Agile Project Management Primer

agile project management primer

Why is Agile PM Training so important?


Quickly master the Agile Methodology for both of your Foundation and Practitioner Exams with:

  • 28 HD Video Lessons
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Study Guide
  • Practical Exercises
  • Sample Exam Papers

Learn by watching at your own time and pace in easy bite-sized steps!

The Agile Project Management Primer is based on DSDM Atern, the only Agile Methodology that works for you at a project management level. Agile Project Management Training is the new training course and qualification certified and accredited by the APMG and developed in association with the DSDM Consortium.
Agile Project Management Online Course
The Agile Project Management Qualification is evidence you have current knowledge of project management best practice, as Agile is growing in importance as a core qualification requirement for project management roles.

Not just IT project management – but for any industry or specialism.

Easy to Use, Step-By-Step Video Agile PM System – Own it – and Pass First Time – Guaranteed!

AGILE Project Management Training Primer harnesses the very latest version of the Official APMG/DSDM Atern Syllabus.

Courses Contents

Agile PM Primer

This course is set against the current AGILE PM V1.2 syllabus. We are working on the V2.0 upgrade right now and you will get a FREE upgrade when we launch this Summer