Why There’s a TON of Money in becoming a MARKETING CONSULTANT

First, there’s the amount of money being spent on consulting right now. According to Forbes, consulting is a $500 billion per year industry. People spend more on consulting than they do on internet marketing and direct mail marketing... combined.

The Small Business (SME) MARKETING Consultant market is $340 BILLION in the USA Alone

Check out all the online consulting services - everyone is selling 'management consultancy' Very few business owners wake up in the middle of the night screaming "If only we had more MANAGEMENT!"

What they really want is more MONEY!

Here is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY, due to the massive demand for consultants who can actually help verses the dire lack of people who can actually help

The overwhelming majority of business consultants are MANAGEMENT consultants

There is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY here due to the huge demand for consultants who can actually help verses the dire lack of people who can actually help

Marketing Consultant

"Done For You Business Reveals How To Sell Marketing Consulting Services ...Even If Nobody's Ever Heard Of You"

Would you like to provide marketing coaching or consulting to the only customers you should target - REAL BUSINESS OWNERS?

Businesses want more money/profits and/or the removal of their problems - do both and you are their HERO!

Want to tap into a market worth $340 BILLION?

Only FIVE Licenses Available

Imagine Setting Up A Lucrative Business - Just Days From Now!

Marketing costs are minimal, and I don’t have any fixed costs to speak of - tools include a laptop, a powerful business solution focused slide deck a legal pad, a pen, and a telephone.

It can be extremely profitable if you set everything up right.

Marketing Consultants make VERY HIGH Net Profits

There are 30.2 Million small businesses in the USA alone which comprise a whopping 99.9% of all USA business.

In the UK alone, they are around 6 Million Small Businesses, and these account for 99.9% of the business population (Source: Federation of Small Businesses)

Small Businesses account for three fifths of the employment and around half of turnover in the UK private sector. These facts apply to countries around the world.

Every small business out there who is good at the 'work of the work' but will admit they are too busy and/or incompetent at promotion/marketing, and so would likely say YES to a {free or paid} half day 'Small Business Marketing' workshop - at a hotel or online

As a Marketing Consultant - your customers are LEGION  

Let's talk about you and your current situation.

As the world enters the recovery phase of the pandemic, folks are naturally concerned about their current jobs and career. Some folks may be job-hunting right now, or looking for a more lucrative way of earning a continuous income.

As a marketing consultant, you could serve your customers online perhaps using Skype, Zoom, or even running webinars - your choice.

You can also do it offline.

Simply book a small conference room in a local hotel - just think - as a starter, put only 10 small business owners in a room for half a day at £67 a head twice a week that's over £5,000 a month income right there!)

Are YOU One Of These Folks?

  • Teacher or Ex Teacher
  • Anyone who has ever 'put on an event' at a hotel for 5 - 50 people and stood at the front going through PowerPoint slides & telling their companies story ... or feels they could)
  • People who already know about small business marketing but don't know where to start to monetize their understanding ... don't have a consultancy 'framework'
  • People who already know about small business marketing but don't know what they know because they've never 'consolidated' all their knowledge, written it down or packaged it up
  • Anyone in a high effort low return business dealing with the public who want a low effort high return pivot
  • Anyone who has been in 'management' (operational or projects) and could help others by explaining different marketing approaches to grow their business
  • If you have been in customer or product support and would feel comfortable presenting to a small group
  • Anyone else who, for their own reasons, sees becoming a marketing consultant a reasonable fit for them and the timing is right

The ONE INSIGHT you need to go forth & earn a good living as a 'Marketing Consultant' 

 What stops many 'marketing savvy' people from helping others with their knowledge is a FEAR

It's a simple fear

It's the fear that some company will say YES ... & then you discover you can't actually help that company because, well, they already know more than you know



What if there was a way to ensure this simply never happens so you never look like a chump?

There is a way ... but your actual working "Marketing Consultants" keep this one insight a secret

People who ACTUALLY make a living as jobbing marketing consultants operate under this ONE insight, and it guarantees they NEVER have to look incompetent

Want to know what the insight is?  

 ... they only agree to work with companies that they have PRE-DETERMINED have obvious 'Low Hanging Fruit' to be fixed

The FEAR explained ...  

The more a person learns, knows & understands about marketing, the more we realise it's a lifelong passion because, well, there is always something new to learn, right? Always a new ah-ha! to be had or a new insight 'on the next page'

It's that tacit promise that keeps marketing-minded people fascinated for life

Problem is, this leads to reverse Dunning Kruger  

Dunning Kruger is a cognitive bias whereby stupid people are too stupid to know they are stupid

You've probably met them

The reverse of that is ...

Smart people 'think' everyone else is as smart as they are

BIG MISTAKE. Let me explain ...

small business marketing

What's The Catch?

 Lifelong Students Of Marketing start to believe some variant of ... "surely everyone in business already knows all this stuff?"

"I just need to read & buy A.N.Other marketing book"

I believe that anyone who goes through the 8 pillars training, and studies & understands the handouts of the slides, knows enough to help 99% of businesses out there

Knows enough to help 99% of businesses out there bring in enough extra money to make their advice effectively free (covers the cost of hiring them)

Sure, many companies (of all sizes) have maybe some of the 8 locked down, to some extent ... & often they think that's enough (e.g. what they think is super strong positioning & USP) but I'm sure you will agree, the likelihood of coming across a company (engaged every day in what Michael Gerber calls "The Work Of The Work") that has ALL 8 locked down tight is ... slim to none

Secrets From The Script

 So just by including a PHONE SCRIPT of the simple but elegant questions that will identify which of the 8 a company is NOT doing {or doing properly} tells the budding Marketing Consultant what to focus on & what to leave well alone

My EUREKA is .... including in the basic 8 pillars proper ... a phone script of those simple but elegant questions, to enable the Marketing Consultant to know IN ADVANCE exactly what they can implement BEFORE the company says yes ... and if by super-slim chance you CANT help them, just say Thanks and Goodbye - no harm, no foul, no embarrassment

The Marketing Consultants' INSIGHT that could be the marketing hook for your 8 Elegant Pillars of Small Business Marketing

These are the 8 low hanging fruits. Go after Low hanging fruit only. No 'low hanging fruit' to be had? ... don't engage ... next!

The Marketing Consultants' 
8 Elegant Pillars Of
Small Business Marketing 

small business marketing

The 8 fundamental pillars of business marketing that you will learn to master: 

  • The secret sauce between marketing activity & selling activity
  • How to avoid selling 'sameness'
  • The how & why of simple Database Marketing
  • How to increase your order values - for both income and profit
  • How to increase predictability of income (more feast/less famine)
  • What your ads MUST include to get your phone ringing
  • What stops people buying and how to implement ways to fix that
  • What DOES make people buy, and why, so you can harness this for profits
  • How to stand out from your competition and compel prospects to buy

You get to download ALL Master Copies of:

  • EIGHT professionally Designed Slide Decks (the bedrock of your Marketing Consultancy Business - 273 slides in total. These ensure you will master the core elements of marketing and ALWAYS deliver consistent and articulate presentations - whether online or offline
  • Your 56-page Event Presentation Cliff Notes. These are your personal Live Guides, providing key slide insights and backup data for smooth delivery 
  • Your 32-page Practical Guide to organizing business presentations, seminars and lectures
  •  Your Business Owner Marketing Action Plan. Hand these out to each delegate for them to 'fill in the blanks' to create their own individualized marketing plans
  • Your 12-page Phone Script Guidance for that important first call. This will ensure your prospect will want to say YES to your offer of marketing consultancy and convert them from prospect to customer in one short call  
small business marketing

5 Reasons Why You Should Offer Marketing Consulting 


With consulting, it takes less than a handful of weeks to build your practice up to five figures per month. You don't need to create a bunch of products, or build complex sales funnels, nor rely on a bunch of affiliates or resellers.

Just go out, find some small businesses that want to double their bankable profits, help them, and get paid. You can implement what I’m going to describe here and start talking to prospects and clients NOW.


My hours of business are from 9:00am until 12 noon on Monday through Friday. This is a truly part time business, if you need to take a week off and don’t want to work those three hours, it’s not a big deal.

You book your online or offline presentations in advance. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility if you do consulting the way I share with you here.

You’re free of worry. You’re free of stress. You’re free of hassles.


You need no other employees for this business at all and once you get your client base established, I doubt you’ll need to advertise very often either. Because you won’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing, you have low fixed costs, so the majority of your revenue will be net profit.

That is money you can spend on whatever you want to spend your money on.
Family vacations, cars, houses, charity - it’s your call.

The money is yours. It doesn’t go to expenses.


Consulting is very low stress and low tech, you'll need Skype or Zoom, a laptop, a legal pad and a pencil. You need an opt-in page, a PDF letter and a single email follow-up.

Could you book a conference room in a local hotel and present to say, 10 or 20 people? Perhaps occasionally do a webinar to get consulting clients?

Of Course You Can.

This approach simply isn’t overwhelming or complicated. Because if you do the consulting business model properly, you’ll have a very stress free, low tech, easygoing fun life and you’ll have happy and satisfied clients as well.


Most people let self-doubt stand between them and the fortunes that they deserve.

The secret to consulting is to know more than your client does, period. If you can get that client the results faster than he can get them on his own, then that’s all you need.

You can set yourself up for success by only working with easy wins.

There is no need to spend your life waiting for someone to anoint you as worthy.

If I give you the tools to help somebody get the result for themselves faster, easier, more efficiently, than they could do it for themselves, that’s all the credentials you need.

The Opportunity

Everything that I’ve told you probably sounds really easy, doesn’t it?

You're probably thinking, “Oh gosh, that’s pretty obvious, of course my customer could come up with marketing approaches like mine"

Well it’s easy to you because you’re the consultant.

But it’s not easy to them because they can’t see the forest through the trees. They’re working in their business every day. You have the advantage as consultant of that 30,000 foot view.

What seems simple to you is not simple to them because they’re in the day-to-day grind of running their business. Or doing whatever it is they do in their marketplace, right?

Here's The Thing ...

This very same method I just outlined to you is what I personally used to generate a client base paying several thousand per month in revenue working part time.

I work from 9am until noon Monday through Friday. It’s not that hard, it’s great.
The fact of the matter is consulting is an incredibly lucrative, stress-free, fun and respectable service that’s simple to add to your business or offer exclusively on an on-going basis.

The Bottom Line

If you can help other people and you’re willing to help them then you’ve got what it takes to become a consultant. It is one of the highest paid professions on the planet; a profession that does $100 billion in revenue every year according to Forbes.

Consulting is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

If you can help someone else get the result that they want faster than they would be able to get that result if they were trying it by themselves, then congratulations, you have what it takes to ask them to become a client of yours.

You are now qualified.

If you are waiting for someone else to anoint you as worthy, then you are going to be waiting for the rest of your life.

Help other people.

Start taking action, and take advantage of this incredible opportunity that we are all facing right now to be a part of a $100 billion annual industry that is growing by 83% when the rest of the world’s businesses are faltering.

People need you now more than ever and the numbers don’t lie. Consulting is growing by 83% for a reason…

This Is Your Time.