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PMP Masterclass Module 1


PMP Processes and Domains

PMP Masterclass Module 1

Welcome to your first PMP Module! Within each of the Modules you will find several Video lessons in number order. Module 1 has four lessons.

Each Module has an accompanying Handbook for your use and to take notes if needed. Modules 1 to 7 also contain a series of exercises for which there are no model answers, since these exercises are there to check your understanding of the videos you have just watched.

Modules 8 to 28 are covering the 49 PMBOK Processes and therefore also include relevant PMP Exam Questions and Answers for you to hone your exam taking skills.

This first Module provides key PMBOK overview information including the PMP Exam structure, and the Exam Syllabus Domains.

Enjoy your first lessons!

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