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​About Us

The Projex Academy is our family business. We've been leading the online learning trend for over twenty years. Always focused on delivering premier online video training for project management professionals.

Our mission is to provide world class education, delivered in streaming videos and downloadable tools and documentation

​Where did Projex Academy start?

Dave Litten has been teaching Project Management for over thirty years traveling the world running Project Management courses and training the trainers. In Dave's own words " ​I believe in challenging the ​established way that project management training is delivered. ​I love teaching and have always enjoyed meeting new people, expressing new ideas and ​designing training courses that ​are simple to absorb ​and give my students the best advantage for success. Years ago, Nick was talking about ​the potential for video stream​ing online and we both thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to work together. It was! The results is our Academy Training Systems - direct to you anywhere, anytime at your convenience "

Dave's nephew, Nick Litten is an IT Consultant, Software Developer and Web Designer. Working in Information Technology since the late 80's he has been in the internet business since its infancy " Back in 2000, we flew out for a family holiday visiting Dave in Spain. Enjoying the sunshine and relaxing with the family, Dave and I got talking about how online training was starting to grow online. We quickly realized the potential in partnering to build a solid training platform with Dave being the lead instructor and myself handling the technology side. In a few months, The Projex Academy was born. "

​Lessons that are easy to absorb and stick in your mind

​As an academy member you get a simple Annual Subscription with instant access to all course material and free lessons in one place, accessible using any device, from anywhere, at any time you want.

It’s a place where you can learn how to gain key qualifications, and learn the best management tools and techniques you need to grow and advance your career.

With thousands of customers in 68 countries around the globe, we’ve become one of the world’s most trusted online training suppliers sharing the best knowledge, tips, and techniques of what works in the project management arena.

​As a current or prospective customer, we want to thank you for visiting!

Bookmark and keep an eye on our new and growing range of exciting training products, plus ​​real-world management tools and ​methods.

Dave and Nick Litten

​Passionate about ​Training​...

As Chief Trainer and project management ​coach, ​designing, developing and delivering training is his passion. With 30 years experience ​as a global Project and Operations Manager, ​​Dave is devoted to developing easy to absorb management training

​David Litten  //  ​CEO and Founder

​Passionate about Technology...

Nick is in charge of the technical side of the business.​ Heading our support team and first point of call for all our students he is focussed on keeping the website running 24/7, and delivering a streamlined learning experience.

​Nick Litten  //  ​CTO and Founder


Our primary goal is to meet your needs in the most professional and efficient way possible. We believe our Online Training Classes will transform your learning life. Having easily accessible training gives you more peace of mind than you ever thought possible. ​​We love answering ​training questions​, ​and ​helping you with ​classes you are enrolled in. For a quick reply to any questions just leave a support ticket.

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