Learn PRINCE2 in 60 minutes flat


You are now one of the few folks out there who are taking their path to PRINCE2 Practitioner seriously…

It is important that you create a study plan to absorb the high-level information in this PRINCE2 Step-By-Step Guide.

It has been designed by me to be easy to read and absorb by you. I would suggest you spend 30 minutes or so just skimming through the material first, then sit down later and understand each element – ONE AT A TIME. Take as long as you wish – we all learn at different speeds!

When you have finished one element (for example Starting Up A Project), then go to the end of this document, and fill in as much information as you can remember. Don’t worry about getting everything in this Guide committed to memory. I would suggest 60 to 80% understanding of the material is a good indicator!


Download Learn PRINCE2 In 60 Minutes