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One to One P2PM Coaching with Dave Litten

P2Pm Study Coach Fo Personalized P2Pm Coaching

P2PM Coaching with a personal touch

You get a personalized study and exam preparation plan, containing all agreed schedules and time periods. Regular P2PM study assignments and scheduled regular skype calls - you will blaze your way to become a P2PM Practitioner. Your own personalized P2PM coaching program with an ex-examiner!

  • One-to-one study coaching from a P2PM Master
  •  Includes integration and  Annual access to P2PM Masterclass and P2PM Scrum video training courses
  • Blended coaching to suit your modality and schedule
  • Regular calls, assignments, exercises, emails, feedback plus enhanced exam skills, sample papers and practice


Step 1 - Talk to the P2PM COACH

Before you join the course, talk to Dave directly. He can explain what is covered, how he can help you guarantee your P2PM PASS.  with Dave Litten as your very own personal P2PM STUDY COACH


Step 2 - Join the P2PM Coaching Program

Once you've spoken to Dave and have gotten a solid understanding of what Personal Coaching entails, click the button below to pay for your personal coaching.


Step 3 - Absorb the P2PM Masterclass with your 1-to-1 P2PM Mentor 

Enjoy your personal one on one coaching with Dave Litten - P2PM MENTOR. There will be only ONE outcome: Pass The Prince 2 Exam!

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P2 Coaching

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P2PM Personal Coaching

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This is the highest level of coaching for P2PM Practitioner preparation by one of the sharpest P2PM minds.  Get Fired Up - make time to take your most important action to become a P2PM Practitioner.

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Would You Like Me to Personally P2PM Study Coach You to Exam Success? If you just simply cannot afford to ‘take your time’ and will get immense value (and comfort) from knowing you have a direct line to me personally (so we don’t waste time wading through what you already know). Failure is not an option for you, is it?

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Dave has built a Q&A Section for all his private students. Read on to discover the terrific value our ​P2PM Coaching Program will give you . . .

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Contact Dave with this email, introduce yourself and he will email you to arrange a free no-obligation discovery call using Skype.

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Session 1

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Welcome and thank you so much for investing in my P2PM Coaching Program. Attached are your first documents and study assignments.

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Welcome to your FIRST P2PM coaching session assignment. Now that you have signed up, these are your first set of assignments and exercises to carry out. I take our coaching sessions very seriously, and it is important you play your part too.

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P2PM Principles - The first integrated element of P2PM is the principles. You can think of these as the core guiding concepts that the rest of P2PM adheres to. If a project management team is not practising all of the principles, it is not a P2PM project.

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Tab your Official P2PM Manual

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A sneak peek at typical P2PM exam questions and answers! P2PM exam dumps are a good way to get inside the examiners mindset and score well on your exam. This video gives you tips and tricks to ace your P2PM foundation exam, and ensure your P2PM exam preparation goes well...

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Session 9

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Tab up, or write on, your manual to help you speed through the P2PM Exam

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About the teacher

Dave Litten

David spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and has deep experience in project management. He now develops a wide range of Project Management Masterclasses, under the Projex Academy brand name. In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.

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