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PMP Exam Simulator – Sample PMP Questions Answers

PMP Exam Simulator with Sample Questions and Answers

Once you feel you have learned enough about the PMP syllabus from our online training, you should try our exam simulator to test your knowledge.

  1. Much like the real PMP exam, the Projex PMP simulator consists of 200 questions per exam and lasts 4 hours
  2. The real PMP exam is a closed book exam , meaning that you are not allowed to take any PMP literature or notes to aid you in your exam
  3. You are allowed to take  multiple comfort breaks during the PMP exam, however the time taken during these breaks is deducted from your overall time so its worth bearing this in mind

Our simulator has thousands of questions in its question bank so you can test yourself over and over again to assess your readiness to attempt the real thing.

Ready to do an Example Mock PMP Exam?

You have two PMP Sample exams to sit – each with slightly different questions, and sometimes the same questions but with different formatted multiple choice answers (to keep you on your toes)

Let’s dive into the first 200 PMP Questions / Answers for our mock PMP exam.