Module 1 Study Materials

By Dave Litten
About Module 1 Study Materials

Welcome to the PRINCE2 Masterclass

In this module there are 4 video lessons which provide you with an introduction and structure of the course Modules.You will be introduced to the Foundation and Practitioner Exam structure, and then go onto understand the structure of the PRINCE2 Method, and finish with an over view of the project environment and their management and control.

This Module has an accompanying Handbook complete with exercises. These exercises are to complete your understanding of the material covered in this Module and to be used as an aid to review once more and revise any video topics that need further study. These exercises have been designed to ensure you cover the key syllabus areas that you will be examined upon.

Enjoy your first lessons!


PRINCE2 Handbook 1

PRINCE2 Handbook Slideset

PRINCE2 Management Templates

Exam Simulator - Foundation Sample Paper

Exam Simulator - Practitioner Q&A

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