Projex4i - IBM i Developer Powertools

PROJEX4i Powertools for AS400, iSeries and IBM i developers

PROJEX4i is an IBM i application for software developers and system analysts working on the AS400, iSeries and IBM i power systems. The PROJEX4I library contains time saving commands which are extensions to the operating system, enhancements to some IBM commands and improved replacements for others -- it's designed to make life easier for every developer, operator and user of the IBM i Power System.

With regular technology releases, the PROJEX4i Software Toolkit is continually evolving and growing, but remaining focused on developing new tools to make every IBM i Programmers life easier.

Essentially PROJEX4i is a collection of Software tools; utilities, commands and re-usable procedures to make a programmers life easier.

From AS400 to iSeries to Systemi to Power and beyond

The IBM i operating system runs on the IBM POWER family of e-business servers and midrange computers. With it's heritage growing from the 1980's world famous IBM AS400, evolving thru the 1990's iSeries range and then into the new millennium with the System i range and most recently the newest line of super computers are called IBM Power Systems (based around the Power7 processors) and the operating system is now called IBM i (or IBM i on POWER SYSTEMS to give its full title).

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