Technical Debt Masterclass

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Technical Debt Masterclass

Technical Debt Masterclass

​​Become a Project Manager

A Practical Guide to sound business decisions by implementing best practice technical debt management.

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  • ​This course is Project Management Technical Debt.

If you want to demonstrate your knowledge and capability within the project management world, then the Technical Debt Masterclass is perfect addition to your skillset.

What is Technical Debt?

Definition: Technical debt (also known as tech-debt or code-debt) describes the results of development teams taking action to expedite the delivery of a piece of functionality or a project which later need to be refactored.

technical debt masterclass

Who is this qualification for?

Understand how technical debt infects the business health of just about every project and process in every industry sector - whether agile or not.

Who needs this?

The Technical Debt Masterclass is designed for project managers, project team members, and all professionals who want to improve their project management abilities and widen their knowledge of  using best practice in project management.

Technical Debt Masterclass was designed for your success. Each and every facet of the course, from its length to action items, was carefully planned to serve that goal.
The online course includes all the analysis and implementation skills you need - taking you from Novice to Expert.

How long the course takes is up to you - a rapid over-the-weekend preparation if you wish - or you can work at your own pace.

Here are direct download links to all the side-by-side study information for this course.

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