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Welcome to the PMP Masterclass

How to Master PMP

PMP Masterclass Certification with Projex Academy

Congratulations You have taken an important step to becoming a PMP Certified Project Manager.

Like any powerful learning tool, you will find it easy to use, but before you get started, I want to give you some important points that will make your journey simple and easy…READ ON… 

You will see that the PMP MASTERCLASS has been designed into 28 Modules. This is a lot of information to share and a huge amount of information for you to consume. But class layout is simple — we have broken the course into clear modules, with several video lessons in each, all viewed on this page in the tabs below.

Take your time, learn at your own place and pace.

Welcome to your Projex Academy PMP MASTERCLASS!

Within each Lesson, you will have the following:

  • One or more HD VIDEOS– these are at the heart of the learning experience. You can watch these at any time and place, and feel free to pause and rewind as often as you wish. We all learn at a different pace, and if you are like me, you will want to review all or part of each video more than once. Take notes as you go.
  • Accompanying HANDBOOKS – this is in a PDF format, so either read it online or print it out as you wish. Each Handbook contains multiple EXERCISES that track key syllabus  outcomes linked to PMP Certification Exam style questions.
  • These will encourage you to gain an intuitive and deep understanding of PMP and act as an aid to revisit topic areas. Passing your exams at your first try not only depends on mastering the PMP method, but it also needs to to build your exam analytical skills. I encourage you to carry out all the exercises, and if you get stuck, go back and review the video as many times as you wish.
  • Learning TOOLS – in each Lesson you will find I have added extra vital information, this will vary of course, depending on the video topic being covered.

Each of these will supplement your topic videos, and consist of the Projex Academy STUDY GUIDESPROCESS STUDY GUIDESEXAM CRAMand EXAM BOOST tools.

These will hone and refine you exam taking skills and have been split into each and every Module as a powerful revision aid. 

Naturally ALL are included within the various Modules of our videos. 

Although it is tempting to want ALL my PMP Certification tools at the very beginning, I urge you to let me introduce them to you at the precise learning point where they will give you the optimum benefit.


Welcome to the PMP Masterclass