Create Process Maps

By Dave Litten
About Create Process Maps

Create Process Maps

Here, the main steps of the process are documented within a SIPOC diagram to verify project scope, see if data exists to provide a baseline measures on time, defects, errors, rework, and so on, for a value stream map.

The SIPOC process of a process snapshot capturing information that is critical to the project and helps a team and its sponsors to agree on project boundaries and scope.

Lean6Sigma Sipoc Example 2

Lean6Sigma SIPOC Example 2

It also helps verify that process inputs match outputs of the upstream process and inputs and expectations of downstream processes.

In order to understand the end-to-end process; a detailed process document is created by the team. However, in case such documentation already exists, then it becomes easy for the project team members to revisit it.

Process maps can be either high level end-to-end process documentation such as SIPOC (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs & Customers), deployment process-charts which use Swim-lane technique or step-by-step process flow-chart.

The steps to create a SIPOC diagram are:

  • Identify process boundaries and key activities, keeping them at a high level with perhaps six activities has a maximum
  • Identify the key outputs and customers of those outputs
  • Brainstorm outputs and customers if you have a lot of different outputs and customers focus on a critical few
  • Identify the inputs and suppliers by brainstorming
  • If you have many different inputs and suppliers focus on the critical few
  • Identify critical to quality requirements for the inputs, process steps and outputs.  Remember, you will have to verify this later with data collection

Once the process maps have been created, the team can use them to identify the bottlenecks, challenges, issues, inputs and outputs, delays, and so on.

Process Maps can be used to decide which part of the process is important and needs to be introspected.

On completion of the above deliverable, a formal define tollgate review is conducted. Then the project moves to the Measure Phase.

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