-stop tour of Agile control techniques such as sprint and release planning, user stories and velocity tracking


Module 18: Harnessing Earned Value Management

This module contains 5 video lessons of 82 minutes in total,  As a prelude to the Cost Management Knowledge Area, it is paramount you fully understand the formula and application of the Earned Value Management technique and the 13 formula - don't worry, Modules 18 and 19 will allow you to craft perfect exam answers!
I give you clear methods and exercises for quick retention.
The third and final Module 20 will take you through the four processes of Cost Management itself.


Module 19: Forecasting with Earned Value Management

Learning the key formulas for Cost Management is a must and learning to apply them is equally important. I show you how to easily memorize them.

This module contains 3 video lessons of 40 minutes in total. Module 19 is jam-packed with Earned Value case studies, analysis and real-world examples plus worked model answers. The focus here is on Earned Value forecasting techniques and formula. I also detail and clarify the new syllabus technique of Earned Schedule.


Module 20: Focus on Cost Management, Budgeting and Control

It is vital you fully grasp this cost management module containing 4 video lessons of 80 minutes in total. This Knowledge area and its four processes (Plan Cost Management, Estimate Costs, Determine Budget and Control Costs), examines the costs of human and physical resources and when such costs will be incurred.

You will learn how to create a cost management plan, carry out cost management estimation, the approach to determine your project budget, and how to control project costs. Finally, I provide the agile perspective on cost management


Module 21: Connecting With Planning, Monitoring and Control of Cost Management

This module of 8 videos totaling 160 minutes in duration, covers the Quality Management Knowledge Area.
Quality touches virtually every piece of the project in two key areas - product quality and process quality. We will also touch on quality for adaptive environments, and provide clarity between quality assurance and quality control

You will want to pay careful attention to the processes, concepts, tools and terms along with the key quality theories covered here, plus the pivotal differences between the 3 processes of Plan Quality Management, Manage Quality and Control Quality.


Module 22: Getting To Grips with Resource Management Planning and Control

The content-rich Resource Management Knowledge Area, contains 6 processes - Plan Resource Management, Estimate Activity Resources, Acquire Resources, Develop Team, Manage Team, and Control Resources. This ties back beautifully with Module 16.

This comprehensive module contains 10 video lessons of 146 minutes in total. You should expect several resource-related exam questions spanning leadership, motivation, conflict resolution and roles. I take you through the application of human resources and physical resources such as facilities and equipment.


Module 23: Determining Communications Management and Control

This module contains 3 video lessons of 60 minutes in total. You will master the key tasks within communications management relating to producing, compiling, sending, storing, distributing and managing project records.

I help you play close attention to accurately reporting project status, performance change and earned value to ensure project communications are nailed down tight.

There are just three processes in place to do this - Plan Communications Management,  Manage Communications, and Monitor Communications.


Module 24: Researching Risk Management Monitoring and Control

Risk Management is a mature field, full of information and tools for statistical analysis. This feature-rich module contains a comprehensive 7 video lessons totaling 160 minutes. Here, I detail the high-level interactions within the  7 risk management processes. You will grasp and recall the processes of Plan Risk Management, Identify Risks, Perform Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis, Plan Risk Responses, Implement Risk Responses and Monitor Risks.


Module 25: Setting Out Planning, Executing and Controlling Project Procurement Management

Procurement management is the set of processes used to obtain goods, services, or scope from outside the project organization, and this approach is steeped in formal USA government procurement practices. This module contains 8 video lessons of 146 minutes in total,  consisting of three processes - Plan Procurements Management, Conduct Procurements and Control Procurements. I teach you the procurement techniques and approaches and give you the knowledge to answer correctly any procurement exam question


Module 26: Making Sense of Project Stakeholder Management

This module contains 3 video lessons of 62 minutes in total,  Project stakeholder management can have a profound impact on success or failure as it manages stakeholder expectations that drive stakeholder satisfaction. I show you why stakeholders need to be first identified and have their needs understood before they are managed.
I cover four process here - Identify Stakeholders, Plan, Manage and Monitor Stakeholder Engagement.


Module 27: Researching PMP Professional Conduct

There are 2 videos covering Professional Conduct Standards and Professional Conduct Categories totaling 28 minutes which also cover and the 3 key attributes of Respect, Fairness and Honesty. These are easy exam questions for you to clock up high scores, so I provide you with a full understanding the code of conduct, while giving you excellent guidance in answering exam questions relating back to this topic with my Professional Responsibility Exam Guidelines


Module 28: Pass Your PMP Exam At First Try

This module contains 3 video lessons covering 50 minutes in total. Passing your PMP at first try has nothing to do with good luck - rather, it is all about preparation and test strategy.

I take you by the hand through my tried and tested techniques to ace any question type and difficulty level. Better yet, I show you how to spot those pesky tricks and traps.

You have a powerful partner in my FREE Online PMP Exam Simulator with 2,000 questions and answers (that's TEN complete Sample Exams) - giving you an almost unfair advantage!  (see details below)

This module showcases my PMBOK Guide Exam Pass Wizard, my masterclass in time management and my Process/Knowledge Area Wall chart.


PMP EXAM SIMULATOR with 2,234 Questions and Answers

(TEN Full-strength PMP Exams!)

Our famous PMP Exam Simulator, jam-packed with ten simulated exams with a staggering TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED and THIRTY FOUR simulated challenging questions and answers - PLUS our PMP Exam-Pass Wizard to ensure you pass at first try!

Pmp 2021 New Exam Simulator
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About Dave Litten - Accredited PMP Exam Trainer and Coach Since 2008

David Litten’s proprietary Projex Academy Masterclass training places a priority on video-based, step-by-step management life-changing training, and his students are reaping the rewards.

"Dave is a successful senior project manager, Project Management Professional consultant, and licensed educator, which makes him the perfect combination of effective teacher and subject matter expert to shepherd you on your journey to PMP success."

Dave is Europe’s No. 1 Project Management Trainer and brings his extensive 20-plus years training skills to the market place, by helping project managers maximize their skills and earning potential.

Unlike traditional PMP training, the video-based PMP Masterclass is NOT based on memorizing stodgy bullet-driven slide sets - instead, you´ll immerse yourself in our full color graphic-rich learning experience, making it a snap to remember all those mark-earning facts for your PMP Exam

Dave has streamlined the entire study process into easy step-by-step bite-sized chunks with the Projex Academy proven training program, providing you with over 50 hours of video - accessible anywhere - using your computer, smart phone or tablet

Dave is passionate about helping folks just like you attain new knowledge and skills and would love to hear from you!

Dave Litten - Accredited Pmp Traineructor And Tutor

Here’s what people are saying about Projex Academy ...

Iain Begg


"As an experienced project/programme manager who wanted to bring my qualifications up-to-date, Projex Academy PMP Masterclass was the perfect choice and very cost-effective. I crashed through the materials at my own pace and when it suited me, and then I repeated the sections I needed to as indicated by my results in the sample exercises and Exam Simulator

Dave is a very good coach offering easy to follow advice on understanding both the concepts and how to pass the Exam –needless to say, I passed first time! Thank you Dave"

Will Roberts


"I took and failed the PMP exam last week. After failing, I purchased your PMP Masterclass and wanted to tell you how encouraged I am by your training. Finally, someone that can really teach the system properly. I look forward to Nov. 3rd when I will try the test again.

UPDATE November 3rd - Hi Dave, Just a note to let you know I took the PMP exam yesterday and passed it. I appreciate your hard work in preparing your materials and skills in teaching PMP, it was THE big reason I passed the second time. Have a Great Day!"

Heriberto Carrasco


"Your PMP Masterclass training material is fantastic!  Head and shoulders above other material I have come across.  I passed thanks to you. I can’t get any more succinct than that. Thank you for an excellent product"

Think about your options to gain PMP Certification in 2021 . . .

You could enroll on a rushed and crowded classroom course. Your instructor is under orders to force-feed the syllabus to you in three to four days flat. An incredibly high learning curve. By the time you return to your office, the course and accommodation won't leave much change out of £2,000

You could become one of my private coaching students at £600 per day, or take one of those £800-plus online courses full of boring bullet-driven slide shows.

Read on to discover the terrific value our PMP Masterclass gives you . . . 

Online Training For Pmi Pmbok Pmp Exam Certification Exam

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Here’s how confident Projex Academy are that YOU will become a PMP Warrior...If we are wrong and you've followed the Academy PMP training system to the letter, performed all the Module exercises, taken our Sample exams (and got 70% or more), yet don’t agree Dave's training helped you improve your delivery ...

We will give you your money back – no fuss no muss

Don’t delay! Look at what past students have to say about PMP Exam Masterclass

Adam Williams


"Success - I passed first try!

Just thought I would let you know I passed my exam on Wednesday, thanks to your help. Your PRINCE2 Masterclass videos and study materials were invaluable and got me across the line. Thanks again - I will certainly recommend your Primer to anyone wanting to go for this certification..."

Walter Heuvel


"Thank you very much for going the extra mile. I can only express my gratitude by saying and meaning that you are truly a Guru and a Master in your work. I have seen many tutorial videos on the exam in the past, and they left me exactly where I started from. Your teaching videos have given me almost immediate understanding for what is going on"

Dirk Schrader


"I've passed my exam successfully! All other online training I've used before were definitely for nothing compared to your videos. These last 3 days reviewing your very clear and logic presentations pushed me up to the required level to pass my exam successfully. Still yesterday (Sunday) I was moving on a score between 50 and 61%. But your Exam Simulator and Videos really did put me back on track!"

Again: Thank you!

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Dave Litten

Dave spent 25+ years as a senior project manager for UK and USA multinationals and has deep experience in project management. He now develops a wide range of Project Management Masterclasses, under the Projex Academy brand name. In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.

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