Lean6Sigma – 02 – Define Phase 

 July 3, 2020

By  Dave Litten

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An Introduction To The Lean Six Sigma Project

Lean6Sigma – 02 – Define Phase Lean Six Sigma

Learn the core essentials of Lean6Sigma

Lean Six Sigma takes the features of Lean ( speed), and combines them with Six Sigma (stability and accuracy). This Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Masters Series will teach you how to streamline processes, improve business performance and supercharge your career

  • Lean Principles
  • Six Sigma Process
  • Kanban
  • Just In Time (JIT)
  • Heijunka Leveling, Sequencing and Standardizing
  • Takt Time
  • ... and much much more

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Dave Litten

David spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and has deep experience in project management. He now develops a wide range of Project Management Masterclasses, under the Projex Academy brand name. In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.

Dave Litten

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