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PMP Masterclass Module 2 – Concepts, Programs & Portfolios


PMP Concepts, Programs & Portfolios

Welcome Back! This Module continues on from the previous Module with project concepts, foundational terms, programs and portfolios.

Pmp Masterclass Module 2 - Concepts, Programs &Amp; Portfolios Agile

Project Concepts

Here I cover constraints and assumptions and identifying stakeholders. I cover the use of data leading to work performance data, information and reports

Foundational Terms

Here you learn the PMBOK common terms, environmentsl factors and similar aspects. We take a look at common project management tools, techniques, and common PMBOK Process outputs.

Programs and portfolios

You learn the definition of a program program management and its typical characteristics. We also contrast and compare the use of a portfolio and its structure.

PMP Agile Practice Guide

The agile manifasto and agile values

You will learn what the agile manifesto is and compare waterfall to agile approaches. We look at an adaptive lifecycle and compare organization approaches in addition to examining return on investment and collaboration. I review the agile manifesto mapping The Four Values.

Agile Principles

We explain and align how the agile manifesto maps the 12 Principles of agile.

The Agile Project Management Mindset

You will learn about the Project Charter and Team Charter. We cover the 21 key points covering the agile project management mindset.


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